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CommandCenter: AI Bot for Broodwar and Starcraft II

CommandCenter is a StarCraft AI bot that can play both StarCraft: Broodwar and StarCraft 2.

CommandCenter Screenshot

CommandCenter is written in C++ using BWAPI and Blizzard's StarCraft II AI API. It provides many wrapper functions around both APIs that allow it to perform the same functionality in both games via the same source code. It is written by David Churchill, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Memorial University, and organizer of the AIIDE StarCraft AI Competition.

CommandCenter is based on the architecture of UAlbertaBot, and is intended to be an easy to use architecture for you to quickly modify, play with, and build your own bot. The bot itself does not contain much in the way of hard-coded strategy or tactics, however it provides a good starting point for you to implement your own strategies for any race.

CommandCenter currently provides the following features:

  • Plays both Starcraft games with the same source code
  • Plays all 3 races with generalized micro controllers for combat units
  • Performs online map analysis, extracting information such as base locations and expansions
  • Keeps track of all previously seen enemy units and their last known locations on the map
  • Has a WorkerManager which manages resource gathering and worker allocation / buiding
  • Is able to carry out predefined build-orders written in a configuration file
  • Allows you to easily create your own build-orders and modify them on the fly in-game
  • Contains a building placement algorithm, finding the closest buildable location to a given position for a given building
  • Scouts the map with a worker unit, discovering where the enemy base is located
  • Once a specific condition has been reached (having 12 combat units, by default), it will commence an attack, sending waves of units at the enemy base
  • Squads can be formed, consisting of multiple units following a specific order such as attack or defend a given location

CommandCenter should eventually have all of the functionality of UAlbertaBot, however much of its features are not currently completed. Here is an up-to-date list of features currently missing from CommandCenter that will be implemented soon:

  • Only units and basic buildings can be constructed via the ProductionManager. No add-ons, research, or upgrades yet.
  • There is no automatic build-order planning system
  • There is no combat simulation package for predicting combat battle victory
  • The bot only plays 1v1, and will have undefined behavior / crash if played against multiple enemies or on teams

Download and Run CommandCenter

StarCraft BW: You must have StarCraft: Broodwar version 1.16.1 installed, as well as BWAPI.

StarCraft 2: You must have an up-to-date retail version of StarCraft II installed to run the bot. You must also download and install some maps to use with the bot, which you can find here: Please note that there is a password provided on that page to extract the maps from the zip files.

The bot comes with a configuration file named BotConfig.txt in which you can modify build orders, print various debug information to the screen, and set some bot parameters. You can define multiple builds orders in the 'Strategies' section of the file, and choose which named strategy to implement when the bot plays a specific race. Unit names in the build-order are case sensitive, and must be exactly how they appear in-game with no spaces. Some of the options in the configuration file are currently not implemented, such as the KiteWithRangedUnits option.

Please note that this config file is in JSON format, and the bot will not run unless it is well-formatted JSON. The configuration file must be in the same directory as CommandCenter.exe in order for the bot to run correctly. If you have made an error in the JSON syntax and can't find it on your own, you can use an online JSON Validator to check for you.

By default when you run CommandCenter.exe, it will play as Random race vs. a Random race built-in SC2 Easy AI. You can modify which races are played in the configuration file via the "BotRace" and "EnemyRace" options. You can also modify which map to be played by specifying the "MapFile" option. Please note that the MapFile option is relative to your StarCraft II maps directory, which by default is located in your StarCraft_Install_Directory/maps/, and the bot will not run without specifying a valid map file.

If the bot crashes or does other nasty things, please bear with me while I make it more stable :)

Developer Install / Compile Instructions (Windows)

  • Download and install Visual Studio 2017
  • To play BW, you must download and install StarCraft BW v1.16.1 as well as BWAPI
  • To play SC2, you must download and install the StarCraft II AI API. The easiest way to do this is to download the Precompiled Libraries at the bottom of the page, and simply extract them to a folder on your PC. If you are getting the SC2API via cloning the Blizzard github repo and compiling it from scratch, you may need to point VS to different directories for include and lib than the ones described below.
  • Clone this git repository to a folder on your PC
  • Open "CommandCenter/vs/CommandCenter.sln" in VS2017
  • If you compile the CommandCenter project with the x64 Platform, it will compile the SC2 bot
  • If you compile the CommandCenter project with the x86 or Win32 Platform, it will compile the BW bot
  • Set the VS Project include and lib folders to point to the directories
    • Right click the CommandCenter project in VS2017
    • Select "Properties"
    • Select the correct configuration that you want to build in the top left ("Release" or "Debug")
    • Select the target platform you want to build (x64 = SC2, Win32 = BW)
    • Select "VC++ Directories" on the left
    • Select the "Include Directories" option in the table on the right
    • Click the dropdown arrow on the right and click Edit...
    • Modify the existing directory entry to point to your (SC2API|BWAPI)/include directory
    • Select the "Library Directories" option in the table on the right
    • Click the dropdown arrow on the right and click Edit...
    • Modify the existing directory entry to point to your (SC2API|BWAPI)/lib directory
  • From the "Build" menu, click "Build Solution"
  • The binary "CommandCenter_API.exe" should appear in the CommandCenter/bin/ directory
  • Run the CommandCenter bot by either:
    • Double clicking the executable in the CommandCenter/bin/ directory
    • Running the program from the console
    • Click "Local Windows Debugger" in VS to launch the program from within VS. To do this, you need to set the "Working Directory" option under "Debugging" to "$(ProjectDir)/../bin/" (I don't know why this option won't save)
  • If you are running the BW version of the bot, you must then start BW via Chaoslauncher with BWAPI injected
  • The CommandCenter/bin/BotConfig.txt file must be in the same directory as the .exe to run properly

Developer Install / Compile Instructions (Linux and OS X)

With these steps you should be able to build and install the SC2 API and include it into CommandCenter. It has been tested successfully for aba2d3813571c344090f3de5b58a5c912cd5acb3, so if the install instructions below don't work checkout that version of the SC2 API

$ git checkout aba2d3813571c344090f3de5b58a5c912cd5acb3 .

and repeat the instructions.

  • Build SC2 API project
$ git clone --recursive && cd s2client-api
$ mkdir build && cd build
$ cmake ../
$ make
  • Install the SC2 API libraries and headers to your system
# Assuming that you are located in the 'build' directory
# after you finished the previous step
$ cd ../

# Install SC2 API headers
$ sudo mkdir -p /opt/local/include
$ sudo cp -R include/{sc2api,sc2renderer,sc2utils} /opt/local/include
$ sudo cp -R build/generated/s2clientprotocol /opt/local/include

# Install protobuf headers
$ sudo cp -R contrib/protobuf/src/google /opt/local/include/sc2api

# Install SC2 API libraries
$ sudo mkdir -p /opt/local/lib/sc2api
$ sudo cp build/bin/{libcivetweb,libprotobuf,libsc2api,libsc2lib,libsc2protocol,libsc2utils}.a /opt/local/lib/sc2api
  • Build the bot
$ git clone && cd commandcenter
$ cmake .
$ make

Bot Development

If you are familiar with the architecture of UAlbertaBot, the logic of CommandCenter is quite similar. The biggest difference is that information relating to the map, baselocation, etc are no longer globally accessible. This data now lives inside the main CCBot class, and must be accessed via a reference to the instance of that class. Because of this, most classes in CommandCenter carry with them a reference to the bot's main CCBot object, from which all game related information, observations, and queries can be made.

An in-depth development guide will be coming soon, but please refer to the UAlbertaBot wiki for now since the architecture is so similar (minus the build order planner and combat simulator).