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Paprika Programming Language

Welcome to the Paprika programming language project. This is a hobby attempt at hand-rolling a compiler & runtime-library for my experimental and bespoke .NET programming language called Paprika.

About Paprika

Paprika is a intended to be a modern, functional programming language for .NET aimed at bridging the gap between functional and procedural techniques. Trying to re-invent the functional paradigm to be more approachable for the procedural programmer.

Take a gander at the sample scripts to learn more.

Repository Structure

+-- PaprikaLang/                Project for the Paprika compiler
    +-- paprika scripts         Sample .paprika scripts for testing & demonstration purposes
+-- PaprikaLib/                 Project for the Paprika runtime library
+-- PaprikaLang.sln             The main Visual Studio solution for both projects


I am not "planning to" accept contributions at the present time. This is a personal project. (But you never know!)