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Table of Contents

joDoc can create an optional Table of Contents file from a markdown file. To use the Table of Contents option, you must specify an output directory.

See README for more information about the output directory.


The Table of Contents file is expected to be in markdown format, but with the addition of an autogeneration marker, {}.


Using the following table of contents file:

- Blah
- {js}

With files foo/js/blah.js, foo/js/bar.js will result in a postprocess file

<li><a href="foo_js_blah.js.html#Blah>Blah</a></li>
<li><a href="foo_js_bar.js.html#Bar>Bar</a></li>
<li><a href="foo_js_blah.js.html#Blah>Blah</a></li>

Assuming the files blah.js and bar.js have <h1> tags of the names Blah and Bar respectively. Ordering of the output <h1> tags is (currently) arbitrary.


All files that reside in the filesystem path inside the {} and have been parsed by joDoc will have their <h1> tags inlined as an unordered list. The Table of Contents is also run through joDoc's autolinker, so you can address any <h1> tag by name as well.


joDoc uses path name munging to root output HTML documents in a directory without accidentally overwriting files. Because of this, it may be hard to embed direct links into the Table of Contents file. Everything works much better if you just leave it to the autolinker.


A good example of how to write a table of contents for joDoc can be found in samples/TOC_SAMPLE.mdown