This repository is intended to give perl-Gtk3 users some example programs. It's not rocket surgery, you know.
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gtk3-perl is the collective name for a set of Perl bindings for Gtk3 and various related libraries. These modules make it easy to write Gtk3 applications using a natural, Perlish syntax.

The files in this package are demos made mostly from re-writing the demos from the gtk2-perl package, as well as some from other sources. These files serve to not only give other gtk3-perl writers some examples from which to work, but also to help ensure the main module works as intended.

Hello World

Installing gtk3-perl

Recommend using pre-packaged versions first. If not, there's the tried and true (but more difficult):

perl Makefile.PL  
make test  
make install

Important links

Questions, comments, suggestions, bug fixes for gtk3-perl
gtk3-perl mailing list

Questions, comments, suggestions, bug fixes for the demos here

gtk3-perl git source
gtk3-perl source

Perl help (highly recommended website)