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* Mario.h
* Mario
* Created by Andrew Peddicord on 2/1/11.
* Copyright 2011 Capital University. All rights reserved.
* Edited by Eric, Nate and Drew
//Object constant will be 6
#ifndef __MARIO_H__
#define __MARIO_H__
const int SMALL_STATE = 0, BIG_STATE = 1, FIRE_STATE = 2;
#include "AllMovable.h"
#include "Game.h"
extern Game *game;
class Mario: public AllMovable {
virtual void draw(bool update);
//Gets called when key is pressed
void updateKeyDown(unsigned char button);
//Gets called when key is let up
void updateKeyUp(unsigned char button);
//Returns State of Mario
int getState();
//Returns whether or not Mario is dead
bool isDead();
//updates Mario
void updateScene();
//left bound of the windo
void setLeftBound(int leftBound);
//returns the object type of Mario
virtual int objectType() { return MARIO; }
//return end level
bool levelDone();
//reset to initial state
void reset();
//State can be 0,1,2 depending if he is Big/Little/Fire Mario
int state_, jumpCount_, starCount_, hitCount_, direction_;
bool isInvincible_, isDead_;
bool jumpKey_, rightKey_, leftKey_, sprintKey_, fireballKey_;
int leftBound_;
GLuint texture_[3][4];
GLuint deadtexture_;
int texturePos;
bool compleateLevel_;
//Moves Mario to the left or right and calls check() at beginning
void move();
//checks to see if Mario runs into an object
void check();
//Returns true if Mario is in the fire state
bool fireball();
//Handels all jump cases
void jump();
//Loads Sprite
void sprite();
//inline getter for state_
inline int Mario::getState() {return state_;}
//inline getter for isDead_
inline bool Mario::isDead() {return isDead_;}
inline bool Mario::levelDone() {return compleateLevel_;}
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