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2009-08-03 16:11 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.delete_range(): Only
delete start- and end elements in case 4 if they are not the same
2009-08-03 15:30 friedelwolff
* convert/, tools/ Give warnings for all
entities that are likely to contain CSS. Factor out and reuse in
podebug. This fixes bug 1093.
2009-08-03 14:18 arail
* tools/, tools/ Use "%h" as a format
string for hashes, drop --hash=int parameter. Add some test
2009-07-31 15:23 walter_l
* storage/placeables/, storage/placeables/ Set
isfragile flags for placeables with base.X as a sub-class as well
as NewlinePlaceables.
2009-07-31 15:22 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Updated tests to reflect recent
changes to StringElem.
2009-07-31 15:20 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.delete_range(): Now
returns 3 values: the deleted string, the parent from which it
was deleted and the offset into the parent where the sub-string
2009-07-31 15:19 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem: Added the "isfragile"
2009-07-31 15:14 friedelwolff
* doc/ Remove some debugging output
2009-07-31 14:29 friedelwolff
* doc/epydoc-config.ini, doc/ Enable the script to
be run from outside its own directory. Don't specify the output
directory in the config, so that the script can specify it (since
it is better aware of where we are)
2009-07-31 14:12 friedelwolff
* Version 1.4.0-rc2
2009-07-31 14:10 friedelwolff
* doc/ Comment out the part that pushes the
documentation to SF - we don't want to do this each time
2009-07-31 13:27 friedelwolff
* storage/placeables/,
storage/placeables/ Recognise self closing tags.
+Tests for XMLTagPlaceable
2009-07-30 10:24 friedelwolff
* storage/ Handle None targets in merge() just in case
2009-07-29 17:02 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ Add CapsPlaceable test
2009-07-29 16:54 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ Add EmailPlaceable tests. Fix
classes in FilePlaceable test.
2009-07-29 16:48 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ Add a test for FilePlaceable
2009-07-29 16:26 friedelwolff
* storage/ Test that alt-trans doesn't interfere with
the real .target anymore
2009-07-29 16:20 friedelwolff
* storage/ Correctly invalidate ._rich_source and
._rich_target so that base.rich_* work correctly (since we don't
inherit .setsource and .settarget)
2009-07-29 16:08 friedelwolff
* storage/ Disable rich string functionality for
poxliff. +TODO note.
2009-07-29 16:04 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.delete_range(): Move
premature prune() to a safe place.
This fixes case 4 deletions where there are actually elements
between the start- and end elements.
2009-07-29 16:03 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Added tests for
2009-07-29 16:02 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Fix tests to reflect current
state of the toolkit.
2009-07-29 15:11 friedelwolff
* storage/, storage/ .getlanguageNodes() could
return results from alt-trans, which is not what we want. This
does the correct thing, might be slightly faster, but needed an
update for poxliff which depended on the old behaviour. Now we
match plurals based on id for extra goodness.
2009-07-29 15:09 friedelwolff
* convert/ Add an explicit id to the plural group
in the test as it should have. Upcoming code will depend on this.
2009-07-27 12:55 friedelwolff
* storage/ Close the connection before unlinking the
file. This should fix bug 1068.
2009-07-27 11:13 friedelwolff
* storage/, storage/ Put the (optional)
source before the target. This fixes bug 1072.
2009-07-24 18:49 dwaynebailey
* doc/ - Create a SF shell login before tryong to
- rsync to the correct directory
- put ssh login alias into a variable
2009-07-24 18:22 dwaynebailey
* doc/ Add some links to the epydoc manuals
2009-07-24 18:19 dwaynebailey
* lang/ EPYDOC: typo
2009-07-24 18:08 dwaynebailey
* lang/ Add 'factory' module to common language
functionality group
2009-07-24 17:55 dwaynebailey
* lang/ Add poedit and identify modules to common
language functionality group
2009-07-24 17:46 dwaynebailey
* lang/ typo
2009-07-24 17:43 dwaynebailey
* lang/ Better layout for tr_lang comment
2009-07-24 17:29 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ Use single colon to ensure we have
a list
2009-07-24 17:25 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ Use single colon to ensure we have
a list
2009-07-24 17:21 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Categorise some new storage modules
2009-07-24 17:11 dwaynebailey
* convert/ Add a number of new converters to the
Monolingual group
2009-07-24 16:41 dwaynebailey
* storage/xml_extract/ Epydoc: think this is what we
2009-07-24 16:35 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ These are URLs not
2009-07-24 16:30 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ Make list epydoc compliant
2009-07-24 16:22 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Make the PHP section literal text. Fix the URL
to the TikiWiki source.
2009-07-24 16:07 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Convert into a proper doctest
2009-07-24 15:50 dwaynebailey
* tools/ Convert into proper epydoc paramater syntax.
2009-07-24 15:09 friedelwolff
* storage/ Clean up license header, whitespace,
docstring typo
2009-07-24 11:43 friedelwolff
* storage/richstring: Remove empty directory
2009-07-24 11:40 friedelwolff
* storage/placeables/ Fix minor epydoc syntax error
2009-07-23 18:24 friedelwolff
* misc/, storage/placeables/,
storage/placeables/ Allow a node to still override
with xml:space at the last moment
2009-07-23 18:10 friedelwolff
* storage/placeables/,
storage/placeables/ Accept a word with two
initial capital letters as CamelCase. +Examples, +test
2009-07-23 14:15 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Use
translate.misc.xml_helpers.normalize_xml_space() in stead of
text_snippet() and tail_snippet().
2009-07-23 14:13 walter_l
* misc/ Added normalize_xml_space(); replaces
text_snippet() and tail_snippet() from
2009-07-22 15:45 arail
* convert/, convert/ Don't convert HTML/XHTML
files used in Mozilla. (Closes: #1061)
2009-07-22 15:34 friedelwolff
* lang/ Initial support for German (de). For now this just
disables the simplecaps test.
2009-07-22 15:29 friedelwolff
* storage/, storage/, storage/,
storage/, storage/ Align the names of the
file types with those in Virtaal's MIME type registration. This
is a temporary work-around for bug 612.
2009-07-22 15:28 arail
* convert/ Don't compare int and str. (Closes: #1062)
2009-07-22 15:26 friedelwolff
* version 1.4.0-rc1
2009-07-22 15:19 friedelwolff
* misc/, storage/placeables/,
storage/placeables/, storage/ Support
xml:space correctly for XLIFF placeables. Some sane values are
guessed for the default behaviour. This is the last major
outstanding piece of bug 1017.
2009-07-22 15:05 friedelwolff
* filters/, filters/ Correctly remove
variables before accelerators in unchanged(). +Test
2009-07-22 13:59 friedelwolff
* filters/, filters/ Check more thoroughly
for unchanged strings. We were not catching multi-word unchanged
strings. This fixes bug 1059, although more thought might be
needed in this area. [Contributed by Rail Aliev]
2009-07-21 16:07 friedelwolff
* convert/ Decode the line before processing. This fixes
bug 1057.
2009-07-21 15:33 alaaosh
* services/ selector already unquotes urls for us
2009-07-21 14:00 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.delete_range(): Don't
delete entire nodes in case 2, but only its children.
