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Android Tools

This small project aims at providing Java build tools related to the Android mobile operating system. Currently it contains two Ant tasks to build or extract boot images.

I hope this project can be useful for you.


  • First, you have to declare the library in your ant file:

<taskdef resource="fr/free/divde/android/tools/antlib.xml" classpath="AndroidTools-1.0.jar" />

  • Then you can extract a boot image, to get the kernel, ramdisk and additional information:

<extractBootImage bootImage="input/boot.img" kernel="output/kernel.img" ramdisk="output/ramdisk.img" storeBaseAddr="bootBaseAddress" storeKernelAddr="bootKernelAddr" storeKernelSize="bootKernelSize" storeRamdiskAddr="bootRamdiskAddr" storeRamdiskSize="bootRamdiskSize" storeSecondAddr="bootSecondAddr" storeSecondSize="bootSecondSize" storeTagsAddr="bootTagsAddr" storePageSize="bootPageSize" storeName="bootName" storeArgs="bootArgs" />

All the parameters prefixed with "store" expect a property name which will be filled with the corresponding piece of information. Only the bootImage property is mandatory. Output files or properties are not created if corresponding parameters are not specified.

  • You can also build a boot image from a kernel and ramdisk:

<makeBootImage kernel="input/kernel.img" ramdisk="input/ramdisk.img" bootImage="output/boot.img" pageSize="2048" baseAddr="0x02600000" name="myImageName" args="init=/sbin/init root=/dev/mtdblock5" />

Only kernel, ramdisk and bootImage are mandatory. Other values are filled with the following defaults: pageSize: 2048, baseAddr: 0x10000000, empty name, empty args

Useful references

  • An improved firmware for Android devices: cyanogenmod
  • An equivalent program written in C is available here.