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A Kohana v3.0+ flash messaging system


A flash messaging system for Kohana v3.0 and higher.

To use, download the source, extract and rename to message. Move that folder into your modules directory and activate in your bootstrap.


To set a flash message all it takes is the following

Message::set( type, message );

Wrapper methods

There are also methods that are wrappers for the different types of messages Message::error(message) Message::success(message) Message::notice(message) Message::warn(message)

type: Use a constant that can be found below
message: A message string or array of message strings

When you need to get a message you can: echo Message::display(); or echo Message::render();


There are 4 constants you can use to set a message

Message::ERROR = 'error'
Message::NOTICE = 'notice'
Message::SUCCESS = 'success'
Message::WARN = 'warn'


The message class produces the following code by default

  • Message
  • ... Repeated if an array

To style, set #message and the classes for the constants .error, .success, .notice, .warn

Sample Usage

I get the most mileage from this class when validating forms. Here is a quick example.

$validation = new Validate($_POST);
$validation->rule(.....) <-- Add rules

if( $validation->check() )
    // Validation passed
    Message::success('Form Success!');
    // OR -> Message::set(Message::SUCCESS, 'Form Success!');
    // Validation failed
    // OR -> Message::set(Message::ERROR, $validation->errors('_form_'));
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