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autobench is a framework to compare the performance of Go 1.2 and Go 1.3.


autobench downloads and builds the latest Go 1.1 and Go tip branches and runs a set of Go 1 benchmarks for comparison.

Useful targets are

make bench		# runs all benchmarks, _once_
make go1 		# runs bench/go1 benchmarks _once_
make runtime 	# runs bench/runtime benchmarks _once_
make http	 	# runs bench/http benchmarks _once_
make float	 	# runs bench/float benchmarks _once_
make extra		# runs extra benchmarks. 
make clean 		# removes any previous benchmark results
make update		# updates both branches to the latest revision, clears any benchmark results

You can optionally benchmark with gccgo instead of gc by either uncommenting the corresponding line in the Makefile or by setting TESTFLAGS to an appropriate value:

make TESTFLAGS=-compiler=gccgo bench

known issues

  • If you are benchmarking on Freebsd, you may need to use gmake.


Contributions and pull requests are always welcome. If you are submitting a pull request with benchmark data, please include the value of OLD and NEW at the top of the Makefile in the suffix of your file (follow the examples) so we can trace which revision this benchmark was taken from. If you want to include commentry in your benchmark, comments should start with a #.

 make > linux-386-go1.2.1-vs-go.1.3beta1.txt


This package uses benchmark code from the Go project. Where otherwise unspecified this code is released into the public domain.


Go benchmark harness.



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