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With Front Matter you can customize your pages even further.
Front Matter, Customize, Title, Description, Keywords, Author Team

To customize your pages even further, you can add a Front Matter to your files.

Front Matter is a block you add at the top of your file and looks like this:

title: Hallo Welt
keywords: "Hallo, Hello, Welt, World, Erde, Earth"
author: German Team
date: 12th December 1984

Changing the title

If your file is named "" and your front matter is the one displayed above, you will get a page named "Hallo Welt"

Search Engine Optimization

For a better SEO experience you can change the description, keywords and author meta tags.

For Developers

You can then access this information in each Content with $content->getAttributes() or with $page['attributes'] in a template.

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