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Protoshares Pool Miner (PTS Miner)

This is a protoshares pool mining version based on xolokrams's primecoin miner. and Invictus Innovations protoshares client. and jh00's & testix' jhProtominer.

This is the start of keeping an open source, high-performance version available. It's about 2x faster than the normal ptsminer.

It has some build issues with windows that I'll fix soon.


  • pool mining client
  • custom getworx-protocol
  • light-weight code
  • portable

Build notes:

  • you'll need libboost & yasm
  • Older versions of gcc may have issues.

Running: ptsminer <#threads> [mode]

If you want AVX2, you'll have to specificy it explicitly in the mode string.

Known bugs:

  • Will not do AVX2 on MacOS
  • It yells if you haven't enabled hugepages on Linux, but runs properly.

To silence that, run hugepages:

  echo 2048 > /proc/sys/vm/nr_hugepages

It will give you a moderate speed boost.

Donations appreciated:

  • PTS: Pr8cnhz5eDsUegBZD4VZmGDARcKaozWbBc
  • BTC: 17sb5mcCnnt4xH3eEkVi6kHvhzQRjPRBtS