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;; universal-time.lisp --- Basic universal time functions
;; Copyrigth (C) 2012 David Vázquez
;; This file is part of cl-icalendar.
;; cl-icalendar is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; cl-icalendar is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with cl-icalendar. If not, see <>.
(in-package :cl-icalendar)
(defmacro values-accessors (function &body accessors)
(let ((var (gensym)))
,@(loop for i from 0
for x in accessors
collect `(defun ,x (,var) (nth-value ,i (,function ,var)))))))
(values-accessors decode-universal-time
;;; Decode a universal time.
(defmacro decoded-universal-time
((&key second minute hour date month year day zone (timezone nil timezone-p))
form &body body)
(let ((vars))
(flet ((** (x) (or x (car (push (gensym) vars)))))
(,(** second) ,(** minute) ,(** hour)
,(** date) ,(** month) ,(** year)
,(** day) ,(** zone))
,(if timezone-p
`(decode-universal-time ,form ,timezone)
`(decode-universal-time ,form))
(declare (ignore ,@vars))
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(defvar *weekday*
#(:monday :tuesday :wednesday :thursday :friday :saturday :sunday)))
(deftype weekday ()
`(member ,@(coerce *weekday* 'list)))
;;; Determine if YEAR is leap.
(defun leap-year-p (year)
(and (zerop (mod year 4))
(or (not (zerop (mod year 100)))
(zerop (mod year 400)))))
(defun leap-years-before (year)
(let ((years (- year 1901)))
(+ (- (truncate years 4)
(truncate years 100))
(truncate (+ years 300) 400))))
;;; 1 January = 1
(defun day-from-new-year (day month year)
(let ((days-before-month #(0 0 31 59 90 120 151 181 212 243 273 304 334))
(days-before-month-leap #(0 0 31 60 91 121 152 182 213 244 274 305 335)))
(if (leap-year-p year)
(+ day (svref days-before-month-leap month))
(+ day (svref days-before-month month)))))
(defun 1900+days (stamp)
(let (year month day rem)
;; Year
(loop for t1 downfrom (truncate stamp 365)
for t2 = (+ (* 365 t1) (leap-years-before (+ 1900 t1)))
for t3 = (- stamp t2)
while (<= t3 0)
finally (setf year (+ 1900 t1) rem t3))
;; Month
(loop for m from 12 downto 1
as t1 = (day-from-new-year 1 m year)
as t2 = (- rem t1)
while (< t2 0)
finally (setf month m rem t2))
;; Day
(setf day (1+ rem))
;; Return information
(encode-universal-time 0 0 0 day month year)))
(defun day-from-1900 (universal-time)
(decoded-universal-time (:date date :month month :year year) universal-time
(+ (* 365 (- year 1900))
(leap-years-before year)
(day-from-new-year date month year))))
;;; Some useful numbers
(defun second-from-midnight (universal-time)
(decoded-universal-time (:date d :month m :year y) universal-time
(- universal-time (encode-universal-time 0 0 0 d m y))))
(defun day-of-week (universal-time &optional (wkst :monday))
(decoded-universal-time (:day day) universal-time
(values (elt *weekday* day)
(mod (- (+ day 7) (position wkst *weekday*)) 7))))
(defun day-of-year (universal-time)
(decoded-universal-time (:date day :month month :year year) universal-time
(day-from-new-year day month year)))
(defun nearest-weekday (universal-time wkst)
(if (< 3 (second-value (day-of-week universal-time wkst)))
(next-weekday universal-time wkst)
(previous-weekday (date+ universal-time 1) wkst)))
(defun week-of-year (ut &optional (wkst :monday))
(declare (weekday wkst))
(let ((1jan (beginning-of-year ut)))
((>= ut (nearest-weekday (forward-year 1jan) wkst))
(setq 1jan (forward-year 1jan)))
((< ut (nearest-weekday 1jan wkst))
(setq 1jan (backward-year 1jan))))
(values(1+ (weeks-between (nearest-weekday 1jan wkst) ut))
(date-year 1jan))))
;;; Components upgrading
(defun adjust-datetime (universal-time &key day month year second minute hour)
(multiple-value-bind (osecond ominute ohour oday omonth oyear)
(decode-universal-time universal-time)
(encode-universal-time (or second osecond)
(or minute ominute)
(or hour ohour)
(or day oday)
(or month omonth)
(or year oyear))))
(defun adjust-time (universal-time &key second minute hour)
(adjust-datetime universal-time
:second second
:minute minute
:hour hour))
(defun adjust-date (universal-time &key day month year)
(adjust-datetime universal-time
:day day
:month month
:year year))
;;; Differenting...
