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Switchable device control API

The proposal is for controlling any switchable device (PDU, USB hub, Relay, … etc?)

The interface will support the following functionality:

Mode 1 - First state to put the port into Off On

Mode 2 - Second (optional) state to put the port into Off On

Get - Get information Status -1 = Unknown 0 = Off 1 = On List List of devices this instance can control Returns a list of device hostnames and their types (PDU, USB, Relay)

Delay - Delay in seconds between setting mode 1 and mode 2 Default 0

Hostname - The name of the device you wish to control hostname, identifier, IP address etc

Port - The device port you wish to control Integer or other port identifier(?)

Retries - Number of times to retry setting the port (default=3) The proposal is that there will be a random delay, between the retries, of up to “Retry Delay Max” seconds. Maybe we can add a parameter to fine tune that maximum?

Retry Delay Max Integer in seconds. Default 5

Sleep After - Delay in seconds after command is executed (default 0)

Sleep Before - Delay in seconds before command is executed (default 0)

Sync - Boolean to determine whether to wait for completion - default = true If True, wait for completion and return success (0) or failure code (1 if error code not determinable, otherwise error code). If false, this will merely return 0 for a successful queueing of the command, 1 for a failure to queue the command

Timeout - Time in seconds to wait for command to fail (default 10 seconds)

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