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A delightfully evil abomination of eval() and goto(); all in global space by @davebalmer.
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A delightfully evil abomination of eval() with goto(); all in global space by Dave Balmer.

It's a lightweight, low-level library that:

  • Introduces proper sequential programming based on line numbers, something sorely missing from JavaScript
  • Reduces complexity by eliminating the need for semicolons
  • Works exclusively in global space; no more var statements for your variables (seriously, don't use them or something may break)
  • Simple, direct control of code execution with goto()
  • Powered by eval()


program = {
	10: "x = 0",
	20: "x = x + 1",
	30: "print(x)",
	40: "if (x < 10) goto(20)",
	50: "end()"



  • run(line) start execution of the program at the beginning or line.
  • goto(line) move execution to the line specified.
  • print(string) prints the string to the document.body.
  • button(text, line) displays a button with text contents, will goto(line) when clicked.
  • clear() clear the screen
  • tron() turns the tracer on.
  • tron() turns the tracer off.
  • end() stop execution of the program.


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