2009-07-21 10:38 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem: Added insert_between()
- Handles insertion of string on string- or placeable boundries.
2009-07-21 10:38 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ placeables.base.X: Make it not
editable, as it should be
2009-07-21 08:32 friedelwolff
* storage/xml_extract/ Clean up copyright header,
2009-07-20 01:59 alaaosh
* services/, storage/ properly quote and unquote
source strings in urls.
log results when in debug mode.
this should finally fix #991 however virtaal fails to display
some results despite tmserver returning them.
2009-07-19 23:59 alaaosh
* search/indexing/ tabs vs spaces cute, real
2009-07-19 02:56 alaaosh
* services/ add min-similarity max-candidates and
max-length options
2009-07-19 02:55 alaaosh
* search/indexing/ disable file locking
assumption is lucene is taking care of locking for us, needs more
testing and verification
2009-07-18 09:46 friedelwolff
* storage/ Support multiline comments better
2009-07-18 09:44 friedelwolff
* storage/ Pass personality to propunit in all cases.
Bug 1056 [contributed by Rail Aliev]
2009-07-18 09:36 friedelwolff
* convert/, storage/ Cleanups to the copyright
header, whitespace, docstrings. No functional change.
2009-07-18 09:33 friedelwolff
* convert/, storage/ Support for multiple language
sections in RC files. Bug 1014. [Contributed by Grégory Journé]
2009-07-18 09:23 friedelwolff
* CREDITS: Credit Rail and Grégory
2009-07-18 09:06 friedelwolff
* convert/ Now that properties' comments are
stored without newlines, we have to generate lines for .it files
with newlines attached to comments. This fixes the issue with
.ini files in bug 1053. [Reported by Rail Aliev].
2009-07-17 16:34 friedelwolff
* filters/ Some versions of enchant don't raise
DictNotFoundError as it should, so we rather check some text that
might trigger a general enchant exception
2009-07-17 10:56 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Save the XML attributes for
placeables created from XML nodes.
This fixes bug 1033.
2009-07-17 10:55 walter_l
* storage/placeables/, storage/placeables/,
storage/placeables/ Make all placeables accept arbitrary
keyword arguments. If it reaches StringElem.__inti__(), they will
be assigned to the object as attributes.
2009-07-17 10:54 walter_l
* storage/ PoXliffUnit: Inherit rich_source and
rich_target from xliff.xliffunit in stead of using
2009-07-16 20:16 friedelwolff
* storage/, storage/ Don't store
newlines for comments, but join with a newline in .getnotes()
2009-07-16 14:43 friedelwolff
* convert/ Remove last remnant of
2009-07-16 14:16 friedelwolff
* convert/ Remove calls to encode each propline -
this caused double escaping of newlines in at least .ini files.
This fixes bug 1044.
2009-07-16 14:15 friedelwolff
* storage/ Don'e escape controls on comment lines,
they are escaped enough. This fixes a regression since toolkit
1.3. Comment diffs are gone now compared to 1.2
2009-07-16 14:12 friedelwolff
* storage/ Don't try and get too fancy with guessing
escaped quotes on line end. These are considered invalid by
gettext anyway. This fixes bug 960. [With contributions by
Sayamindu Dasgupta]
2009-07-16 10:45 friedelwolff
* convert/, convert/ specify the
mozilla personality for property stores used in the mozfunny
converters. This fixes bug 1025. [Contributed by Rail Aliev]
2009-07-15 12:04 friedelwolff
* storage/placeables/ Update to new strelem
2009-07-15 09:19 friedelwolff
* storage/ Initialise the languages in .initbody() after
parsing. This fixes bug 1042.
2009-07-15 09:11 friedelwolff
* storage/ Only set the languages from parameters if we are
initialising from a skeleton
2009-07-15 08:19 friedelwolff
* storage/ Provide a basic implementation of
getsourcelanguage() and gettargetlanguage(), since users expect
this to be here
2009-07-14 09:22 friedelwolff
* tools/ Update license header, fix some stray tabs,
remove single-line 'if' statements
2009-07-14 08:59 friedelwolff
* tools/ [Contributed by Ivan Masár] Correctly count
incomplete files. See bug 825 for more details.
2009-07-13 16:40 friedelwolff
* storage/xml_extract/ Clean up license block,
2009-07-13 16:13 friedelwolff
* storage/xml_extract/ Don't set the xid attribute on
the unit. This fixes bug 1011, reported by Yves Savourel.
2009-07-13 12:59 walter_l
* storage/ PoXliffUnit.__eq__(): Removed check that
would result in units without plurals to always be equal to any
other unit.
2009-07-10 12:13 friedelwolff
* storage/ +URL for newer file format
2009-07-10 12:08 friedelwolff
* convert/ [Contributed by Grégory Journé] Encode string
according to given charset. This fixes bug 864.
2009-07-10 07:24 friedelwolff
* convert/, convert/ Properly detect XML
entities by reusing the regex from placeables to ensure that we
don't strip the initial & thinking it is an accelerator. +Test.
This fixes bug 1022.
2009-07-07 09:50 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Define ElementNotFoundError - used
in StringElem.delete_elem().
2009-07-07 09:49 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.delete_elem(): Handle
the special case where the current element is the one to delete.
In that case just delete all sub-elements.
2009-07-04 09:11 dwaynebailey
* README: Add sub2po to README
2009-07-03 16:40 walter_l
* storage/ xliffunit.set_rich_*(): Don't recreate the XML
node every time. XML attributes are now preserved.
2009-07-03 14:59 walter_l
* tools/ podebug.apply_to_translatables(): Use the new
2009-07-03 14:58 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Add correct value for
"istranslatable" in general placeables classes.
2009-07-03 14:58 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ An easy way to
apply a function to all nodes in the tree (optionally filtered).
2009-07-03 14:57 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem: Added (optional)
filter functions to methods that collect nodes from the tree.
2009-07-02 16:10 friedelwolff
* misc/, storage/ Move xml_helpers out of the
storage module to a separate misc module - they are just general
xml helpers anyway
2009-07-02 11:52 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Bx and Ex classes should ignore extra
keyword arguments, like "rid" given in StringElem.copy().
2009-07-02 11:52 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Added support for converting between
XML and UnknownXML. Tags not yet implemented are now also handled
as UnkownXML placeables.
2009-07-02 11:51 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.print_tree(): Added
parameter to make output more verbose (adds repr(self) to the
2009-07-02 11:50 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Added test for UnknownXML
placeable as used in XLIFF.
2009-07-02 11:49 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Added UnknownXML class: Handles
unknown XML tags in XLIFF documents.
2009-07-02 11:49 walter_l
* storage/placeables/, storage/ Added (commented
out) debugging statements.
2009-07-02 08:24 friedelwolff
* convert/ Clean up license block, whitespace, unused
2009-07-02 08:13 friedelwolff
* storage/ [Reported by Grégory Journé] Use the correct RE in
the menu section. This closes bug 1010.
2009-07-02 08:10 friedelwolff
* storage/ Clean up license block, whitespace, docstrings. No
functional change.
2009-06-29 16:26 friedelwolff
* misc/ Don't use a list as default parameter -
it will be reused
2009-06-29 14:07 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.prune(): Added code to
merge sibling StringElem leaves.
