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= Ad Banners
An ad banner extension for Radiant, inspired by the banner_rotator extension
but targeted at a different use case.
Note: This version of the ad_banners extension is compatible with Radiant 0.9.
If you are using Radiant 0.8.x, please pull from the radiant-0.8.1 branch.
If you are using Radiant 0.7.1, please pull from the radiant-0.7.1 branch.
== Installation
This extension relies on the paperclipped extension, so install it first if you
are not already using it:
git submodule add git:// vendor/extensions/paperclipped
Install the ad_banners extension:
git submodule add git:// vendor/extensions/ad_banners
Note: Substitute `it clone` for `git submodule add` if you do not want to
install the extensions as submodules.
Run the migration and copy the public assets:
rake radiant:extensions:ad_banners:migrate
rake radiant:extensions:ad_banners:update
Ad banners can be created and managed from the Ads tab in the admin UI. One or
more ad banners can be displayed on a page using the supplied Radius tag.
To associate an image with an ad banner, you need to have previously added it
to your (paperclipped) assets bucket.
== Example
To display a random ad banner, use
<r:ad_banner />
Multiple <r:ad_banner/> tags can be placed on a page and each one will generate
the HTML code to display a unique ad banner. If there are more <r:ad_banner/>
tags on a page than there are defined ad banners, the excess <r:ad_banner/>
tags will be ignored (actually, they'll generate an empty string).
A name attribute can also be specified to show a specific ad banner
<r:ad_banner name="Ad Banner Name" />
When an ad banner is specified by name it is removed from the list of eligible
banners to display with a bare <r:ad_banner/> tag. If, for some reason, you want
to display the same banner multiple times on a page you must use the name
attribute to do so.
== Dependencies
This extension depends on the paperclipped extension and incorporates modified
copies of some of paperclipped's view templates.