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Ninja Ripper Max Importer

An unofficial improved Ninja Ripper importer for 3D Studio Max.


  • Clone this repo to a folder (eg. the Max Script folder)
  • Run in Max


2016.04.25 (1.3 beta7 alpha2) by Dave Newson

  • Multi/sub texture import enabled, removed TexNum
  • Multi UV map support
  • Prevented bad/missing UV maps crashing the import
  • Fixed issues with

2013.03.03 (1.3 beta7 alpha1) by CarLuver69

  • You can now flip on the XZ axis if your models appear inverted!
  • Added progress bar
  • Removed a lot of unnecessary information being printed
  • End of script will show a popup message with how long it took to import
  • "Debug" mode allows you to turn on useless print messages, VERY SLOW.
  • Program no longer hangs when importing many objects :D
  • Imports are now 50 - 75% faster. I was able to import 2,001 objects in 1 minute and 30 seconds!

2013.01.09 (1.3 beta7):

  • added uv Scale function
  • improved model Scale function

Future features (todo)

Predefined profiles

Keep some predefined profiles for rippable games, making importing easier.

Match by texture name

Max has the capacity to search in files for text. This could be used to loop over a directories work of .rip files and find the ones that use a particular texture. See,topicNumber=d30e701493

Guess mesh name (categorisation)

In some games, the first texture for the .rip file, when in a Normals draw call, is a 1x1 texture. This makes it easy to identify a .rip which is for Normals and not Diffuse. Detect these by examining the first texture in the file, if it's a 1x1 then prefix the name with "norm_".

Position distribution

For each .rip file imported, place it at x+=10 on the grid. This would make importing batches of models a lot easier to deal with as they won't sit ontop of eachother.


Improved Ninja Ripper importer script for 3d Studio Max.






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