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TSQL Smells Finder - SSDT

TSQL Code can smell, it may work just fine but there can be hidden dangers held within. Code that works just fine one day can break if the database schema changes underneath.

This project extends the Static Code Analysis rules inside SSDT, and therefore msbuild, to test that code meets certain rules. Each rule is individually selectable to be active and to have "Warnings as Errors". There are presently 43 rules covering:

  • Potential SQL Injection Issue
  • Avoid cross server joins
  • Use two part naming
  • Use of nolock / UNCOMMITTED READS
  • Use of Table / Query hints
  • Use of Select *
  • Explicit Conversion of Columnar data – Non Sargable predicates
  • Ordinal positions in ORDER BY Clauses
  • Change Of DateFormat
  • Change Of DateFirst
  • Missing Column specifications on insert
  • SET OPTION usage
  • Use 2 part naming in EXECUTE statements
  • Use of RANGE windows in SQL Server 2012
  • Create table statements should specify schema
  • View created with ORDER
  • Writable cursors
  • SET NOCOUNT ON should be included inside stored procedures
  • COUNT(*) used when EXISTS/NOT EXISTS can be more performant
  • use of TOP(100) percent or TOP(>9999) in a derived table

Whitelisting of objects is supported with extended properties. Add to you project a script which sets the name of WhiteList against an object to be ignored. For example :

EXEC sys.sp_addextendedproperty @name=N’WhiteList’, @value=N’Ignore’ , @level0type=N’SCHEMA’,@level0name=N’dbo’, @level1type=N’PROCEDURE’,@level1name=N’WhiteListTestProc’

Further install instructions can be found on my blog here :