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;;; compiler-codege.lisp --- Naive Javascript unparser
;; Copyright (C) 2013, 2014 David Vazquez
;; JSCL is free software: you can redistribute it and/or
;; modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
;; published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the
;; License, or (at your option) any later version.
;; JSCL is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
;; WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with JSCL. If not, see <>.
;;; This code generator takes as input a S-expression representation
;;; of the Javascript AST and generates Javascript code without
;;; redundant syntax constructions like extra parenthesis.
;;; It is intended to be used with the new compiler. However, it is
;;; quite independent so it has been integrated early in JSCL.
(/debug "loading compiler-codegen.lisp!")
(defvar *js-macros* nil)
(defmacro define-js-macro (name lambda-list &body body)
(let ((form (gensym)))
`(push (cons ',name
(lambda (,form)
(block ,name
(destructuring-bind ,lambda-list ,form
(defun js-macroexpand (js)
(if (and (consp js) (assoc (car js) *js-macros*))
(let ((expander (cdr (assoc (car js) *js-macros*))))
(multiple-value-bind (expansion stop-expand-p)
(funcall expander (cdr js))
(if stop-expand-p
(js-macroexpand expansion))))
(defconstant no-comma 12)
(defvar *js-output* t)
(defvar *js-pretty-print* t)
;;; Two seperate functions are needed for escaping strings:
;;; One for producing JavaScript string literals (which are singly or
;;; doubly quoted)
;;; And one for producing Lisp strings (which are only doubly quoted)
;;; The same function would suffice for both, but for javascript string
;;; literals it is neater to use either depending on the context, e.g:
;;; foo's => "foo's"
;;; "foo" => '"foo"'
;;; which avoids having to escape quotes where possible
(defun js-escape-string (string)
(let ((index 0)
(size (length string))
(seen-single-quote nil)
(seen-double-quote nil))
(flet ((%js-escape-string (string escape-single-quote-p)
(let ((output "")
(index 0))
(while (< index size)
(let ((ch (char string index)))
(when (char= ch #\\)
(setq output (concat output "\\")))
(when (and escape-single-quote-p (char= ch #\'))
(setq output (concat output "\\")))
(when (char= ch #\newline)
(setq output (concat output "\\"))
(setq ch #\n))
(setq output (concat output (string ch))))
(incf index))
;; First, scan the string for single/double quotes
(while (< index size)
(let ((ch (char string index)))
(when (char= ch #\')
(setq seen-single-quote t))
(when (char= ch #\")
(setq seen-double-quote t)))
(incf index))
;; Then pick the appropriate way to escape the quotes
((not seen-single-quote)
(concat "'" (%js-escape-string string nil) "'"))
((not seen-double-quote)
(concat "\"" (%js-escape-string string nil) "\""))
(t (concat "'" (%js-escape-string string t) "'"))))))
(defun js-format (fmt &rest args)
(apply #'format *js-output* fmt args))
;;; Check if STRING-DESIGNATOR is valid as a Javascript identifier. It
;;; returns a couple of values. The identifier itself as a string and
;;; a boolean value with the result of this check.
(defun valid-js-identifier (string-designator)
(let ((string (typecase string-designator
(symbol (symbol-name string-designator))
(string string-designator)
(return-from valid-js-identifier (values nil nil))))))
(flet ((constitutentp (ch)
(or (alphanumericp ch) (member ch '(#\$ #\_)))))
(if (and (every #'constitutentp string)
(if (plusp (length string))
(not (digit-char-p (char string 0)))
(values string t)
(values nil nil)))))
;;; Expression generators
;;; `js-expr' and the following auxiliary functions are the
;;; responsible for generating Javascript expression.
