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removed link to discusssion group. Google deleted it again

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commit 114e26fb6d6e352afbbfa2e85f2797511e84910a 1 parent d21135d
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@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ BeepBeep is a simple Web Application framework for Erlang inspired by Rails and
BeepBeep is built on "MochiWeb": and "ErlyDTL":, providing a super fast web server and the abiity to define your templates with the Django template language.
-Questions, Ideas, Problems?: "BeepBeep Google Group":
+Discussion Group? Well, we had one (actually 2) but Google keeps deleting them as soon as I create them.
h3. Features

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Why is Google deleting the Group?


I don't know. They keep marking it as a site that is not following the "terms of agreement". According to the Google list this has happened to a lot of other sites in the past few months.


Time to try Zed's ?


Dave, please keep us updated, greut, librelist looks awesome :)


Yes librelist looks like a possible solution. I'll look into it this evening.



Well...I tried Google Groups yet again and NO luck! This is the 4th time the group has been "banned". Librelist would definitely work. My only reservation is that there's no protection of the e-mail addresses of users and if you do get a spammer on the list - it sounds like it'd be hard to block them.

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