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An (incomplete) Common Lisp implementation of the iCalendar RFC5545 specification.
Common Lisp
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types-period.lisp Datetime, date and time stands for universal times.
types-recur.lisp Define x-property and x-component before using it
types-text.lisp Delete value-typeof generic function
types-time.lisp Datetime, date and time stands for universal times.
types-utc-offset.lisp Change UTC-OFFSET to an integer
types.lisp Fix bug in float parsing
universal-time.lisp Optimizations to the parsing
utils.lisp Fix collector initial value


Common Lisp iCalendar Library [DRAFT]

cl-icalendar is a Common Lisp implementation of iCalendar according to
the RFC5545 specification written in Common Lisp.

cl-icalendar should work in any modern Common Lisp implementation
which supports the Gray Streams extension. Nevertheless, this library
has been tested on:

  o SBCL [version]
  o Clisp [version]

The following libraries are required in order to use cl-icalendar:

  o trivial-gray-streams

  o cl-base64

  o uuid

  o Babel

You can get all them using Quicklisp or asdf-install.
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