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;; components.lisp --- iCalendar's component
;; Copyrigth (C) 2012 David Vázquez
;; This file is part of cl-icalendar.
;; cl-icalendar is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; cl-icalendar is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with cl-icalendar. If not, see <>.
(in-package :cl-icalendar)
;;; Return the component class for the name COMPONENT-NAME.
(defun find-component-class (component-name)
(or (translate-to-lisp component-name :component)
(and (x-name-p component-name) (find-class 'x-component))))
;;; Base component.
(defclass component ()
:initarg :parent
:initform nil
:reader component-parent)
;; A string which is the name of the component. This slot is
;; redundant because in standard components, we can do a reverse
;; translation with lisp-to-translate really.
:initarg :name
:initform (required-arg "Missing component name")
:reader component-name)
;; Table of properties in the component. It is a hash table where
;; keys are property name strings and values are the list of
;; properties properties with that name.
:initform (make-hash-table :test #'equalp)
:reader property-table)
;; List of subcomponents in the property.
:initform nil
:accessor subcomponents)))
(defmacro do-property ((propertyvar component &optional result) &body body)
"Iterate across the properties in a component."
(with-gensyms (ptable key value)
`(let ((,ptable (property-table ,component)))
(do-hash-table (,key ,value) ,ptable
;; Do not use dolist here in order to keep visible the
;; implicit block of do-hash-table.
(map nil (lambda (,propertyvar) ,@body) ,value)
(defmacro do-components ((componentvar component &optional result) &body body)
"Iterate across the subcomponents in a component."
`(dolist (,componentvar (subcomponents ,component) ,result)
;;;; Initialization protocol
(defgeneric allocate-component (component-class name)
(:method (component-class name)
(make-instance component-class :name name))
(:documentation "Make an empty instance of a component class."))
(defgeneric initialize-component (component &rest initargs)
(:method ((component component) &rest initargs)
(declare (ignorable initargs)))
(:documentation "Initialize a component with a set of convenient
default properties and subcomponents."))
(defun make-component (name &rest initargs)
"Make a instance of the component whose whose name is NAME."
(let* ((component-class (find-component-class name))
(component (allocate-component component-class name)))
(apply #'initialize-component component initargs)
;;;; Subcomponents and properties protocol
;; Return the list of properties in component with name CLASS.
(defmacro properties-with-name (name component)
`(gethash ,name (property-table ,component)))
(defgeneric add-property-to-component (property component)
(:method ((property property) (component component))
(let ((name (property-name property)))
(push property (properties-with-name name component))
(:documentation "Add PROPERTY to COMPONENT."))
(defgeneric delete-property-from-component (property component)
(:method ((property property) (component component))
(let ((pname (property-name property)))
(symbol-macrolet ((plist (properties-with-name pname component)))
(setf plist (delete property plist)))))
(:documentation "Delete PROPERTY from COMPONENT."))
(defgeneric add-subcomponent-to-component (subcomponent component)
(:method ((subcomponent component) (component component))
(setf (slot-value subcomponent 'parent) component)
(push subcomponent (subcomponents component))
(:documentation "Add SUBCOMPONENT to COMPONENT."))
(defgeneric delete-subcomponent-from-component (subcomponent component)
(:method ((subcomponent component) (component component))
(setf (subcomponents component) (delete subcomponent (subcomponents component))))
(:documentation "Delete SUBCOMPONENT from COMPONENT."))
;;; Validation protocol
(defgeneric validate-component (component)
(:method ((component component))
(do-property (prop component)
(validate-property prop)
(validate-property-in-component component prop))
(do-components (comp component)
(validate-component comp)
(validate-subcomponent-in-component component comp))
(validate-property-constrains component))
(:documentation "Validate a component. By default, call to the
generic functions:
o `validate-property-in-component'
o `validate-property-constrains'
o `validate-subcomponent-in-component'
(defgeneric invalid-subcomponent (component subcomponent)
(:method ((comp component) (subcomp component))
(error "The component ~a is not a valid subcomponent for ~a" subcomp comp)))
(defgeneric invalid-property (component property)
(:method ((comp component) (prop property))
(error "The property ~a is not a valid in the component ~a" prop comp)))
(defgeneric validate-subcomponent-in-component (component subcomponent)
(:method ((comp component) (subcomp component))
(invalid-subcomponent comp subcomp))
(:documentation "Validate SUBCOMPONENT as subcomponent of COMPONENT."))
(defgeneric validate-property-in-component (component property)
(:method ((comp component) (prop property))
(invalid-property comp prop))
(:documentation "Validate PROPERTY as property of COMPONENT."))
(defgeneric validate-property-constrains (component)
(:method ((comp component)) nil)
(:documentation "Validate the constrains between different
properties in the same component. It is used, for example, to avoid
multiple instances of some properties in a component. But also to
implement more complicated constrains. See the `property-constrains'
macro facility."))
;;;; Standard components
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
;; Return the property names in the constrain RULE.
