Retrieves meditation data from and posts the data points to beeminder for tracking.
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This is a small script which retrieves meditation data from and posts the data points to your beeminder goal, so that you can easily track how often you're meditating. only counts 1 point per day (meditated or not), as my aim is to track frequency rather than overall minutes.

It is intended to be run on a cron, picking up new datapoints and posting them to beeminder.


Copy default_config.ini to config.ini and fill in your and beeminder credentials.

Your beeminder auth token can be found at this URL when logged in:

To run:


If you see the message "ImportError: no module named requests", you'll need to install the python requests library by running:

pip install requests

If you hit any issues installing requests, further instructions are here:

Notes currently subtracts one from the dates it gets from beeminder, because beeminder returns JST (Japanese Standard Time) 01:00 on (correct_day + 1) in my timezone. If you're in another timezone, this may cause your dates to be off by one.