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@@ -56,24 +56,24 @@ To develop on the deployment platform:
* Clone this repository.
- git clone
+ git clone
* Set up the rvm gemset we expect, and cd in to your clone. You should see a message from rvm prompting you to accept our ruby interpreter version and gemset.
- rvm gemset create RapidFTR-chef-repo
- cd RapidFTR-chef-repo
+ rvm gemset create RapidFTR-chef-repo
+ cd RapidFTR-chef-repo
* Run bundler. (rvm adds the bundler gem to gemsets by default, so you should have it already.)
bundle install
* Add the vagrant box that we use as our VM base. There's more info about boxes on Vagrant's site (<>).
- vagrant box add lucid32
+ vagrant box add lucid32
* Create the VM and run the tests against it.
- cd test
+ cd test
rake full
That will boot up a virtual machine running Ubuntu, "provision" the machine using the chef-repo rooted one directory up from the test directory (ie, using your working copy of the cookbooks), and run test/*_spec.rb. This can take a while, but may need some input to approve network access the first-time, depending on your firewall setup.

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