2009-06-25 13:01 friedelwolff
* storage/ Don't use a list as default paramter value,
as it will get reused
2009-06-25 10:46 friedelwolff
* storage/placeables/ Only decend into translatable
placeables. Should reconsider later.
2009-06-23 15:58 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.insert(): Simplify case
2 to be equivalent to be only case 2.2, ie. always insert _after_
the last element. StringElem.prune() should take care of the
2009-06-22 13:17 friedelwolff
* convert/ Cleanup copyright header and some
docstrings. No functional change.
2009-06-22 13:13 friedelwolff
* convert/ Cleaner API use for locations
2009-06-22 13:05 friedelwolff
* search/ Let each matcher specify the sorting direction
to ensure that all sorting can be correct. This solves the issue
with newer, longer terms added in Virtaal not being recognised
since the shorter ones are matched first.
2009-06-22 12:09 friedelwolff
* convert/, misc/, storage/ Several
small updates relating to encoding, notably for non-ascii latin1
comments in Java .properties. This fixes bug 486.
2009-06-20 19:30 friedelwolff
* tools/ Reflow, reformat and slightly rewrite for
2009-06-20 09:49 friedelwolff
* services/ Provide some default bind options to
2009-06-19 13:58 friedelwolff
* Version 1.4.0-beta1
2009-06-19 06:07 friedelwolff
* convert/, misc/, storage/,
storage/ Support the personality in the
properties classes and use that to support java properties
encoded in latin1
2009-06-18 02:04 alaaosh
* services/ double unquoting was causing problems, no
need for plus unquoting since tmdb now strips away non
alphanumeric charachters anyway
fixes #991
2009-06-18 02:03 alaaosh
* storage/ cleanup unitwords before attempting fulltext
note that fulltext indexer has it's own set of quoting problems
that dbapi2's automagic escaping won't avoid
we should look into stop words and normalization one day
fixes #989
2009-06-17 21:05 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ Add TODO for Placeable test
that are missing
2009-06-17 20:56 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ Add the OptionPlaceable tests
2009-06-17 20:51 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ Add XML Entity Placeable
2009-06-17 20:47 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ Add PunctuationPlaceable
2009-06-17 20:37 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ Add test for SpacesPlaceable
2009-06-17 20:31 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ Add CamelCasePlaceable tests
2009-06-17 20:13 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ Add tests for Qt Formatted
2009-06-17 20:09 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ Add tests the show different
decimal and group seperators: point, comma and non-breaking space
2009-06-17 20:03 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ Add test for Alt Attr
2009-06-17 19:56 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ Add test for newline
2009-06-17 19:52 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/,
storage/placeables/ Add tests for placeables.
Improve number placeable to allow for a preceding sign +/-
2009-06-17 19:38 friedelwolff
* storage/ Assign some parsers so we can have some
rich structure to test with
2009-06-17 15:15 friedelwolff
* convert/, convert/ Since
convertoptionsparser already opens the files for us, it is not
opened in binary, and we get errors on Windows. So let's reopen
it ourselves. This should re-fix bug 816.
2009-06-17 15:11 friedelwolff
* storage/ No need to open the file in binary mode - the
library will do it for us (as long as the file isn't already
2009-06-17 15:06 friedelwolff
* storage/, storage/ Move rich string handling from
lisa to xliff while it is the only format for which we support it
2009-06-17 14:01 friedelwolff
* storage/ Clean up whitespace and copyright header. No
functional change.
2009-06-17 13:53 friedelwolff
* storage/, storage/, storage/,
storage/ An attempt at a more interoperable
implementation of the handling of xml:space, with particular aim
at interoperability with XLIFF files that don't use
xml:space="preserve". This is likely a bit of a performance hit -
need to see how badly we regress on large files.
2009-06-17 12:19 dwaynebailey
* README: Layout and spelling fixes
2009-06-17 11:07 friedelwolff
* storage/ Update copyright dates, cleanup whitespace
and unused import. No functional change.
2009-06-17 11:05 friedelwolff
* misc/ Fix DeprecationWarning in Python 2.6 about
'object.__init__() takes no parameters'
2009-06-16 08:45 friedelwolff
* tools/ Don't ignore CapsPlaceable and
CamelCasePlaceable in podebug - we want to translate these as
2009-06-16 06:54 dwaynebailey
* tools/, tools/ Add a bracket podebug
rewrite style. Which will surround strings with [ and ]
2009-06-15 20:51 friedelwolff
* storage/ Rewrite temporary file handling to work on
Windows. We can't use the output of NamedTemporaryFile while it
is still open, otherwise we get an access violation on Windows.
2009-06-15 13:21 friedelwolff
* storage/ First test for a usable type before we do in
detail __eq__ on a unit
2009-06-15 13:20 dwaynebailey
* CREDITS: Credit Ivan Masár for the pocount improvements
2009-06-15 13:18 dwaynebailey
* tools/ Add patches from bug 825 that adds:
- --short-words, --short-strings (more compact output)
- --incomplete (only count incomplete files)
2009-06-15 13:07 friedelwolff
* storage/ Ensure we initialise ._rich_source and
._rich_target if we bypass the constructor. This fixes bug 994.
2009-06-15 11:10 dwaynebailey
* convert/ Default to using Java personality throughout
2009-06-15 11:07 dwaynebailey
* convert/ Add --personality commandline options to
the --help test.
2009-06-15 11:02 friedelwolff
* filters/ Temporarily disable the startcaps->simplecaps
precondition, since it is causing lots of false positives since
Python 2.6.
2009-06-15 10:57 friedelwolff
* search/ Finally move to Python 2.4 APIs for more
efficient sorting. This breaks compatibility with Python 2.3, but
gives a nice speedup with later versions.
2009-06-15 10:38 dwaynebailey
* lang/ Align nso name with ISO639
2009-06-15 10:35 friedelwolff
* storage/placeables/ Work correctly with string
elements that will all be unicode strings. This only affects
debug code.
2009-06-15 10:33 friedelwolff
* tools/ Use the defaul gettext migration strategy
if no location comments exist. The Mozilla and OOo matching will
now only happen for units with locations not containing a colon
2009-06-13 20:46 friedelwolff
* storage/placeables/ Don't just prune the last leaf after
the for loop - do it inside for each
2009-06-13 17:07 dwaynebailey
* convert/, convert/ Add ability to give
prop2po a personality: Java or Mozilla.
Doesn't do much at the moment, just adds the X-Accelerator header
called with --personality=mozilla. Adapted moz2po to do the right
This should allow us to handle Latin1 vs UTF-8 in the future.
2009-06-13 15:44 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ Implement a format matcher for Qt
variables (should also work for KDE4).
