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** For all documentation see the project website: **
ActiveScaffold plugin by Scott Rutherford (, Richard White (, Lance Ivy (, Ed Moss, and Tim Harper
Uses DhtmlHistory by Brad Neuberg (
Uses Querystring by Adam Vandenberg
Uses Paginator by Bruce Williams
Supports RecordSelect by Lance Ivy
== Version Information
Please note the following list of Active Scaffold branches and Rails versions. Master will not work with Rails < 2.2
Rails master (edge): Active Scaffold master
Rails 2.2.*: Active Scaffold rails-2.2
Rails 2.1.*: Active Scaffold rails-2.1
Rails < 2.1: Active Scaffold 1-1-stable (no guarantees)
Since Rails 2.3, render_component plugin is needed for nested and embbeded scaffolds. It works with rails-2.3 branch from ewildgoose repository:
script/plugin install git:// -r rails-2.3
Released under the MIT license (included)