Fitvid is causing PDF embed height to be set to 0px #78

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dansalmo commented Oct 9, 2012

Is there any way to get fitvid to ignore embeds of the PDF type? Sorry if my lack of javascript skills are keeping from seeing a solution obvious to others.

The following will auto size the document unless fitvid is enabled. I would like to have it in the same container as the resized videos.

 <object data='example.pdf' 

What elements are you using fitVids on? Show us the code where you call fitVids. For example:


You could modify fitVids and do one of 2 things...

  • Delete object as a selector ~ln52 (would disable certain embeds from certain services)
  • Modify the object selector to something like object:not([data*='pdf']) - this is pretty advanced CSS3, mileage may vary.

You could also try deleting height='100%' from your embode code.


I am using just the plain calling method on on elements in a container called .center-stage.

    // Target your .container, .wrapper, .post, etc.

Delete object as a selector was not an option since it would prevent many types of video embeds.

I will try the other options. Thank you for the tips.

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