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Conway's Life game... in an arbitrary number of dimensions, in Ruby
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This is the Game of Life -- Conway's, not Milton-Bradley's -- in an arbitrary
number of dimensions.  That is, you can make it the traditional 2D grid... or
3D, or 7D, or whatever you wish.  Just be aware that it gets much slower each
time you add a dimension.

The main file, ndlife.rb, is the guts.  To actually use it, do something
similar to ndlife_drive.rb.  And of course to test it, with rspec, use

This is a from-scratch rewrite of my previous version, which naively iterated
over every possible cell in the world.  This version, however, uses sparse
matrices.  Mainly, first it keeps a Set of the live cells.  While iterating
over that, to see which ones survive to the next turn, it builds a list of the
dead neighbors of live cells, since these are the only ones that could possibly
come alive.  Then it iterates over those to see which ones do indeed come

This version also uses much more canonical Ruby, as I've learned a lot more
since then!

Future plans include making command line args.
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