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Course web page software.
Authors:  Dave Andersen, Nick Feamster

This program generates the framework for the undergrad and grad networks
courses that Dave and Nick teach.  It produces a syllabus from a simple
text file describing the lectures, produces announcements and RSS feeds
of the announcements, links to papers, etc.

To use:

look at one of the example directories.
Type make
Copy to your own course directory and adjust the COURSE=
pointer in the makefile appropriately

Edit lectures.txt
Edit announcements.txt
Edit class.bib
Edit index.srhtml to customize the main page to your desires
Edit syllabus.head and syllabus.tail to customize per your class
 ** note:  Do not edit syllabus.srhtml or .html directly;  it will be
    overwritten **

You can customize things more  by editing the other files.  Almost all
stylistic things (presentation, layout, etc) are controlled by style.css
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