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Hacking JSCL

Newbie guide

  • Load slime from the root directory.
  • C-c C-l jscl.lisp to load the whole project
  • (jscl:bootstrap) will generate jscl.js
  • Add tests
  • Open tests.html in your browser to see your failed tests

Code organization, style, etc.

Every definition should include documentation and unit tests.

Definitions are organized in different files following CLHS chapters.

Inside every file definition ordering should follow each CLHS dictionary index. This should make easier to find what has already been defined and what has not been defined yet.

Definitions should follow CLHS naming (e. g., cons definition should be (defun cons (object-1 object-2) …), not (defun cons (x y)) or (defun cons (obj1 obj2)).

Tests should follow the same organization as definitions.

CLHS examples can be used as tests.

Documentation strings should not be taken from CLHS (due to license issues). It is recommended to take them from SBCL instead of reinventing them.