(defun js-identifier (string-designator)
(multiple-value-bind (string valid)
(valid-js-identifier string-designator)
(unless valid
(error "~S is not a valid Javascript identifier." string))
(js-format "~a" string)))
(defun js-primary-expr (form)
((numberp form)
(if (<= 0 form)
(js-format "~a" form)
(js-expr `(- ,(abs form)))))
((stringp form)
(js-format "~a" (js-escape-string form)))
((symbolp form)
(case form
(true (js-format "true"))
(false (js-format "false"))
(null (js-format "null"))
(this (js-format "this"))
(undefined (js-format "undefined"))
(js-identifier form))))
(error "Unknown Javascript syntax ~S." form))))
(defun js-vector-initializer (vector)
(let ((size (length vector)))
(js-format "[")
(dotimes (i (1- size))
(let ((elt (aref vector i)))
(unless (eq elt 'null)
(js-expr elt no-comma))
(js-format ",")))
(when (plusp size)
(js-expr (aref vector (1- size)) no-comma))
(js-format "]")))
(defun js-object-initializer (plist &optional wrap-p)
(when wrap-p
(js-format "("))
(js-format "{")
(do* ((tail plist (cddr tail)))
((null tail))
(let ((key (car tail))
(value (cadr tail)))
(multiple-value-bind (identifier identifier-p) (valid-js-identifier key)
(declare (ignore identifier))
(if identifier-p
(js-identifier key)
(js-expr (string key) no-comma)))
(js-format ": ")
(js-expr value no-comma)
(unless (null (cddr tail))
(js-format ","))))
(js-format "}")
(when wrap-p
(js-format ")")))
(defun js-function (arguments &rest body)
(js-format "function(")
(when arguments
(js-identifier (car arguments))
(dolist (arg (cdr arguments))
(js-format ",")
(js-identifier arg)))
(js-format ")")
(js-stmt `(group ,@body) t))
(defun check-lvalue (x)
(unless (or (symbolp x)
(nth-value 1 (valid-js-identifier x))
(and (consp x)
(member (car x) '(get = property))))
(error "Bad Javascript lvalue ~S" x)))
;;; Process the Javascript AST to reduce some syntax sugar.
(defun js-expand-expr (form)
(flet ((reduce-expr (op &key from-end)
(reduce (lambda (x y) `(,op ,x ,y))
(mapcar #'js-expand-expr (cdr form))
:from-end from-end)))
(if (consp form)
(case (car form)
(case (length (cdr form))
(1 `(unary+ ,(cadr form)))
(t (reduce-expr '+))))
(case (length (cdr form))
(1 `(unary- ,(cadr form)))
(t (reduce-expr '-))))
(case (length (cdr form))
(0 1)
(t (reduce-expr '*))))
((and or)
(reduce-expr (car form)))
((progn comma)
(reduce-expr 'comma :from-end t))
(js-macroexpand form)))
;;; It is the more complicated function of the generator. It takes a
;;; operator expression and generate Javascript for it. It will
;;; consider associativity and precedence in order not to generate
;;; unnecessary parenthesis.
(defun js-operator-expression (op args precedence associativity operand-order)
(let ((op1 (car args))
(op2 (cadr args)))
(case op
;; Accessors
(js-expr (car args) 0)
(js-format "[")
(js-expr (cadr args) no-comma)
(js-format "]"))
(multiple-value-bind (accessor accessorp)
(valid-js-identifier (cadr args))
(unless accessorp
(error "Invalid accessor ~S" (cadr args)))
(js-expr (car args) 0)
(js-format ".")
