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;;; property.lisp --- Properties
;; Copyright (C) 2012 David Vazquez
;; This file is part of cl-icalendar.
;; cl-icalendar is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; cl-icalendar is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with cl-icalendar. If not, see <>.
(in-package :cl-icalendar)
(defun find-property-class (name)
(or (translate-to-lisp name :property)
(and (x-name-p name) (find-class 'x-property))))
;;;; Property protocol
;;; Make an uninitialized instance of a property, with the given NAME
;;; and PARAMETERS. If NAME is NIL, it will try to use a default
;;; name. The value of the property can be initialized with the
;;; generic function `initialize-property'.
(defgeneric allocate-property (property-class name parameters))
;;; Return a single iCalendar type. Initializing a property with a
;;; property value which belongs this type, is granted to validate.
(defgeneric allocated-property-type (property))
;;; Initialize the value of an allocated property to VALUE. This value
;;; must satisfy the type returned by `allocated-proprety-type'.
(defgeneric initialize-property (property value))
;;; Make an instance of a property. PROPERTY is a string. PARAMETERS
;;; is a list of parameters as described in parameters.lisp. VALUE is
;;; an iCalendar value.
(defgeneric make-property (property-name parameters value)
(:method (property-name parameters value)
(let* ((property-class (find-property-class property-name))
(prop (allocate-property property-class property-name parameters)))
(initialize-property prop value)
;;; Make a property instance from a content line.
(defun property-from-content-line (property-name parameters string)
(let* ((property-class (find-property-class property-name))
(property (allocate-property property-class property-name parameters))
(type (allocated-property-type property))
(value (unlist (parse-values string type parameters))))
(initialize-property property value)
(defun write-property* (property stream)
(let ((value (property-value property))
(type (allocated-property-type property)))
(write-content-line* (property-name property)
(property-parameters property)
(format-values (mklist value) type)
;;; Write PROPERTY in a content line to STREAM.
(defun write-property (property stream)
(write-property* property stream)
(terpri stream))
;;;; Property validation protocol
;;; Validate the property. The default method validate the parameters
;;; with `validate-property-parameters' and the value with
;;; `validate-property-value'.
(defgeneric validate-property (property))
;;; Validate the value of PROPERTY. The default method checks that the
;;; value of the property satisfies the iCalendar type returned by the
;;; generic function `allocated-property-type'.
(defgeneric validate-property-value (property))
;;; Validate the parameters of property. The default method validates
;;; each parameter calling `validate-property-parameter'.
(defgeneric validate-property-parameters (property))
;;; Validate a parameter in a property. The default method uses the
;;;`property-validated-parameters', `property-allow-x-parameters-p'
;;; and `property-allow-other-parameters-p' generic functions to get
;;; information about the validation.
(defgeneric validate-property-parameter (property parameter-name parameter-value))
;; Return a list of string, which are the names of the valid
;; parameters for instances of this property.
(defgeneric property-validated-parameters (property)
(:method-combination append))
;; If it returns NIL, the property does not allow x-parameters, so it
;; will not validate if one is present.
(defgeneric property-allow-x-parameters-p (property))
;;; If it is NIL, the property class does not allow unknown
;;; parameters, so it will not validate if one is present.
(defgeneric property-allow-other-parameters-p (property))
;;; Base property class
(defclass property ()
:initarg :name
:initform (required-arg)
:type string
:reader property-name)
:initarg :parameters
:type list
:reader property-parameters)
:initarg :value
:reader property-value)))
(defmethod allocate-property (property-class name parameters)
(make-instance property-class :name name :parameters parameters))
(defmethod initialize-property ((allocated-property property) value)
(setf (slot-value allocated-property 'value) value))
(defmethod print-object ((prop property) stream)
(print-unreadable-object (prop stream)
(write-property* prop stream)))
(defmethod property-validated-parameters append ((x property))
(defmethod property-allow-x-parameters-p ((x property))
(defmethod property-allow-other-parameters-p ((x property))
(defmethod validate-property-value ((property property))
(let ((value (property-value property))
(type (allocated-property-type property)))
(unless (and type (typep value type))
(cerror "Continue" "The value ~a is not of type ~a" value type))))
(defmethod validate-property-parameter ((property property) parameter-name parameter-value)
(let ((parameters (property-validated-parameters property)))
(or (find parameter-name parameters :test #'string-ci=)
(and (property-allow-x-parameters-p property)
(string-prefix-p "X-" parameter-name :test #'char-ci=))
(property-allow-other-parameters-p property)
(cerror "" "The parameter ~a with value ~a is not allowed in property ~a"
parameter-name parameter-value (property-name property)))))
(defmethod validate-property-parameters ((prop property))
(loop for (param-name param-value) on (property-parameters prop) by #'cddr
do (validate-property-parameter prop param-name param-value)))
(defmethod validate-property ((prop property))
(validate-property-parameters prop)
(validate-property-value prop))
;;; Abstract properties classes
;;; Properties with a composed type
(defclass multiple-type-property (property)
(defgeneric property-default-type (property))
(defgeneric property-types (property))
(defgeneric property-parameter-value (property)
(:method ((property multiple-type-property))
(let ((value-param (parameter "VALUE" (property-parameters property))))
(if value-param
(translate-to-lisp value-param :type)
(property-default-type property)))))
(defmethod property-validated-parameters append ((x multiple-type-property))
(defmethod allocated-property-type ((property multiple-type-property))
(property-parameter-value property))
(defmethod validate-property-parameters ((prop multiple-type-property))
(let ((value-param (property-parameter-value prop))
(validated-types (property-types prop)))
(unless (find value-param validated-types)
(error "The VALUE parameter was ~a, but one of ~a was expected."