(defun property-constrains-names (rule)
((stringp rule)
(list rule))
((and (listp rule) (neq (car rule) 'quote))
(reduce #'append (mapcar #'property-constrains-names rule))
:test #'string-ci=))))
;; Replace the property names in the constrain RULE by the values in
;; the alist ENVIRONMENT. This function is internal.
(defun replace-property-names-with-vars (environment rule)
((stringp rule)
(let ((var (cdr (assoc rule environment :test #'string-ci=))))
(or var (error "Missing the '~a' symbol in ~a" rule environment))))
((and (listp rule) (eq (car rule) 'quote) (stringp (cadr rule)))
(cadr rule))
((and (listp rule) (neq (car rule) 'quote))
(map1 #'replace-property-names-with-vars environment rule))
;;; Execute the property constrains in BODY against
;;; COMPONENT. Property constrains is like usual Lisp code, but
;;; literal strings are evaluated to the list of properties with the
;;; same name in COMPONENT, unless they are quoted. Also, useful local
;;; functions and macros are available.
(defmacro property-constrains (component &body body)
(let* ((compvar (gensym "COMPONENT"))
;; OPTIMIZATION: The success of the constrain does not
;; depends on the toplevel strings. However they are useful
;; to specify more-than-once properties, though.
(body (remove-if #'stringp body))
(pnames (property-constrains-names body))
(pvars (mapcar #'gensym pnames))
(environment (mapcar #'cons pnames pvars)))
`(let ((,compvar ,component))
(declare (ignorable ,compvar))
(let ,(loop for name in pnames
for var in pvars
collect `(,var (query-property ,compvar ,name t)))
;; Local macros for property constrain rules
(macrolet ((name (property)
(car (rassoc property ',environment)))
(required (&rest properties)
(progn-expand (property properties)
`(if ,property
(error "The property `~a' is missing in the component ~a."
(name ,property) ,',compvar))))
(once (&rest properties)
(progn-expand (property properties)
`(if (second ,property)
(error "The property `~a' cannot appear more than once in the component ~a."
(name ,property) ,',compvar)
(required-once (&rest properties)
(required ,@properties)
(once ,@properties))))
,@(replace-property-names-with-vars environment body))))))
(defclass standard-component (component)
(defmethod validate-property-in-component
((component standard-component) (property x-property)))
;;; Extension components
(defclass x-component (component)
(defmethod validate-subcomponent-in-component
((component x-component) subcomponent))
(defmethod validate-property-in-component
((component x-component) property))
;;; CLHS says: "If a defclass form appears as a top level form, the
;;; compiler must make the class name be recognized as a valid type
;;; name in..." So we have to define the classes separately.
(defmacro declare-component (name &optional abstract-components)
`(defclass ,name (,@abstract-components standard-component) nil))
;;; Define a component.
(defmacro define-component (name options &body body)
`(define-component-1 ,name
,@(loop for (option . value) in options append `(,option ,value))
:properties ,body))
(defmacro define-component-1 (name &key
(icalname (string name))
(allow-x-components nil given-allow-x-components)
(allow-x-properties t given-allow-x-properties)
(register-translation (find-class ',name) ,icalname :component)
;; Subcomponents validation
,@(if given-allow-x-components
`((defmethod validate-subcomponent-in-component ((component ,name) (subcomponent x-component))
,(or allow-x-components `(invalid-subcomponent component subcomponent)))))
,@(loop for comp-class in subcomponents collect
`(defmethod validate-subcomponent-in-component
((comp ,name) (subcomp ,comp-class))))
;; Properties validation
,@(if given-allow-x-properties
`((defmethod validate-property-in-component ((component ,name) (property x-property))
,(or allow-x-properties `(invalid-property component property)))))
;; Declare known properties
,@(loop for pname in (property-constrains-names properties)
for property-class = (or (find-property-class pname) (error "Unknown property name ~a" pname))
for property = (class-name property-class)
`(defmethod validate-property-in-component
((component ,name)
(property ,property))))
;; Property constrains
(defmethod validate-property-constrains ((,name ,name))
(property-constrains ,name
(defun action (component)
(let ((action (query-property component "ACTION")))
(cdr (assoc action '(("AUDIO" . :audio)
("EMAIL" . :email)
("DISPLAY" . :display))
:test #'string-ci=))))
(declare-component valarm)
(defun valarm-audio-constrains (component)
(property-constrains component
(required "ATTACH")))
(defun valarm-display-constrains (component)
(property-constrains component
(required "DESCRIPTION")))
(defun valarm-email-constrains (component)
(property-constrains component
(required "DESCRIPTION" "SUMMARY")))
(define-component valarm ()
(required-once "ACTION" "TRIGGER")
(unless (eql (and "DURATION" t) (and "REPEAT" t))
(error '"If the DURATION or REPEAT property appears in the component ~a,
then the other must so." valarm))
;; Declare possible properties
