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The navigation is generated automatically with all pages that end with .md or .markdown

You can have as many sub levels as you wish.

By default, a folder will have no index page. if you wish to have one defined all you need to do is add an file to the folder. For example, /docs/02_Examples has a landing page for that section since there exists a /docs/02_Examples/ file.


To sort your files and folders in a specific way, you can prefix them with a number and underscore, e.g. /docs/ and /docs/ This will list Hello World before Features, overriding the default alpha-numeric sorting. The numbers will be stripped out of the navigation and urls. For the file 6 Ways to Get Rich, you can use /docs/

You might also wish to stick certain links to the bottom of a page. You can do so by prefixing the file name with a '-', e.g. a new file /docs/ will always appear at the bottom of the current list. Weights can also be added to further sort the bottom entries. e.g. /docs/ will appear before /docs/ but both will only appear after all positive or non-weighted files.

It works the same for files prefixed with +.

Page order priorities are like this:

  • + in front of the filename and numbers in front
  • + in front of the filename
  • The index page
  • Numbers in the front
  • Pages without prefix
  • - in front of the filename and numbers in front
  • - in front of the filename
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