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TimeJump – Deep-links for Podcasts
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TimeJump adds deep-linking to HTML5 audio and video podcasts. TimeJump works behind-the-scenes to create a standardized API for seeking, based off the YouTube deep-linking syntax.

How it works

Include the script at the bottom on your episode pages. It will auto-detect the t (time) parameter in your URL and attempt to fast-forward listeners to that timestamp. It usually works.

Supported URL formats include:

Media Fragments w/ hash:

Media Fragments w/ query:

Quirks Mode (YouTube-style) w/ hash or query:        
  • Hash: Player will update when the browser's location.hash changes. This means that your episode page can link to timeframes within the page without requiring a page reload.
  • Query: Requires page reload.

In order to support the Media Fragments standard (and be inter-operable with apps like Instacast), the "Media Fragments w/ hash" format is now recommended.

Plays nice with:

Known to work with the following native HTML5 audio/video wrappers:

TODO List:

  • Temporal clipping (Ending times).
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