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Pandoc Markdown-Latex Boilerplate

Use this to write a paper in Markdown and render it as PDF.

  • Step 1: edit the template.tex to your liking
  • Step 2: edit the with your text, update config.txt and sections.txt
  • Step 3: make pdf (make pdf in linux)(winmake pdf in windows)
  • Step 4: enjoy pdf

TL;DR: For windows users double-click on winmake.bat


  • V1.0 - Now should be build-able in both linux and windows with consistant configeration system
  • V1.1 - Just noticed that pandoc can now natively generate pdf files and have thus removed markdown2latex command. Added pdf safemode which omits template if anything goes wrong with it. Also updated the default template to which is the latest one that pandoc supports. Lastly builname is now definable in config file. It was previously hardcoded in.
  • V1.2 - Made the interface for winmake.bat more noobproof. Also arraged the pages to be more understandable and cleaner.
  • V1.3 - Decided to move all the pages and images to specifically a hardcoded /source/ folder. Which would help keep everything more cleaner.
  • V1.4 - Changed the makefile script to just focus on linux compatible code rather than windows as well (Since we can just use the .bat file).


Follow instruction on installing pandoc in this link . For PDF output, you’ll also need to install LaTeX. We recommend MiKTeX.

You also need to install the content of into the csl if you want to fully ultilize csl.


Configering the build system

in config text file config.txt, you may have these default entries

# TEMPLATE=ut-thesis.tex

This is what it means

	Holds a link to a file
	that contains a list
	of pages to join

	Let's you define the name of the generated file in the /build/ folder.

	Links to pandoc reference file
	for the biography

	Links to template file use by LaTeX

	Choose from a list of Citation Style Language
	files found in ./CSL/ e.g. IEEE style.


  • # are comments.
  • You cannot have spaces in your key=value like TEMPLATE = ut-thesis.tex if you want to use winmake.bat, it must be like TEMPLATE=ut-thesis.tex.
  • If you open the config.txt file to modify it (e.g. notepad.exe), you need to close the config file, otherwise MikTex will come up with an error stating that the files are already in use.


The file in SECTIONS_FILEPATH might look like this:

Where each file is entered in a single line delimitated by a single in sequence.

The reason is because the build file is automagically copying the content from sections.txt directly into $(SECTIONS) in for example the pandoc build html command line: pandoc -S -5 ...etc... -t html --normalize $(SECTIONS). (e.g. pandoc -S -5 ...etc... -t html --normalize


This is only tested in windows, but hopefully should work on linux as well.

CSL: Citation Style Language

The CSL files are located in the csl submodule.


make pre

Create build folder This is always done before outputting a new build

Then jumps to the source directory for the next stage of actually making the document.

make post

@echo POST

make clean

Remove build folder

make pdf

Create pdf markdown2pdf --toc -N --bibliography=../$(REFS) -o ../build/example.pdf --csl=../csl/$(CSL).csl --template=$../(TEMPLATE) $(SECTIONS)

make latex

Create latex pandoc --toc -N --bibliography=../$(REFS) -o ../build/example.tex --csl=../csl/$(CSL).csl --template=../$(TEMPLATE) $(SECTIONS)

make html

Create html pandoc -S -5 --mathjax="" --section-divs -s --biblatex --toc -N --bibliography=../$(REFS) -o ../build/example.html -t html --normalize $(SECTIONS)

make embed

Create embedded html pandoc -S --reference-links --mathjax="" --section-divs -N --bibliography=../$(REFS) --csl=../csl/$(CSL).csl -o ../build/embed.html -t html --normalize $(SECTIONS)

make epub

Create epub format pandoc -S -s --biblatex --toc -N --bibliography=../$(REFS) -o ../build/example.epub -t epub --normalize $(SECTIONS)


Falls back to pdf behaviour


NOOB?: Just double click on winmake.bat and type pdf or pdf-safemode if pdf doesn't work. Else choose html.

winmake clean

Removes the build folder

winmake pdf

Builds a pdf file to ./build/ folder. Requires LaTeX.

winmake pdf-safemode

Builds a pdf file to ./build/ folder. Requires LaTeX. Ignores template and CSL settings.

winmake epub

Builds a epub file to ./build/ folder

winmake html

Builds a html file to ./build/ folder


Opens up a prompt.

Tips and Tricks

Using makefile in windows

You are not restricted to using winmake.bat in windows. If you install git for windows from in addition to the make program in (Also add the program to path). This is since a copy of git will include a Git Bash Shell, which will support unix commands like cat etc... .

For your convenience, a copy of make.exe (As of 25 November 2006) is included. Being GPLed its source code is also in the website..

Opening Windoww commandline in the right directly quickly

SHIFT+RIGHT_CLICK on your folder in windows will display an extra entry in the dropdown saying "Open Command Window Here". This will save you lots of time. Or you can make a batch file like buildpdf.bat that contains winmake pdf.

editing .bib bibilography files

Some software to consider