;; Dispatch constrains according to the action
(ecase (action valarm)
(valarm-audio-constrains valarm))
(valarm-display-constrains valarm))
(valarm-email-constrains valarm))))
(defun generate-new-uuid ()
(with-output-to-string (o)
(print-object (uuid:make-v4-uuid) o)))
(declare-component vtodo)
(define-component vtodo
((:subcomponents valarm))
(required "DTSTAMP" "UID")
(once "DUE" "DURATION")
(when (and "DUE" "DURATION")
(error '"DUE and DURATION properties MUST NOT occur in ~a at same time." vtodo))
(declare-component vevent)
(defprinter (event vevent)
(let ((summary (query-property event "SUMMARY")))
(if summary
(prin1 (property-value summary))
(write-string ":NO-SUMMARY"))))
(define-component vevent
((:subcomponents valarm))
(required-once "DTSTAMP" "UID")
(let ((parent (component-parent vevent)))
(unless (or (null parent) (query-property parent '"METHOD"))
(required "DTSTART")))
(when (and "DTEND" "DURATION")
(error '"DTEND and DURATION properties MUST NOT occur in ~a at same time." vevent))
(defmethod initialize-component ((component vevent) &key
(uid (generate-new-uuid))
(dtstamp (get-universal-time)))
(add-new-property component "UID" nil uid)
(add-new-property component "DTSTAMP" nil dtstamp))
(declare-component vjournal)
(define-component vjournal ()
(required-once "DTSTAMP" "UID")
(declare-component vfreebusy)
(define-component vfreebusy ()
(required-once "DTSTAMP" "UID")
(declare-component vtimezone)
(declare-component standard)
(declare-component daylight)
(define-component standard ()
(once "RRULE")
(define-component daylight ()
(once "RRULE")
(define-component vtimezone
((:subcomponents standard daylight))
(required-once "TZID")
(defclass vcalendar (standard-component)
:initform (make-hash-table :test #'equalp)
:reader uid-table)))
(define-component vcalendar
((:allow-x-components . t)
(:subcomponents vtodo vevent vjournal vfreebusy vtimezone))
(required "PRODID" "VERSION")
(defmethod add-subcomponent-to-component :after
((event vevent) (component vcalendar))
(let ((uid (query-property event "UID")))
(when uid
(setf (gethash (property-value uid) (uid-table component)) event))))
(defmethod initialize-component ((component vcalendar) &key
(version "2.0")
(prodid "-//cl-icalendar v0.0//EN")
(method "PUBLISH"))
(add-new-property component "PRODID" nil prodid)
(add-new-property component "VERSION" nil version)
(when method
(add-new-property component "METHOD" nil method)))
(defun read-vcalendar (stream)
(let ((component (read-component stream)))
(check-type component vcalendar)
;;; Other components
(defclass unknown-component (component) nil)
(defmethod validate-component ((x unknown-component)))
(defmethod allocate-component ((component-class null) name)
(make-instance 'unknown-component :name name))
;;;; Aplication programmer Interface (API)
(defun add-property (component name parameters value)
"Add the property named NAME, with the given PARAMETERS and VALUE to
the list of properties of COMPONENT."
(let ((property (make-property name parameters value)))
(add-property-to-component property component)))
(defun add-new-property (component name parameters value)
"Like `add-property', but only add the property if there is not any
property with the same name in the component already."
(unless (query-property component name)
(add-property component name parameters value)))
(defun query-property (component property-name &optional all-p)
"Return a property of COMPONENT with name PROPRETY-NAME. If ALL-P is
present, return the list of all the properties with this name
instead. The behaviour is undefined if the returned list is modified
(let ((list (gethash property-name (property-table component))))
(if all-p list (first list))))
(defun delete-property (component property)
"Delete PROPERTY of the table of properties of COMPONENT."
(delete-property-from-component property component))
(defun read-object (stream)
(multiple-value-bind (name params value) (read-content-line stream)
((string-ci= name "BEGIN")
(check-type params null)
(let* ((component-class (find-component-class value))
(component (allocate-component component-class value)))
(loop with begin-mark = value
for (object end-mark) = (multiple-value-list (read-object stream))
while object do
(typecase object
(property (add-property-to-component object component))
(component (add-subcomponent-to-component object component)))
(unless (string-ci= begin-mark end-mark)
(error "A END:~:@(~a~) was expected, but it found a END:~a"
begin-mark end-mark)))
((string-ci= name "END")
(check-type params null)
(values nil value))
(let ((property (property-from-content-line name params value)))
(defun read-component (stream)
"Read a component or property from STREAM."
(let ((object (read-object stream)))
(check-type object component)
(defun write-component (component stream)
(let ((name (component-name component)))
(write-content-line "BEGIN" nil name stream)
(do-property (prop component)
(write-property prop stream))
(dolist (comp (subcomponents component))
(write-component comp stream))
(write-content-line "END" nil name stream)))
;;; components.lisp ends here