An Nvidia-based miner for the Protoshares (PTS) cryptocurrency
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CudaPTS - a GPU miner for Protoshares

This is a protoshares pool miner that runs on Nvidia GPUs. It should run on any relatively modern card with 1GB of video RAM or more.

This code is derived from ptsminer, which is in turn based on xolokrams's primecoin miner. and Invictus Innovations protoshares client. and jh00's & testix' jhProtominer.

It is hardcoded to work with beeeeer because that's the source I started with.

To run, run:

    cudapts <payment-address> [cudaDevice] [shamode]

For most systems, it should work to simply run:

    cudapts <payment-address> 0

But if you have multiple GPUs or it doesn't work, you might have to specify cudaDevice or shamode.

You should expect to see anywhere from 200 c/m up to over 1800c/m on high-end dual-core devices.

Build notes: You must install:

  • libboost
  • nvcc and the nvidia libraries

You must have nvcc in your path, and the nvidia libraries in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH when you run the code. You may need to adjust the Makefile for your platform to point to the CUDA directory.

Run with: make -f makefile.YOURSYSTEM

as in, for Linux, make -f makefile.unix

I don't know if it needs a specific CUDA revision, but I've only tested with CUDA 5.5.

If you use an older card, you must edit makefile.(platform) and change the architecture ("arch") specification from sm_30 to whatever is appropriate for your card. Look up your card on this page: and replace "30" with whatever is listed for your card ("2.1" -> "sm_21", for example).

Donations appreciated and will help convince the developer to make the software even faster and easier to use. grin. PTS: Pr8cnhz5eDsUegBZD4VZmGDARcKaozWbBc BTC: 17sb5mcCnnt4xH3eEkVi6kHvhzQRjPRBtS