value-param validated-types)))
;;; Properties which allow multiple values in the same property
(defclass multiple-value-property (property)
(defmethod validate-property-value ((prop multiple-value-property))
(let ((values (mklist (property-value prop)))
(type (allocated-property-type prop)))
(dolist (value values)
(unless (typep value type)
(error "The value ~a is not of type ~a" value type)))))
;;; Standard properties
(defmacro define-property (real-name &key
type (multiple-value-p nil) (parameters nil)
(allow-x-parameters-p t) (allow-other-parameters-p nil))
(check-type real-name string)
(check-type multiple-value-p boolean)
(check-type allow-x-parameters-p boolean)
(check-type allow-other-parameters-p boolean)
(let* ((superclasses '(property))
(name (symbolize "PROPERTY-" real-name))
(types (mklist type))
(default-type (first types))
(multiple-type-p (< 1 (length types))))
;; Add some superclasses according to the options
(when multiple-type-p
(unless default-type
(error "You must specify a default type for each multiple-type-property"))
(push 'multiple-type-property superclasses))
(when multiple-value-p
(push 'multiple-value-property superclasses))
;; Expansion
;; Property class and registration
(defclass ,name (,@superclasses) nil)
(register-translation (find-class ',name) ,real-name :property)
;; Validation of parameters
,@(unless (null parameters)
`((defmethod property-validated-parameters append ((,(gensym) ,name))
;; Validation of types
,@(if multiple-type-p
`((defmethod property-default-type ((,(gensym) ,name))
(defmethod property-types ((,(gensym) ,name))
`((defmethod allocated-property-type ((,(gensym) ,name))
',(unlist types)))))))
;;; Calendar properties
(define-property "CALSCALE" :type text)
(define-property "METHOD" :type text)
(define-property "PRODID" :type text)
(define-property "VERSION" :type text)
;;; Component properties
;;;; Descriptive Component Properties
(define-property "ATTACH"
:type (uri binary)
:parameters ("ENCODING" "FMTTYPE"))
(define-property "CATEGORIES"
:type text
:multiple-value-p t
:parameters ("LANGUAGE"))
(define-property "CLASS"
:type text)
(define-property "COMMENT"
:type text
:parameters ("ALTREP" "LANGUAGE"))
(define-property "DESCRIPTION"
:type text
:parameters ("ALTREP" "LANGUAGE"))
(define-property "GEO"
:type geo)
(define-property "LOCATION"
:type text
:parameters ("ALTREP" "LANGUAGE"))
(define-property "PERCENT-COMPLETE"
:type integer ; TODO (integer 0 100)
(define-property "PRIORITY"
:type integer ; TODO: (integer 0 9)
(define-property "RESOURCES"
:type text
:multiple-value-p t
:parameters ("ALTREP" "LANGUAGE"))
(define-property "STATUS" ; TODO: Enumerated types
:type text)
(define-property "SUMMARY"
:type text
:parameters ("ALTREP" "LANGUAGE"))
;;;; Date and Time Component Properties
(define-property "COMPLETED" :type datetime)
(define-property "DTEND"
:type (datetime date)
:parameters ("TZID"))
(define-property "DUE"
:type (datetime date)
:parameters ("TZID"))
(define-property "DTSTART"
:type (datetime date)
:parameters ("TZID"))
(define-property "DURATION" :type duration)
(define-property "FREEBUSY" :type period :parameters ("FBTYPE"))
(define-property "TRANSP" :type text)
;;;; Time Zone Component Properties
(define-property "TZID" :type text)
(define-property "TZNAME" :type text :parameters ("LANGUAGE"))
(define-property "TZOFFSETFROM" :type utc-offset)
(define-property "TZOFFSETTO" :type utc-offset)
(define-property "TZURL" :type uri)
;;;; Relationship Component Properties
(define-property "ATTENDEE"
:type cal-address
:parameters ("CUTYPE"
(define-property "CONTACT"
:type text
:parameters ("ALTREP" "LANGUAGE"))
(define-property "ORGANIZER"
:type cal-address
:parameters ("LANGUAGE" "CN" "DIR" "SENT-BY"))
(define-property "RECURRENCE-ID"
:type (datetime date)
:parameters ("TZID" "RANGE"))
(define-property "RELATED-TO"
:type text
:parameters ("RELTYPE"))
(define-property "URL" :type uri)
(define-property "UID" :type text)
;;;; Recurrence Component Properties
(define-property "EXDATE"
:type (datetime date)
:multiple-value-p t
:parameters ("TZID"))
(define-property "RDATE"
:type (datetime date period)
:multiple-value-p t
:parameters ("TZID"))
(define-property "RRULE" :type recur)
;;;; Alarm Component Properties
(define-property "ACTION" :type text)
(define-property "REPEAT" :type integer)
(define-property "TRIGGER"
:type (duration datetime)
:parameters ("TZID" "RELATED"))
;;;; Change Management Component Properties
(define-property "CREATED" :type datetime)
(define-property "DTSTAMP" :type datetime)
(define-property "LAST-MODIFIED" :type datetime)
(define-property "SEQUENCE" :type integer)
;;;; Miscellaneous Component Properties
(define-property "REQUEST-STATUS" :type text :parameters ("LANGUAGE"))
;;;; X properties
(defclass x-property (property)
(defmethod allocated-property-type ((property x-property))
(defmethod validate-property-value ((property x-property))
(defmethod property-allow-other-parameters-p ((property x-property))
;;;; Unknown properties
(defclass unknown-property (property)
(defmethod allocate-property ((property-class null) name parameters)
(allocate-property 'unknown-property name parameters))
(defmethod allocated-property-type ((property unknown-property))
(defmethod validate-property-value ((property unknown-property))
(defmethod property-allow-other-parameters-p ((property unknown-property))
;;; property.lisp ends here
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