New django adds a label arg, changes arguments to fixture magic #7

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In zamboni we recently upgraded django:

 $ git submodule status src/django
 40e28df9e19bcf80525010df44fea9eeffec54b4 src/django (1.2.1-1774-g40e28df)

After that fixture magic did not work with this command:

./ dump_object --kitchensink zadmin.ValidationResult 793

It displayed an error about trying to load 793 as a model and finally I realized that app label was getting passed in as an arg by default. This command got it to work:

./ dump_object --kitchensink zadmin zadmin.ValidationResult 793

(the app label had to be doubled)


fourk commented Jun 7, 2011

This issue can be fixed with this commit:

I filed a pull request including this commit, once that is approved the issue should be resolved.

davedash closed this May 15, 2013

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