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Goodreads – simple client for API

A simple API client to pull book information and reviews from Wrapper uses XML feed and transforms it into the object model.

Getting Started

First, you need to provide your API token


client =


Lookup books

Find a book by ISBN:

book = client.book_by_isbn('ISBN')

Find a book by Goodreads ID:

book ='id')

Find a book by title:

book = client.book_by_title('Book title')

Search for books (by title, isbn, genre)

search = client.search_books('Your search query') do |book|        # => book ID
  book.title     # => book title

Pull recent reviews

client.recent_reviews.each do |r|            # => review id    # => review book title
  r.body          # => review message     # => review user name

Get review Details

review ='id')         # => review ID
review.user       # => review user information       # => review book information
review.reting     # => review rating


  • According to Goodreads API there is a limit of 60 RPM (requests per minute)

  • Provided data cannot be stored for any usage

  • Please check original documentation for additional object fields and properties


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