2009-06-13 08:57 friedelwolff
* tools/ Fix typo/thinko
2009-06-12 14:41 friedelwolff
* storage/ Use '=' as the default delimiter for
properties files
2009-06-12 14:41 friedelwolff
* storage/ Correct calculation of starting position
of significant line content
2009-06-12 14:38 friedelwolff
* storage/ Test for support for property with
zero-length key
2009-06-12 13:39 friedelwolff
* misc/ Escape the slash character when outputting to
2009-06-12 13:29 friedelwolff
* storage/, storage/ Fix a minor bug that might have
caused us to not have headers in the output of oo2po and similar
2009-06-12 12:55 friedelwolff
* convert/ Provide a location comment in the
test_migrate_msgidcomment_to_msgctxt() test - which realistically
is what upcoming mozilla translations will need to work with
migrating from msgid comments to msgctxct
2009-06-12 10:50 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ Better link to the Python string
formatting documentation
2009-06-12 08:33 friedelwolff
* convert/ -syntax error. -unused imports
2009-06-12 07:31 dwaynebailey
* storage: Ignore *.class
2009-06-12 07:26 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Add a simple example
2009-06-12 07:18 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Add a Java .properties file testing
2009-06-12 06:30 friedelwolff
* storage/, storage/ Update the test to
be time independent, and make sure we always end a contributor
line with a fullstop.
2009-06-12 06:23 friedelwolff
* storage/, storage/ Extend the test to
test for correct handling of full stop in a contributor line.
This closes the reopened bug 985.
2009-06-11 21:26 friedelwolff
* storage/, storage/ Test for updating
copyright comments in the header, and fix a case that wasn't
handled correctly. This fixes bug 985.
2009-06-11 15:09 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Ensure we escape values that we put into msgctxt
2009-06-11 13:40 dwaynebailey
* storage/ We shouldn't strip space from the
beginnging of a value since if it got in its significant.
2009-06-11 13:38 dwaynebailey
* misc/ Reduce escapes to the ones supported by
.properties files: fnrt
Drop all other backslashes
2009-06-11 13:13 dwaynebailey
* convert/, storage/,
storage/ Implement proper .properties
whitespace handling. Add fn key_strip
to strip and handle whitespace in the key. Remove strippig
from 'value'. Adjust tests as needed.
2009-06-11 12:48 dwaynebailey
* storage/, storage/ Allow # or !
for comments. Add tests to test for the different types.
2009-06-11 12:32 dwaynebailey
* storage/, storage/ Add
is_line_continuation function to do the correct thing with line
continuation characters.
Use the function in the parser.
2009-06-11 12:00 dwaynebailey
* storage/, storage/ Use
find_delimeter instead of the simple check for "=" to
seperate key from value. Add test to check the three variants.
2009-06-11 11:53 dwaynebailey
* storage/, storage/ Add
find_delimeter function and tests. We can now find the delimeter:
=, : or space in a properties line.
2009-06-11 11:41 friedelwolff
* storage/placeables/ Reflow some lines for better
2009-06-11 07:33 friedelwolff
* storage/ [port of r11488 to cpo] if the source or the
context change, merging should cause the unit to go fuzzy
2009-06-11 06:54 friedelwolff
* storage/ if the source or the context change, merging
should cause the unit to go fuzzy
2009-06-11 06:52 friedelwolff
* convert/ +some tests to verify correct merging
behaviour with changing contexts, empty msgid with
context/msgidcomments, etc.
2009-06-11 06:48 friedelwolff
* storage/ Test for the presence of any context to
determine of the unit should generate output
2009-06-11 06:43 friedelwolff
* storage/ Test more for correct handling of context
only units
2009-06-10 14:44 friedelwolff
* storage/, storage/, storage/ Mark
messages with no source but having msgctxt as translatable. +test
2009-06-10 14:41 friedelwolff
* storage/ Use quoting functions from pypo where they
belong. Don't assume multistrings for singular units.
2009-06-10 14:30 friedelwolff
* tools/ Carefully only apply transformation functions
to translatable string elements. Now podebug should be far, far
more useful for debugging things containing XML, variables, etc.
2009-06-10 14:29 friedelwolff
* tools/ Test that we leave variables alone in the
unicode transformation
2009-06-10 13:53 friedelwolff
* convert/ We should go fuzzy if context changed in
the pot file. Change tests to reflect that.
2009-06-10 13:34 friedelwolff
* tools/ Follow different matching strategies for
different PO files: standard gettext files, vs. files generated
with moz2po and oo2po. This fixes bug 982.
2009-06-10 13:00 alaaosh
* storage/ use utf-8 whenever you detect ascii
this still doesn't solve the problem of input encoding being
totally different from template encoding when converting.
2009-06-10 12:57 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ Add Java MessageFormat placeable
2009-06-10 12:33 alaaosh
* convert/ put source text if no target is found
(untranslated or fuzzy units)
2009-06-10 11:45 friedelwolff
* convert/, convert/ Test
specifically for the presence of msgctxt in the output in the
case of empty source strings
2009-06-10 11:17 friedelwolff
* convert/ Don't use assume a multistring and .strings
unless we know it is a plural unit
2009-06-10 11:14 friedelwolff
* convert/ Don't convert to string without encoding
- doesn't work for non-ascii anyway
2009-06-10 11:10 friedelwolff
* storage/ [port r11457 to cpo] Get rid of 'msgid_comment',
'msgid_comment_all' and 'keep' merging styles for removing
2009-06-10 10:51 friedelwolff
* storage/ Get rid of 'msgid_comment', 'msgid_comment_all'
and 'keep' merging styles for removing duplicates. Call me
2009-06-10 10:46 friedelwolff
* storage/ Remove tests for 'msgid_comment' and 'keep'
merge styles
2009-06-10 09:33 friedelwolff
* storage/placeables/ Make all literals unicode
strings - this way the API doesn't need to accept them silently
and hide errors
2009-06-10 09:26 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Add link to Java MessageFormat
2009-06-10 09:19 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Fix ref to external documentation
2009-06-09 15:30 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.delete_range(): Case 3
didn't work as expected for simple strings (no placeables).
2009-06-09 15:29 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.delete_range(): More
descriptive comments
2009-06-09 13:04 alaaosh
* storage/ encoding conversion doesn't work properly,
disable for now.
2009-06-09 13:03 alaaosh
* storage/ don't use spaces when converting timestamps
to locations
2009-06-09 12:55 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.__init__(): Don't
accept str children, only unicode.
2009-06-09 12:53 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.delete_range(): Provide
index information on IndexErrors.
2009-06-08 16:28 friedelwolff
* convert/ Adapt tests to the fact that we handle
xml:preserve correctly, and test for both 'preserve' and the
2009-06-08 16:21 friedelwolff
* convert/ Only do psyco handling in the test if it
is installed
2009-06-08 15:57 friedelwolff
* storage/ Don't handle fuzzy as a typecomment -
libgettextpo doesn't, so we need to handle fuzzy as a separate
attribute. Let's break out early while searching for a type
comment as a cheap shot at optimisation.
2009-06-08 15:36 friedelwolff
* storage/ Rather use .istranslatable() in store.isempty()
since it is really what we mean. This will allow formats to
override this in a more meaninful way.
2009-06-08 15:34 friedelwolff
* storage/ multistring_to_rich() should not be a
classmethod - this way we can set parsers for each instance as we
2009-06-08 15:22 friedelwolff
* storage/ Only use unicode literals for strings - we
don't want the api to accept the rest anyway
2009-06-08 14:30 friedelwolff
* search/ Adapt test to take into account that we
work with lower case strings in matching, and therfore also in
the resulting source we get back
2009-06-08 14:26 friedelwolff
* search/, search/ Move
terminology changes to test_match, since the code they are
testing moved there. Rewrite to reflect the change.