;;; Seconds between UT1 and UT2.
(defun seconds-between (ut1 ut2)
(- ut1 ut2))
;;; Minutes between UT1 and UT2.
(defun minutes-between (ut1 ut2)
(truncate (seconds-between ut1 ut2) 60))
;;; Hours between UT1 and UT2.
(defun hours-between (ut1 ut2)
(truncate (seconds-between ut1 ut2) 3600))
;;; Days between UT1 and UT2.
(defun days-between (ut1 ut2)
(- (day-from-1900 ut2) (day-from-1900 ut1)))
;;; Weeks between UT1 and UT2.
(defun weeks-between (ut1 ut2)
(truncate (days-between ut1 ut2) 7))
;;; Months between UT1 and UT2.
(defun months-between (ut1 ut2)
(decoded-universal-time (:month m1) ut1
(decoded-universal-time (:month m2) ut2
(+ (* 12 (years-between ut1 ut2)) (- m2 m1)))))
;;; Years between UT1 and UT2.
(defun years-between (ut1 ut2)
(decoded-universal-time (:year y1) ut1
(decoded-universal-time (:year y2) ut2
(- y2 y1))))
;;; Arithmetic
;;; Add SECS to a universal time
(defun time+ (universal-time secs)
(+ universal-time secs))
;;; Add DAYS to a universal time
(defun date+ (universal-time days)
(decoded-universal-time (:second sec :minute min :hour h) universal-time
(let ((d (day-from-1900 universal-time)))
(adjust-datetime (1900+days (+ d days))
:second sec
:minute min
:hour h))))
;;; Add DAYS and SECS to a universal time
(defun datetime+ (universal-time days secs)
(time+ (date+ universal-time days) secs))
;;; Return the following WEEKDAY from UT.
(defun next-weekday (ut weekday)
(date+ ut (- 7 (second-value (day-of-week ut weekday)))))
;;; Return the first WEEKDAY before of UT.
(defun previous-weekday (ut weekday)
(let ((dow (second-value (day-of-week ut weekday))))
(if (zerop dow)
(date+ ut (- 7))
(date+ ut (- dow)))))
;;; Add N seconds to UT.
(defun forward-second (ut &optional (n 1))
(time+ ut n))
;;; Add N minutes to UT.
(defun forward-minute (ut &optional (n 1))
(time+ ut (* 60 n)))
;;; Add N hours to UT.
(defun forward-hour (ut &optional (n 1))
(time+ ut (* 3600 n)))
;;; Add N days to UT.
(defun forward-day (ut &optional (n 1))
(date+ ut n))
;;; Subtract N days to UT.
(defun backward-day (ut &optional (n 1))
(forward-day ut (- n)))
;;; Add N days to UT.
(defun forward-week (ut &optional (n 1))
(forward-day ut (* 7 n)))
;;; Subtract N days to UT.
(defun backward-week (ut &optional (n 1))
(forward-week ut (- n)))
;;; Add N months to UT.
(defun forward-month (ut &optional (n 1))
(decoded-universal-time (:year year :month month) ut
(multiple-value-bind (delta-year delta-month)
(truncate n 12)
(multiple-value-bind (delta-year* month*)
(truncate (+ delta-month (1- month)) 12)
(adjust-date ut
:month (1+ month*)
:year (+ year delta-year delta-year*))))))
;;; Subtract N months to UT.
(defun backward-month (ut &optional (n 1))
(forward-month ut (- n)))
;;; Add N years to UT.
(defun forward-year (ut &optional (n 1))
(adjust-date ut :year (+ (date-year ut) n)))
;;; Subtract N years to UT.
(defun backward-year (ut &optional (n 1))
(forward-year ut (- n)))
;;; Return the the first day of the month of UT.
(defun beginning-of-month (ut)
(adjust-date ut :day 1))
;;; Return the last day of the month of UT.
(defun end-of-month (ut)
(decoded-universal-time (:year year :month month) ut
(let ((monthdays
(if (leap-year-p year)
#(0 31 29 31 30 31 30 31 31 30 31 30 31)
#(0 31 28 31 30 31 30 31 31 30 31 30 31))))
(adjust-date ut :day (elt monthdays month)))))
;;; Return the first day of the year of UT.
(defun beginning-of-year (ut)
(adjust-date ut :day 1 :month 1))
;;; Return the last day of the year of UT.
(defun end-of-year (ut)
(adjust-date ut :day 31 :month 12))
;;; universal-time.lisp ends here