Let's track parental leave at various companies.
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This is a crowdsourced dataset to collect data on various parental leave policies at companies (not yet countries, states regions).

If you do not want to use Github to submit a pull request, we can collect the data in this form.

Current Format Requirements

  • Company [string] - Company Name Or Governing Body
  • Paternity [int] - Number of Weeks Paid Paternity Leave
  • Maternity [int] - Number of Weeks Paid Maternity Leave
  • Adoption [int] - Number of Weeks Paid Leave Following an Adoption
  • Notes [string] - Any additional information of note
  • Source [string] - Document Source if Available
  • policy_last_updated [date] - Date of Creation (year, include month and day if possible)
  • policy_last_updated [date] - Date of Last Policy Update (year, include month and day if possible)
  • policy_last_updated [date] - Date Stamp the record was added to this registry.