Some scripts to compare my to-read bookshelf against available Library EBooks
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I keep track of the books I want to read using This project is all about helping me find out which books on my to-read shelf are available as ebook or audio from the Oakland library system, which by the way is open to all California residents.


This is a work in progress.

  1. [DONE] Make a script that lets me do title searches agains the library database
  2. [DONE] Make a script that lets me do ISBN searches agains the library database
  3. [DONE] Make a script the lets me list all the books on my to-read shelf
  4. [DONE] Be annoyed by realization that will need to implement a fuzzier search because a book on the shelf will have only one of many possible ISBN numbers that may match what the library has.
  5. GoodReads search returns all possible ISBN numbers for each book on shelf.
  6. convert the scripts into SDK
  7. Combine the two
  8. Extend the library site capabilities to go through the steps of checking out books
  9. Prophet!