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Image Fit Window

A small jQuery plugin to automatically resize important artwork images to fit within the visible area of the page i.e within the first scroll. You can also have it fit images to any other container besides the window, but the uses for this are few.

It was inspired by the behaviour of the artwork images on (e.g and is intended to fulfil a very similar role.

On art-focused websites it's often important that a large image be visible in its entirety to be properly appreciated. As websites are often fluid-width and browser dimensions up to the user, this can be tricky to ensure.

This plugin helps by reducing the image to fit within the window and gives the user a toggle with which to toggle between the "fit" size and the actual size image.


As you reduce your window size, Bill's handsome face will remain fully visible. A toggle button (coloured red for the sake of prominence) will overlay the image and can be clicked to toggle between fit/actual size.

As you narrow your browser the image will reduce in size, however this is due to the max-width property in the CSS and is not related to this plugin. It's a browser's height which is important here and is what the plugin helps with. The effect is therefore best experienced by making your browser short.


option description default value(s)
auto Whether to fit the image automatically upon initialisation of the plugin (you can execute the fitting function manually) true boolean
container What element to fit the image within. As this plugins is primarily for fitting images to the window, this option defaults to window. There are few scenarios to set it to anything else window jQuery element or window
offsetY A manual pixel value by which to offset the image from the top of the window. Can be used to accommodate the height of a menu, or other surrounding livery which should also remain visible in the first scroll. 0 numeric value in pixels
wrapperClass The classname of a div that gets wrapped around the image for utility purposes "fit-wrapper" string
toggleClass The classname of the toggle which gets added to the wrapper "fit-toggle" string
allowUpscaling Whether to allow the fitting method to scale an image beyond it's initial size. Generally undesirable false boolean
onFit Callback function run once the image fitting function has run undefined function
onUnfit Callback as above, except for when the image has been enlarge to it's full size undefined function
onMaxed Requires allowUpscaling:false. Callback run when the plugin detects the image can be enlarged no further without upscaling undefined function


You can also manually fit or unfit the image within the container.

// set up the fitting plugin without automatically fitting the image during setup

// manually fit the image

// manually unfit the image

// turn off the plugin completely (turning it back on requires the user to set up the plugin again)


A small jQuery plugin to automatically resize important content images to fit within the browser window






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