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;; types.lisp ---
;; This file implements the iCalendar data types described in the
;; RFC5545 and provide a plataform in order to add new data types.
;; Copyrigth (C) 2009, 2010 Mario Castelán Castro <marioxcc>
;; Copyrigth (C) 2009, 2010 David Vázquez
;; This file is part of cl-icalendar.
;; cl-icalendar is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; cl-icalendar is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with cl-icalendar. If not, see <>.
(in-package :cl-icalendar)
;;; This file contains code which implements the values that iCalendar
;;; properties can take. We provide a data type specifier,
;;; constructor, accessors, and utilities functions for each one of
;;; them. Indeed, we provide 3 common functions in order to turn these
;;; objects to strings and vice versa.
(deftype ical-value ()
'(or boolean integer float text binary uri geo cal-address utc-offset
date time datetime duration period recur x-ical-value))
;;; Like `check-type' but it signals an error with %parse-error.
(defmacro check-ical-type (place type)
(with-gensyms (vplace)
`(let ((,vplace ,place))
(unless (typep ,vplace ',type)
(%parse-error "The ~a is not a ~a type." ',place ',type)))))
;;; Register a iCalendar data type in the standard vendor.
(defmacro register-ical-value (symbol &key (name (string symbol)))
(check-type symbol symbol)
(check-type name string)
`(register-translation ',symbol ,name :type))
;;; Generic functions
(defgeneric format-value (value type &optional params))
(defgeneric parse-value (value type &optional params))
;;; Multiple-value versions
(defun parse-values (string type &optional params)
(declare (symbol type))
(labels (;; Find the position of the separator character (,) from
;; the character at START position.
(position-separator (start)
(let ((position (position #\, string :start start)))
(if (and (integerp position)
(< 0 position)
(char= #\\ (char string (1- position))))
(position-separator (1+ position))
;; Collect values
(loop for start = 0 then (1+ end)
for end = (position-separator start)
for sub = (subseq string start end)
collect (parse-value sub type params)
while end)))
(defun format-values (objects type &optional params)
(flet ((format-value* (type x) (format-value x type params)))
(join-strings (map1 #'format-value* type objects) #\,)))
;;;; Boolean
(register-ical-value boolean)
(define-predicate-type boolean)
(defmethod format-value (value (type (eql 'boolean)) &optional params)
(declare (ignore params))
(if value "TRUE" "FALSE"))
(defmethod parse-value (string (type (eql 'boolean)) &optional params)
(declare (ignore params))
((string-ci= string "TRUE") t)
((string-ci= string "FALSE") nil)
(t (%parse-error "~a is not a boolean data type." string))))
;;;; Integer
(register-ical-value integer)
(defmethod format-value (n (type (eql 'integer)) &optional params)
(declare (ignore params))
(format nil "~d" n))
(defmethod parse-value (string (type (eql 'integer)) &optional params)
(declare (ignore params))
(values (parse-integer string)))
;;;; Float
(register-ical-value float)
(defmethod format-value (value (type (eql 'float)) &optional params)
(declare (ignore params))
(format nil "~f" value))
(defmethod parse-value (string (type (eql 'float)) &optional params)
(declare (ignore params))
(let ((sign 1) ; the sign
(x 0) ; integer part
(y 0)) ; fractional part
(with-input-from-string (in string)
;; Read sign
(case (peek-char nil in)
(read-char in))
(setf sign -1)
(read-char in)))
;; Read integer part
(let ((istring (parse in (complement #'digit-char-p) nil nil)))
(setf x (parse-integer istring)))
;; Read fractinal part (if any)
(let ((dot (read-char in nil)))
(unless (null dot)
(unless (char= dot #\.)
(%parse-error "Bad formed float."))
(let ((fstring (parse in (complement #'digit-char-p) nil nil)))
(setf y (/ (float (parse-integer fstring))
(expt 10 (length fstring)))))
(unless (null (read-char in nil))
(%parse-error "Junk is not allowed after a float value")))))
(* sign (+ x y))))
;;;; URI
(deftype uri () 'string)
(register-ical-value uri)
(defmethod format-value (value (type (eql 'uri)) &optional params)
(declare (ignore params))
(defmethod parse-value (string (type (eql 'uri)) &optional params)
(declare (ignore params))
;;;; Geo
(defclass geo ()
:type float
:initarg :latitude
:reader latitude)
:type float
:initarg :longitude
:reader longitude)))
(define-predicate-type geo)
(defun make-geo (latitude longitude)
(make-instance 'geo :latitude latitude :longitude longitude))
(defprinter (x geo)
(format t "~d;~d" (latitude x) (longitude x)))
(defmethod format-value ((x geo) (type (eql 'geo)) &optional params)
(declare (ignore params))
(format nil "~d;~d" (latitude x) (longitude x)))
(defmethod parse-value (string (type (eql 'geo)) &optional params)
(declare (ignore params))
(let* ((parts (split-string string #\;))
(length (length parts)))
(unless (= 2 length)
(%parse-error "Bad formed geo. 2 parts expected ~d found." length))
(make-geo (parse-value (first parts) 'float)
(parse-value (second parts) 'float))))
;;;; Cal-address
(deftype cal-address ()
(register-ical-value cal-address)
(defmethod format-value (string (type (eql 'cal-address)) &optional params)
(declare (ignore params))
(defmethod parse-value (string (type (eql 'cal-address)) &optional params)
(declare (ignore params))
;;; Format-value and parse-value methods for unknown data types.
(defmethod format-value ((string string) (type (eql 'nil)) &optional params)
(declare (ignore params))
(defmethod parse-value ((string string) (type (eql 'nil)) &optional params)
(declare (ignore params))
;; User-defined iCalendar data types
(defclass x-ical-value ()
;;; types.lisp ends here
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