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The Fourth Month

This was the month where we learned about non-linear progression. For most of the second and third months we thought we had it good in terms of sleep. Usually 5-6 hours, sometimes 8 or 9. That usually meant one long stretch and a second smaller stretch of sleep.

In comes the 19 week "wonder-week"... with its characteristic "sleep regression". This is a culmination of crazy mental and physical development that is downright awesome to watch during playtime, but can lead to waking up every few hours at night. We're still in the midst of it and managing through it, but it was real rough at first. Others say in a few weeks or months sleep will return to "normal." I can't wait. On top of that we've been dealing with teething.

However, I think both Katie and I will agree, Sibi's a lot easier to manage most of the day. He entertains himself, he can play a lot longer, and he's very very chatty in the right company.

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