(js-identifier accessor)))
;; Function call
(js-expr (car args) 1)
(js-format "(")
(when (cdr args)
(js-expr (cadr args) no-comma)
(dolist (operand (cddr args))
(js-format ",")
(js-expr operand no-comma)))
(js-format ")"))
;; Object syntax
(js-object-initializer args))
;; Function expressions
(js-format "(")
(apply #'js-function args)
(js-format ")"))
(labels ((low-precedence-p (op-precedence)
((> op-precedence precedence))
((< op-precedence precedence) nil)
(t (not (eq operand-order associativity)))))
(%unary-op (operator string operator-precedence operator-associativity post lvalue)
(when (eq op operator)
(when lvalue (check-lvalue op1))
(when (low-precedence-p operator-precedence) (js-format "("))
(js-expr op1 operator-precedence operator-associativity 'left)
(js-format "~a" string))
(js-format "~a" string)
(js-expr op1 operator-precedence operator-associativity 'right)))
(when (low-precedence-p operator-precedence) (js-format ")"))
(return-from js-operator-expression)))
(%binary-op (operator string operator-precedence operator-associativity lvalue)
(when (eq op operator)
(when lvalue (check-lvalue op1))
(when (low-precedence-p operator-precedence) (js-format "("))
(js-expr op1 operator-precedence operator-associativity 'left)
(js-format "~a" string)
(js-expr op2 operator-precedence operator-associativity 'right)
(when (low-precedence-p operator-precedence) (js-format ")"))
(return-from js-operator-expression))))
(macrolet ((unary-op (operator string precedence associativity &key post lvalue)
`(%unary-op ',operator ',string ',precedence ',associativity ',post ',lvalue))
(binary-op (operator string precedence associativity &key lvalue)
`(%binary-op ',operator ',string ',precedence ',associativity ',lvalue)))
(unary-op pre++ "++" 2 right :lvalue t)
(unary-op pre-- "--" 2 right :lvalue t)
(unary-op post++ "++" 2 right :lvalue t :post t)
(unary-op post-- "--" 2 right :lvalue t :post t)
(unary-op not "!" 2 right)
(unary-op bit-not "~" 2 right)
;; Note that the leading space is necessary because it
;; could break with post++, for example. TODO: Avoid
;; leading space when it's possible.
(unary-op unary+ " +" 2 right)
(unary-op unary- " -" 2 right)
(unary-op delete "delete " 2 right)
(unary-op void "void " 2 right)
(unary-op typeof "typeof " 2 right)
(unary-op new "new " 2 right)
(binary-op * "*" 3 left)
(binary-op / "/" 3 left)
(binary-op mod "%" 3 left)
(binary-op % "%" 3 left)
(binary-op + "+" 4 left)
(binary-op - "-" 5 left)
(binary-op << "<<" 5 left)
(binary-op >> "<<" 5 left)
(binary-op >>> ">>>" 5 left)
(binary-op <= "<=" 6 left)
(binary-op < "<" 6 left)
(binary-op > ">" 6 left)
(binary-op >= ">=" 6 left)
(binary-op instanceof " instanceof " 6 left)
(binary-op in " in " 6 left)
(binary-op == "==" 7 left)
(binary-op != "!=" 7 left)
(binary-op === "===" 7 left)
(binary-op !== "!==" 7 left)
(binary-op bit-and "&" 8 left)
(binary-op bit-xor "^" 9 left)
(binary-op bit-or "|" 10 left)
(binary-op and "&&" 11 left)
(binary-op or "||" 12 left)
(binary-op = "=" 13 right :lvalue t)
(binary-op += "+=" 13 right :lvalue t)
(binary-op incf "+=" 13 right :lvalue t)
(binary-op -= "-=" 13 right :lvalue t)
(binary-op decf "-=" 13 right :lvalue t)
(binary-op *= "*=" 13 right :lvalue t)
(binary-op /= "*=" 13 right :lvalue t)
(binary-op bit-xor= "^=" 13 right :lvalue t)
(binary-op bit-and= "&=" 13 right :lvalue t)
(binary-op bit-or= "|=" 13 right :lvalue t)
(binary-op <<= "<<=" 13 right :lvalue t)
(binary-op >>= ">>=" 13 right :lvalue t)
(binary-op >>>= ">>>=" 13 right :lvalue t)
(binary-op comma "," 13 right)
(binary-op progn "," 13 right)
(when (member op '(? if))
(when (low-precedence-p 12) (js-format "("))
(js-expr (first args) 12 'right 'left)
(js-format "?")
(js-expr (second args) 12 'right 'right)
(js-format ":")
(js-expr (third args) 12 'right 'right)
(when (low-precedence-p 12) (js-format ")"))
(return-from js-operator-expression))
(error "Unknown operator `~S'" op)))))))
(defun js-expr (form &optional (precedence 1000) associativity operand-order)
(let ((form (js-expand-expr form)))
((or (symbolp form) (numberp form) (stringp form))
(js-primary-expr form))
((vectorp form)
(js-vector-initializer form))
(js-operator-expression (car form) (cdr form) precedence associativity operand-order)))))
;;; Statements generators
;;; `js-stmt' generates code for Javascript statements. A form is
;;; provided to label statements. Remember that in particular,
;;; expressions can be used as statements (semicolon suffixed).