2009-06-08 14:17 friedelwolff
* search/ Sort by length before appending alternate forms.
This way the alternate forms will always have lower priority
2009-06-08 14:15 friedelwolff
* search/ Ensure that at least one space or hyphen exists
before substituting
2009-06-08 13:21 friedelwolff
* tools/ Handle all literals as unicode strings
2009-06-08 13:13 friedelwolff
* tools/ Rather use unit.istranslatable() than trying to
guess what is needed
2009-06-08 13:11 friedelwolff
* tools/ Generate rich strings for formats that don't
support them, and use that to avoid changing XML, variables, etc.
2009-06-08 12:39 friedelwolff
* tools/ only use unicodes in testing - we don't
want to support working with str
2009-06-08 11:17 friedelwolff
* storage/placeables/ Prune the element after creation
to ensure it is in the correct presentation. This should simplify
tests a bit.
2009-06-08 11:10 friedelwolff
* storage/ set xml:space properly for new units we create
as well as alttrans units
2009-06-08 11:02 friedelwolff
* storage/ Search for the end of msgid comments in a
non-greedy way
2009-06-08 11:02 friedelwolff
* storage/ Remove unused import
2009-06-08 10:42 friedelwolff
* storage/ We don't want parsing to work for
non-unicode strings, so let's not test for it
2009-06-08 07:56 friedelwolff
* storage/ Clean up whitespace and license header. No
functional change
2009-06-08 07:47 friedelwolff
* storage/ Correctly handle xml:space attributes, whereever
they might have been specified up in the xml tree. This might be
a bit of a performance hit, but this gives us long awaited
correct handling of whitespace in XLIFF, etc.
2009-06-08 07:45 friedelwolff
* storage/ Test for the correct handling of xml:space
2009-06-08 07:21 friedelwolff
* storage/ Clean up whitespace and license header. No
functional change
2009-06-08 07:15 friedelwolff
* storage/ Clean up whitespace and license header. No
functional change
2009-06-08 07:09 friedelwolff
* storage/ Impliment a first version of buildfromunit() that
can actually usefully instantiate itself from a another pounit
2009-06-08 07:07 friedelwolff
* storage/ Always decode the strings obtained from
libgettextpo instead of relying on autoencode through
multistring. Minor optimisations by using unicodes where
multistrings are not necessary
2009-06-08 07:02 friedelwolff
* storage/ Use pocommon.extract_msgid_comment() instead of
custom code
2009-06-08 07:00 friedelwolff
* storage/ Use setmsgidcomment() as a setter for the
msgidcomment property
2009-06-08 06:58 friedelwolff
* storage/ Impliment settypecomment() and give proper
argtypes for +gpo.po_message_is_format()
2009-06-08 06:54 friedelwolff
* storage/ Provide a central method for extracting
msgid comments
2009-06-08 06:50 friedelwolff
* storage/placeables/ Mark some placeable types as
untranslatable for when we want to use this information
2009-06-05 15:47 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.insert(): Prune the
element in which the insert happened.
2009-06-05 14:06 friedelwolff
* services/ Typo in docstring
2009-06-03 15:45 friedelwolff
* storage/placeables/ Better regular expression for
UrlPlaceable. Now we support full URLs with trailing paths.
2009-06-03 14:49 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ Fix docstring
2009-06-03 12:30 friedelwolff
* storage/placeables/ Placeable for fancy spaces -
currently unused
2009-06-03 12:07 friedelwolff
* search/, search/ Rewrite the terminology
matcher to do more processing during initialisation to speed up
matching, especially in the face of alternatives. More todo in
this area.
2009-06-03 10:02 friedelwolff
* services/ Only use logging on level WARNING by
default, this way normal operation shouldn't give much output
2009-06-03 10:00 friedelwolff
* services/ Cosmetic changes: docstrings, wrapping,
spacing, unused import
2009-06-03 04:36 dwaynebailey
* convert/, convert/, tools/
s/Virtaal/Translate Toolkit/
2009-06-03 04:32 dwaynebailey
* storage/ s/Virtaal/Translate Toolkit/
2009-06-02 21:41 friedelwolff
* storage/ Cosmetic changes to comments, docstrings. Update
copyright header. No functional change.
2009-06-02 21:39 friedelwolff
* convert/, convert/ A broken testcase and
a fix
2009-06-02 16:29 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ Add nbsp as a delimter
2009-06-02 16:28 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ Allow multiple groups not just
decimal seperator
2009-06-01 16:06 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Small cosmetic (comment) change.
2009-06-01 16:05 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.delete_range(): Delete
the whole start- or end element if necessary.
2009-06-01 16:03 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.delete_range(): Remove
unused delete_nodes list.
2009-06-01 16:02 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.delete_range(): (Case
4) Find the indexes of the start and end nodes by identity and
not value (ie. don't use list.index).
2009-06-01 16:01 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.delete_elem(): Remove
the element based on identity and not (equal) value.
2009-06-01 15:51 friedelwolff
* search/ Never use units with single character source
strings for TM. This handles the issue where we were getting
'100% matches' for disassociated accesskeys in Mozilla
translations in new units when using a compendium.
2009-06-01 15:45 friedelwolff
* search/ Minor optimisation of existing terminology
matching algorythm
2009-05-28 05:55 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ Add a FIXME for the punctuation
2009-05-28 05:53 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ Use \B to ensure that we have
space before the dashes. Prevents word--word from being selected.
2009-05-28 05:04 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ Add an Options placeable for
--help, -h, -I
2009-05-27 16:25 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.insert(): Return True
if the insert was completed successfully, False otherwise.
2009-05-27 16:24 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.insert(): Added
(commented out) debugging messages.
2009-05-27 16:24 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.prune(): Collapse
leaves' children into a single string.
2009-05-27 16:23 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.prune(): Convert stray
unicode or str nodes in the tree to StringElem leaves.
2009-05-27 16:22 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.delete_range():
list.remove() finds the element to remove via __eq__. This means
that if two placeables that look the same are present, the first
one will always be removed before the second.
2009-05-27 14:12 dwaynebailey
* filters/ Fix terminology msgid->source
2009-05-27 13:57 dwaynebailey
* filters/ Update header. Add more detailed
2009-05-27 13:52 dwaynebailey
* filters/ Allow ellipses to be corrected in either
direction i.e. to follow the pattern of the source text.
2009-05-26 15:12 friedelwolff
* storage/placeables/ New regular expression for
CamelCase placeable that doesn't match all uppercase strings
2009-05-26 10:36 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.insert(): Improvements
to avoid inserting unnecessary new leaves.
2009-05-26 10:09 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.translate(): Return a
copy of the current tree by default.
2009-05-26 10:08 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.insert(): Use a
StringElem in stead of a normal string.
