Simple starting point for a rest service using spring 3.2 features
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An example of some of the more recent (3.1,3.2) Spring features.

To Use rest api with database (showcasing JavaConfig and SpringData)

  1. create a database and run src/main/db/create.sql
  2. edit with your connection settings for your database
  3. build war and deploy
  4. from the src/test/client directory execute curlCreate.sql to create a demo object. you may need to edit the context/host/port in the curl command for your deployment.
  5. you can run src/test/client/ to fetch the new object by id

To try out an async request (showcasing AsyncServlet)

  1. hit the url ://async/webservicecall (this will make an async call to and render the result using servlet 3.0 asyc response)