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A gravatar library for Kohana
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The gravatar module allows you to easily interact with to display user icons.


The default configuration file is located in MODPATH/gravatar/config/gravatar.php. You should copy this file to APPPATH/config/gravatar.php and make changes there, in keeping with the cascading filesystem.

Below is a list of the configuration options:

Name Type Default Description
default_image string false The default image, FALSE is the Gravatar G icon. Your can also use a url to your own image, 404, mm, identicon, monsterid, wavatar or retro.
size int 60 The size of the image in pixels. This number must be between 1 and 512.
rating string Gravatar::R The default maximum rating for the image.
attrs array array('class' => "gravatar", 'alt' => "user gravatar") Optional, additional key/value attributes to include in the tag.

Take a look at the documentation on the Gravatar site for more information.

Displaying Icons

// Display the icon for
echo Gravatar::instance('');

// You can also use render

Using Gravatar::instance will keep the Gravatar objects around so you won't have duplicate objects for the same email.


If you see features that are missing or you want to help make this module better, the code is hosted on github. Fork and hack away!

Developed by Dave Widmer

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