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Rebecca is a readme generator.

Managing the GitHub readme for your Go project can be a drag. When creating jennifer I found examples copied into the markdown would get out of date, and documentation was duplicated. I created rebecca to solve this: see in the jennifer repo for a real world example.


go get -u


becca [-package={your-package}]

Rebecca will read and overwrite with the rendered template. The package specified on the command line is parsed (if no package is specified, it is detected from the current working directory).

The package is scanned for examples and documentation. Rebecca uses the Go template library, and adds some custom template functions:


{{ "ExampleFoo" | example }}

This prints the code and expected output for the ExampleFoo example.


{{ "Foo" | doc }}

This prints the documentation for Foo. All package level declarations are supported (func, var, const etc.)

{{ "Foo.Bar" | doc }}

This prints the documentation for the Bar member of the Foo type. Methods and struct fields are supported.

You can also specify which sentances to print, using Go slice notation:

{{ "Foo[i]" | doc }}
{{ "Foo[i:j]" | doc }}
{{ "Foo[i:]" | doc }}
{{ "Foo[:i]" | doc }}

See here and here for real-world examples of this.

Code, Output

{{ "ExampleFoo" | code }}

This prints just the code for the ExampleFoo example.

{{ "ExampleFoo" | output }}

This prints just the expected output for the ExampleFoo example.