2009-05-26 10:07 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ + NewlinePlaceable
2009-05-25 10:38 friedelwolff
* filters/ Test for an accelerated hyphen (-) as
spotted in Firefox
2009-05-25 10:36 friedelwolff
* filters/ Allow hyphen (-) and question mark (?) as
accelerators, since it does actually occur in the wild
2009-05-25 10:33 friedelwolff
* lang/ Further test for sentece segmentation
2009-05-25 10:31 friedelwolff
* storage/placeables/ Move the number placeable to the
lowest priority. This ensures that a term such as 'MP3' is
matched as a caps placeable. This should also avoid matching
numbers inside URLs, e-mail addresses, format specifiers, etc.
2009-05-25 10:29 friedelwolff
* storage/placeables/ Escape the '-' in the regular
expression. We now correctly match a term such as 'D-BUS' as a
caps placeable
2009-05-25 10:24 friedelwolff
* storage/placeables/ Remove duplicate translations
for terminology placeable
2009-05-25 10:22 friedelwolff
* storage/placeables/ Find all terminology matches
for the current placeable by comparing positions and lengths,
since term_string could look different to m.source due to case
changes, hyphenation, or other morphological changes
2009-05-25 10:14 friedelwolff
* storage/ Some helper methods that we might need in
future, license updates, typo, TODO, etc. No functional change.
2009-05-22 09:17 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem: Added remove_type()
method. It replaces elements of the given types with StringElem
2009-05-22 09:16 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Documented return value.
2009-05-22 09:15 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.delete_range(): Fixed
2009-05-21 13:36 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ Add some other exotic characters
found in the corpus of translations. Including
em dash, en dash and those three dots whose name I always forget
2009-05-20 14:40 friedelwolff
* storage/placeables/ Only recognise unusual punctuation
marks as placeables
2009-05-20 14:37 friedelwolff
* storage/placeables/ Hopefully more accurate CamelCase
2009-05-20 14:24 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.prune(): Added
optimisation: "# Symbolically: StringElem->StringElem2->(leaves)
=> StringElem->(leaves)"
2009-05-20 14:23 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.prune(): Also remove
empty strings (as apposed to StringElems only).
2009-05-20 14:21 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.delete_range(): In
stead of returning the deleted sub-string, return a StringElem
including the parent that contained it (None for root).
2009-05-19 11:22 alaaosh
* storage/ add useful methods for interacting with source
2009-05-19 08:31 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ Remove misplaced dash (-) in regex
2009-05-18 17:08 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.delete_range(): Added
nice (commented out) debugging output: "foo[bar]baz" if "bar" is
to be deleted from "foobarbaz".
2009-05-18 17:07 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ The important parse() function no
longer accepts plain strings as arguments.
2009-05-18 13:57 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ Remove TODO - we are now checking
better for TLDs
2009-05-18 13:16 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ Improvement to the email
detection. Has some intellegence to ensure that emails have a TLD
of some sort.
2009-05-18 12:00 friedelwolff
* storage/ Partially revert r11124 - we need the header
at the start of .units. More work needed here.
2009-05-18 11:46 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Fix spacing as per PEP8.
2009-05-18 10:15 friedelwolff
* README: Partially revert r11129 - we do still depend on iniparse
2009-05-18 09:26 friedelwolff
* storage/placeables/ Also handle numeric entities, and
ensure that we look for XML entities before numbers.
2009-05-18 08:48 friedelwolff
* storage/placeables/ Regex for XML entity is already
non-greedy. Instead of allowing all non-space characters in the
name (\S) we should match a much smaller set - valid SGML names.
2009-05-18 07:44 friedelwolff
* storage/placeables/ Rewrite FilePaceable regex as a
raw string, and demand at least three characters in filename.
+Some notes.
2009-05-18 07:39 friedelwolff
* storage/placeables/ Important TODOs with existing
regular expressions. We need to have this perfect :-)
2009-05-18 07:33 friedelwolff
* storage/placeables/ +CamelCasePlaceble
2009-05-18 07:31 friedelwolff
* storage/placeables/ +CapsPlaceable
2009-05-18 07:27 friedelwolff
* filters/, filters/ Translate the
punctuation before checking endwhitespace. This gives opportunity
to remove trailing spaces in languages using fullwidth
punctuation without extra spacing. Test with Chinese example.
2009-05-18 07:23 friedelwolff
* README: Remove the obsolete note of requiring iniparse. Other
minor typos.
2009-05-18 07:21 friedelwolff
* lang/ Fix typos for Piemontese and Pashto: nplurals 1->2
2009-05-18 07:20 friedelwolff
* lang/, lang/ Fix a bug where a single
character string like '.' will be transformed (for example in
Chinese), and we want to test for the second last character. Add
a test for this case in Chinese.
2009-05-18 07:14 friedelwolff
* storage/ Be extra careful with the rollback to see if
we even have a connection. This hopefully fixes bug 832.
2009-05-18 07:12 friedelwolff
* storage/ Fix license block, whitespace, copyright dates
2009-05-18 07:07 friedelwolff
* storage/ Fix .updateheader() to use .addunit().
Should now work for POXLIFF.
2009-05-18 07:04 friedelwolff
* tools/ Basic test for flipped rewrite style
2009-05-18 06:49 friedelwolff
* tools/ New rewrite style: flipped
2009-05-16 21:29 friedelwolff
* filters/ Limit the number of spelling suggestions to 5
in the case where something like aspell gives back 20
2009-05-16 21:20 friedelwolff
* filters/ Don't strip accelerators and variables when
checking whitespace
2009-05-16 21:19 friedelwolff
* filters/ Also check fancy (curly) quotation marks in
the doublequoting check
2009-05-16 12:42 friedelwolff
* storage/placeables/ If a leaf is not editable, don't
bother to look for further placeables inside
2009-05-16 12:41 friedelwolff
* storage/placeables/ only force the leaf to unicode once,
in case it is expensive
2009-05-16 12:29 friedelwolff
* storage/placeables/ typo in docstring
2009-05-16 11:02 friedelwolff
* lang/ +Piemontese (pms)
2009-05-16 05:47 dwaynebailey
* convert/odfxml: Catch a corner case of files with spaces that
aren't escaped.
2009-05-15 08:51 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Doh! Don't match empty strings as
2009-05-15 08:50 walter_l
* storage/ Use an empty list as the default list of
placeables parsers to use in TranslateUnit.
2009-05-14 15:19 friedelwolff
* convert/ Call _prepare_merge before we instantiate the
fuzzy matchers - otherwise resurrecting obsolete entries has no
effect. This (with previous commits) fixes bug 928.
2009-05-14 15:18 friedelwolff
* tools/ Don't match on 100% if location comments
differ - the matchers will do that. We'll need to work out when
to use locations and when to use the gettext IDs. (part of fixing
bug 928)
2009-05-14 15:15 friedelwolff
* convert/ Test units with small source strings are
not incorrectly populated by means of fuzzy matching
2009-05-14 13:36 friedelwolff
* convert/ Clean up docstrings, typos, whitespace
2009-05-14 13:24 friedelwolff
* tools/ Clean up docstrings, typos, whitespace
2009-05-14 13:22 friedelwolff
* tools/ Clean up docstrings, typos, whitespace
2009-05-14 12:29 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ + NumberPlaceable,
PythonFormattingPlaceable: Thanks, Dwayne. :)
2009-05-14 02:19 alaaosh
* tools/ oops still unfamiliar with api, I blame
home affairs.
istranslated returns False for fuzzies, is gettargetlen() to test
for existence of target instead
2009-05-14 01:49 alaaosh
* tools/ replace test for target length, with
code written before I got familiar with API
2009-05-14 01:48 alaaosh
* storage/ add ability to pass store as callback in
statsdb. callback returns a TranslationStore.
in pootle this allows Store stats to be accessed without
unnecessary parsing file,
at the same time if statsdb needs to parse the file it is still
stored in pootle's storecache
2009-05-13 19:03 dwaynebailey
* lang/ Language identification module that uses
2009-05-11 13:51 friedelwolff
* tools/ Mention default value for --mergeblanks and
--mergecomments. Part of addressing bug 953.
