Spoofs the MAC Address for Mac OS X Airport WiFi Cards
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MacSpoofer is a simple Python script which changes your Airport WiFi's MAC 
address on Mac OS X 10.6 (untested on earlier versions, though it will 
"probably" work in 10.5). The new MAC address is randomly generated.

Run it like so:  $ sudo python MacSpoofer.py

Enter your password. Your WiFi will disconnect and its MAC will change. It'll 
printout when finished. After, re-connect to the WiFi access point of your 

The new MAC is temporary, and will revert back to the original when you reboot
your computer.


Sometimes MAC swaps won't succeed due to a glitch with ifconfig. If this 
happens, you'll see a message to wait a few seconds and try again. It might 
take 2 or 3 tries to succeed, but that's rare.

If your AirPort/WiFi card is powered off you'll get an error. It must be on 
for this script to work.