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wraps functions, constructors and util object style collections of functions in entrance and exit logs using a logger provided by the consumer
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This is a small module for adding logging to things without cluttering function definitions with log statements. It is my firm belief that logging and logic should not be mixed, and that separating them will improve readability.


Note: loggify is not a logging module, it is just a module for adding logging to functions, assuming you already have some kind of logger. You could be using Minilog, plain old console or something else, loggify does not care.

// init loggify
var loggify = require('loggify')(logger); // some obj, hopefully with an 'info'

loggify(objectOrFunction[, name, level])

You can loggify a single function, a collection of functions which are keys on an object, or even a constructor along with functions on the prototype. The name and level parameters are optional. The name will default to if it exists or just an empty string. The level defaults to info, this needs to be a valid member function on the logger object you initially passed to loggify.

var mySuperFunc = function(a,b) {
  return a + b;

mySuperFunc = loggify(mySuperFunc, 'mySuperFunc', 'warn');

mySuperFunc(1,3);  // logs function entry + arguments
                   // also logs function exit + return val

var bagOFunctions = {
  'add': function(a,b){return a+b;},
  'multiply': function(a,b){return a*b;}

bagOFunctions = loggify(bagOFunctions, 'stuff');
            // overwrites add and multiply with loggified versions
            // defaults to 'info' log level
            // will log 'stuff.add', because that's the name supplied

var Car = function(x,y) {
  this.x = x; this.y = y;
}; = function(distance){
  this.x = this.x + distance;
  return [this.x, this.y];

Car = loggify(Car, 'Car');
           // loggify the constructor and prototype functions
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