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The C++ AI Engine for Prismata by Lunarch Studios
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Prismata AI Engine

This repository contains the C++ AI Engine for Prismata (by Lunarch Studios). The Prismata AI is a completely standalone project from the retail game client, and comes with an offline GUI writtten in C++/SFML that you can use to implement your own Prismata AI, or modify / play against the existing AI.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Canada License, so you can create and freely distribute your own versions of the AI for others to play against.

Getting Started with the Prismata AI:

Prismata GUI

In this repo you will find the following sub-projects:

  • Prismata_Engine: C++ engine for the Prismata game rules, which allows complete simulation of Prismata games
  • Prismata_AI: The AI code used in the retail version of Prismata (see below for details)
  • Prismata_GUI: A fully functional SFML GUI for playing offline Prismata games vs. the AI
  • Prismata_Standalone: Used to create a standalone executable to replace the actual Prismata client AI executable so you can play against the AI you create in the real game client
  • Prismata_Testing: Used to benchmark, test, and run tournaments between AI agents
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