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🐍 Jörmungandr :: A minimalist, responsive Hugo theme.
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Jörmungandr :: A Minimalist Hugo Theme

Jörmungandr (pronounced: yor-mun-gan-der) is a minimalist Hugo theme suited for blogging and personal websites.

Originally forked from the alaGeek theme (which is itself derived from the Cocoa Enhanced theme) and now includes several additional features and style changes.

Key Features

  • Minimalist, single-column, responsive design with beautiful typography.
  • Syntax highlighting with hightlight.js.
  • LaTeX support with MathJax.
  • Twitter cards.
  • new: Disqus comments system.
  • new: Thumbnail images using a Hugo shortcode.
  • new: Display most-recent posts on any page using a Hugo shortcode.
  • Internationalization.

Easily Customized (via config.toml)

  • new: Custom page background color.
  • new: Configurable fonts.
  • new: Show/hide taxonomies on /blogs section.
  • new: Show/Hide SVG social icons in header, footer or both.
  • Add custom CSS by overriding head_extra.html.
  • Add custom scripts by overriding body_extra.html.

Beautiful Typography

  • Merriweather - Serif font for main site text.
  • Raleway - Light font for blog post titles.
  • SFMono / Consolas - For code.

Quick Start

Step 1 -- Install the theme

If you manage your Hugo site using Git then you can add the theme as a submodule.

Alternatively you can download the theme as a zip archive and extract it.

To add as a Git Submodule

  • Run the following commands:

    cd /path/to/your/hugo/site
    git submodule add themes/jormundandr
  • In the future, to update to the latest version of the theme:

    git submodule update --remote

To download as a Zip

Step 2 -- Update config.toml

Set the theme property in your config.toml file:

theme = "jormundandr"

Look at the example site to see other config options that you can set.

Dependency versions

  • highlightjs: 9.12.0
  • mathjax: 2.7.5
  • webfont: 1.6.28


Licensed under the MIT License. See

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