(defun js-expand-stmt (form)
((and (consp form) (eq (car form) 'progn))
(destructuring-bind (&body body) (cdr form)
((null body)
((null (cdr body))
(js-expand-stmt (car body)))
`(group ,@(cdr form))))))
(js-macroexpand form))))
(defun js-end-stmt ()
(js-format ";")
(when *js-pretty-print*
(js-format "~%")))
(defun js-stmt (form &optional parent)
(let ((form (js-expand-stmt form)))
(flet ((js-stmt (x) (js-stmt x form)))
((null form)
(unless (or (and (consp parent) (eq (car parent) 'group))
(null parent))
((atom form)
(js-expr form)
(case (car form)
(destructuring-bind (label &body body) (cdr form)
(js-identifier label)
(js-format ":")
(js-stmt `(progn ,@body))))
(destructuring-bind (&optional label) (cdr form)
(js-format "break")
(when label
(js-format " ")
(js-identifier label))
(destructuring-bind (value) (cdr form)
(js-format "return ")
(js-expr value)
(flet ((js-var (spec)
(destructuring-bind (variable &optional initial)
(ensure-list spec)
(js-identifier variable)
(when initial
(js-format "=")
(js-expr initial no-comma)))))
(destructuring-bind (var &rest vars) (cdr form)
(js-format "var ")
(js-var var)
(dolist (var vars)
(js-format ",")
(js-var var))
(destructuring-bind (condition true &optional false) (cdr form)
(js-format "if (")
(js-expr condition)
(js-format ") ")
(js-stmt true)
(when false
(js-format " else ")
(js-stmt false))))
(let ((in-group-p
(or (null parent)
(and (consp parent) (eq (car parent) 'group)))))
(unless in-group-p (js-format "{"))
(mapc #'js-stmt (cdr form))
(unless in-group-p (js-format "}"))))
(destructuring-bind (condition &body body) (cdr form)
(js-format "while (")
(js-expr condition)
(js-format ")")
(js-stmt `(progn ,@body))))
(destructuring-bind (value &rest cases) (cdr form)
(js-format "switch(")
(js-expr value)
(js-format "){")
(dolist (case cases)
((and (consp case) (eq (car case) 'case))
(js-format "case ")
(let ((value (cadr case)))
(unless (or (stringp value) (integerp value))
(error "Non-constant switch case `~S'." value))
(js-expr value))
(js-format ":"))
((eq case 'default)
(js-format "default:"))
(js-stmt case))))
(js-format "}")))
(destructuring-bind ((start condition step) &body body) (cdr form)
(js-format "for (")
(js-expr start)
(js-format ";")
(js-expr condition)
(js-format ";")
(js-expr step)
(js-format ")")
(js-stmt `(progn ,@body))))
(destructuring-bind ((x object) &body body) (cdr form)
(js-format "for (")
(js-identifier x)
(js-format " in ")
(js-expr object)
(js-format ")")
(js-stmt `(progn ,@body))))
(destructuring-bind (&rest body) (cdr form)
(js-format "try")
(js-stmt `(group ,@body))))
(destructuring-bind ((var) &rest body) (cdr form)
(js-format "catch (")
(js-identifier var)
(js-format ")")
(js-stmt `(group ,@body))))
(destructuring-bind (&rest body) (cdr form)
(js-format "finally")
(js-stmt `(group ,@body))))
(destructuring-bind (object) (cdr form)
(js-format "throw ")
(js-expr object)
;; wrap ourselves within a pair of parens, in case JS EVAL
;; interprets us as a block of code
(js-object-initializer (cdr form) t)
(js-expr form)
;;; It is intended to be the entry point to the code generator.
(defun js (&rest stmts)
(mapc #'js-stmt stmts)
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