2009-05-08 16:19 alaaosh
* storage/versioncontrol/ RCS detection b0rked for
search for metadir as sibling when testing files and as child
when testing directories
2009-05-07 21:39 dwaynebailey
* convert/ Minor cleanups in docstrings
2009-05-07 15:15 friedelwolff
* convert/ Update comment to reflect newest changes
2009-05-07 14:02 friedelwolff
* convert/, convert/ Only change the case
of the accesskey if the translation is unchanged from the source
text, otherwise keep it exactly as we obtain it from the
translation. This fixes some rare cases where generated
accesskeys might have shifted between upper/lower case variants
during po2dtd.
2009-05-07 10:38 friedelwolff
* convert/ Add TODO note to test_accesskeycase
2009-05-07 10:33 friedelwolff
* convert/ Mask out unimportant tests that are
unlikely to get any attention soon
2009-05-07 10:03 friedelwolff
* storage/ Mark .changeencoding() as deprecated. No users
2009-05-07 09:58 friedelwolff
* convert/ Remove last call in the toolkit to
postore.changeencoding(). We probably want something in poheader
to rather do this, or alter the behaviour of .updateheader().
2009-05-07 09:45 friedelwolff
* storage/ White space cleanup, line lengths,
docstrings, copyright notice. No code change.
2009-05-07 08:58 alaaosh
* storage/ after all this time turns out I didn't
understand how plurals work.
added check for hasplural before looping over strings.
I still think all units should have a strings list though :-(
2009-05-07 08:37 friedelwolff
* filters/ White space cleanup
2009-05-07 08:22 friedelwolff
* filters/ If the user asks for a header, take over the
one from the original file (probably not cpo safe). This fixes
the second part of bug 950
2009-05-05 14:09 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Removed superfluous comma that
caused very bad things to happen. My cat is dead. :(
2009-05-05 14:07 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Removed commented out class
TerminologyPlaceable, because it lives in
2009-05-05 12:58 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ + UrlPlaceable
+ FilePlaceable
+ EmailPlaceable
Written by Dwayne.
2009-04-30 16:04 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.delete_range():
Apparently case 1 is sometimes disguised as case 2.
(Case 1 and 2 is explained in a comment above the patched area of
the file.)
2009-04-30 16:03 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.elem_offset(): First
finish looking for the same instance (parameter) element, before
searching for its string-equivalent.
2009-04-30 13:29 friedelwolff
* storage/ Update copyright date. Whitespace cleanup.
2009-04-30 13:10 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Ensure that, if the same parsing
function occurs multiple times, a parsed placeable is not parsed
again, creating an identical sub-node.
2009-04-30 13:09 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Added another case in
StringElem.delete_range(): Deleting the entire current string
2009-04-30 02:01 alaaosh
* storage/ use get_config_id instead of
_getstoredcheckerconfig just in case a different checker is
required for recaching unit stats
2009-04-30 01:57 alaaosh
* storage/, storage/ add suggestions_in_format
2009-04-30 01:53 alaaosh
* storage/ don't access self.filename directly sometimes it
doesn't exist
2009-04-30 01:50 alaaosh
* storage/ makeindex now keeps track of multiple units with
the same source
sourceindex is a mapping of source strings and lists now
findunit returns the first unit from the list, use findunits if
you want the whole list
2009-04-30 01:48 alaaosh
* tools/ use findunit instead of directly accessing
2009-04-30 01:28 alaaosh
* storage/ split unit state stats is a separate function
2009-04-30 01:26 alaaosh
* storage/ make most translation stores serializable
(libxml based stores are not)
2009-04-29 15:55 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ If we couldn't find an ancestor to
insert the text into, use self.
2009-04-29 15:54 walter_l
* storage/ Make sure that pypo also invalidates cached
self._rich_target in settarget().
2009-04-29 15:20 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Handle the special case where the
element to delete is self (the root).
2009-04-29 15:20 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Make StringElem.delete_range()
return the deleted string.
2009-04-29 14:28 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Have StringElem.prune() also
delete empty elements.
2009-04-29 14:27 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Use iter_depth_first() in stead of
depth_first() where possible.
2009-04-29 14:26 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Make StringElem.iter_depth_first()
actually act like an iterator.
2009-04-29 14:25 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ + StringElem.delete_range() -
Delete elements and/or sub-strings in the tree between given
+ StringElem.delete_elem() - Used by delete_range()
+ StringElem.get_index_data() - Used by delete_range()
2009-04-28 16:31 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ + TestStringElem.test_insert() -
Basic tests for StringElem.insert().
2009-04-28 16:30 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ + StringElem.insert(offset, text)
- Insert the given text (unicode or StringElem - str if you
*have* to) into the tree.
The method tries to select the best possible node to insert the
text at.
2009-04-28 16:29 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ +
StringElem.get_ancestor_where(elem, f) - Find an ancestor of elem
for which f(ancestor) returns True.
2009-04-24 16:05 walter_l
* storage/placeables/, storage/placeables/,
storage/placeables/, storage/placeables/
To make a long story short: Leaves in StringElem trees have gone
back to being defined
as "a StringElem (not sub-class) node containing only str or
unicode children". It caused
a lot of breakage in other code that needed to be fixed.
2009-04-24 16:04 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ + StringElem.prune(): Remove
unnecessary nodes from the tree.
2009-04-24 16:03 walter_l
* storage/placeables/, storage/placeables/,
storage/placeables/, storage/placeables/,
tools/ StringElem's first argument containing the new
node's children need not be a list anymore; it is automatically
put in a list if necessary.
A lot of other code was also updated to reflect this change and
make the code a bit cleaner as a result.
2009-04-23 13:16 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Handle non-existent DOM nodes (like
when there is no <target> tag in a XLIFF file).
2009-04-23 10:58 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Improve the main placeables parsing
function to support normal strings (str and unicode) as leaves.
2009-04-23 08:45 friedelwolff
* lang/ Plural information for Neapolitan (nap)
2009-04-21 08:22 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Make StringElem.depth_first()
include leaves of type str or unicode.
2009-04-21 08:21 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Reimplemented
StringElem.elem_offset() to take str or unicode leaves into
2009-04-15 16:03 dwaynebailey
* filters/ Fix docstring
2009-04-15 15:35 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Updated StringElem.copy()'s
2009-04-15 15:34 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Use StringElem.isleaf() in
StringElem.flatten() to determine if children should be added to
the flattened list.
2009-04-15 13:56 friedelwolff
* filters/ Add a 'credits' check for the Mozilla checker
2009-04-09 15:50 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ + StringElem.renderer - An
optional, external function to create the Unicode representation
of a node/tree.
