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Requires at least Python 2.6, and will work with Python 3 as well.
Requires flask, numpy and tkinter to be installed for your version of Python.
-- The installation process will automatically install these for you if they are not found.

To install, unpack the tarball and navigate into the directory.
-- Install with the command "sudo pip install ."
This will install MIPhy only for your default version of Python, which is Python 2 for many current computers.
-- If you want to install MIPhy for some alternate version of Python, simply replace "pip" in the command above with the appropriate version.
-- As an example, "pip3" is often the name of the package manager specifically for Python 3, so you would instead use "sudo pip3 install ."
It is safe to delete the MIPhy-X.Y.Z tarball and directory.

MIPhy should now be usable from anywhere in your system with the command "".
Visit to access the online version of MIPhy. You will also find a tutorial under the "Documentation" tab of that page.
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