Code and slides for my "Hack-Free Layouts with CSS Grid" presentation
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Hack-Free Layouts with CSS Grid

Code and slides for my "Hack-Free Layouts with CSS Grid" presentation.

Using this solution

This project has various files that incrementally build on what CSS Grid has to offer. Before you begin, run npm install to load all the dependencies. Then, run npm start. You should be able to make your changes, which will refresh the page whenever you make a save in your editor of choice.


The only things certain in life are death, taxes, and hacking your way through a CSS layout -- until now. Come for a deep dive on CSS Grid, a framework-free, library-free, layout system that is orchestrated for designing today's modern web applications. After an hour, you'll come away rejuvenated that you don't have to hack layouts any longer - and enjoy designing responsive layouts using only the CSS specification.

Additional Resources


I gave this talk at the South Florida Code Camp in February 2018.