2009-04-09 15:49 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Removed the __unicode__ method from
XLIFF placeables, because the XML representations should be done
by the stores, not StringElem tree.
2009-04-09 14:40 alaaosh
* search/indexing/ under mod_wsgi check for apache
instead of _apache, and all of this
because GIL sucks
2009-04-09 13:30 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Handle rid's and xid's for "empty"
(non-paired) placeables (like <x/>).
2009-04-09 11:26 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Add PunctuationPlaceable to the
list of possible conversions for general.Ph placeables.
2009-04-09 11:25 walter_l
* storage/placeables/,
storage/placeables/ The recently-added
PunctuationPlaceable caused test data to change. Tests are now
updated to reflect the changes.
2009-04-09 10:38 walter_l
* tools/ Added XLIFF test and required scaffolding.
2009-04-09 10:38 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Ignore unsupported arguments (like
rid used in StringElem.__init__()).
2009-04-09 10:37 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Make sure that more than one string
can be appended to the tail of an existing XML node.
2009-04-09 10:36 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ + StringElem.copy() - Returns a
deep copy of the tree.
2009-04-09 10:36 walter_l
* tools/ Fix up license header.
2009-04-08 13:31 walter_l
* tools/ * Allow the rewrite functions to accept strings
as well as StringElems.
* Fix rewrite_xxx() to move trailing \n's.
2009-04-08 13:30 walter_l
* tools/ Updated tests to accept StringElem objects
as return values from the rewrite functions.
2009-04-08 13:29 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Updated flags of placeable types in
2009-04-08 13:28 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Updated StringElem.__eq__()
2009-04-08 13:26 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ + StringElem.istranslatable and
StringElem.has_content flags
2009-04-08 10:23 walter_l
* tools/ Fixed podebug's rewrite functions and usage to
work correctly with rich_source and rich_target.
2009-04-08 10:22 walter_l
* misc/ - translate/misc/ - Contained confusing and
obsolete code from the pre-StringElem era.
2009-04-08 10:21 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ + StringElem.apply_to_string() -
Apply a function to all strings in the tree.
2009-04-08 10:20 friedelwolff
* lang/ Add Pashto (ps) plural information. Minor
whitespace cleanup.
2009-04-07 15:46 walter_l
* tools/ multistring and unicode strings don't have an
insert() method, so we should use a more generic method to add a
2009-04-07 13:04 friedelwolff
* storage/ Open the ZIP file as a binary file for the
sake of Windows. This should fix bug 816.
2009-04-07 09:56 friedelwolff
* storage/ Use the more modern lxml API that is more
readible and less error prone
2009-04-07 08:54 friedelwolff
* search/ Only consider translated units as usable
2009-04-07 08:12 alaaosh
* search/indexing/ don't import xapian bindings
when running under mod_python to avoid
2009-03-30 15:27 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Make sure that all matches
containing the currently parsed term is added as translations to
the current placeable.
2009-03-26 19:40 friedelwolff
* lang/ Add Lao from the wiki
2009-03-26 14:48 friedelwolff
* storage/ Fix typo
2009-03-26 14:47 friedelwolff
* search/ Supply a usable() method to filter out units
that are too short or too long
2009-03-26 14:46 friedelwolff
* search/ Compile the regular expression and make it
avaible at module level
2009-03-26 14:45 friedelwolff
* search/ A test for an extra long term
2009-03-26 09:17 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ + Support punctuation as
placeables. The usefulness of this still needs to be (dis)proven.
2009-03-26 09:15 walter_l
* search/ Forgot to remove the list comprehension that was
replaced by a for-loop. :/
2009-03-25 14:11 walter_l
* search/ Improved terminologymatcher.matches() a bit.
2009-03-24 15:45 walter_l
* search/ Use a simpler list comprehension for the
terminology matcher in stead of the bulky matcher.matches().
2009-03-24 15:41 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Don't try and parse leaves with no
2009-03-24 15:37 walter_l
* search/ Make the sorting done by matcher.inittm()
2009-03-19 16:06 walter_l
* storage/placeables/,
storage/placeables/ + TerminologyPlaceable
and its parser.
+ A simple test for TerminologyPlaceable.
2009-03-19 16:05 walter_l
* search/ Collect terminologycomparer.match_info in
2009-03-19 16:05 walter_l
* search/ For the terminology matcher, we need the
candidates in reversed size-sorted order (longest first).
2009-03-19 16:04 walter_l
* search/ + TerminologyComparer.match_info dict. It
holds more information about matches found.
It's kind of hackish, because it needs to be clear manually, but
at least it doesn't change
the API. :/
2009-03-19 16:03 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ rename StringElem.transform() to
StringElem.translate() and give it a new implementation.
2009-03-19 14:05 walter_l
* storage/xml_extract/ Migrate
storage/xml_extract/ completely to the new way of
handling rich string structures and placeables.
2009-03-19 14:03 walter_l
* search/ Use more descriptive variable names.
2009-03-19 13:59 walter_l
* search/, search/ Cosmetic changes.
2009-03-19 13:56 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ StringElem.isleaf() no longer returns
True only for StringElem leaves, so we have to check for that
2009-03-19 13:53 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Test using type(x) in stead of
2009-03-19 13:52 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Documented the important parse()
2009-03-19 13:11 alaaosh
* convert/ don't assume template_store supports poheader
just because input_store
supports it.
never assume cause when u ASSUME you make an ASS of U and ME
2009-03-16 19:02 dwaynebailey
* convert/ Correctly handle a situation where the .ics
has content that is not present in the PO file.
2009-03-16 16:34 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ With the new parser the order of
the parsing functions used is a lot more important. Hence this
2009-03-16 16:33 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Factored out a generic parse
method that uses a class's specified regex to parse instances of
it from a string.
2009-03-16 16:31 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Replaced the main placeables'
parse() with a more effective version.
2009-03-16 16:30 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ + StringElem.get_parent_elem() -
Finds a given node's parent node in the current tree.
2009-03-16 16:28 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ isleaf() should also return True
for StringElem sub-classes that only contain str|unicode
2009-03-16 13:40 walter_l
* misc/, storage/, storage/placeables/,
storage/placeables/, storage/placeables/,
storage/placeables/, storage/placeables/,
storage/placeables/, storage/placeables/,
storage/placeables/, storage/,
storage/, tools/ s/subelems/sub/g
2009-03-14 22:47 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ + FormattingPlaceable - Matches
printf-style formatting specifiers
* Compile regex for XMLEntityPlaceable only once.
2009-03-12 15:55 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Fix StringElem.flatten() to also
work if the string tree is only one node that of is a StringElem
2009-03-11 15:41 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Added tests for
StringElem.elem_offset() and StringElem.isleaf()
2009-03-11 15:41 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Reimplemented elem_offset() to use
identity testing ("is") in stead of equality testing ("==").
2009-03-10 09:47 friedelwolff
* tools/ -unused imports, +some notes. Updated license
block and corrected copyright date.
2009-03-10 09:42 friedelwolff
* convert/, convert/ Clean up some docstrings,
copyright dates, error message
2009-03-10 09:31 friedelwolff
* README: More notes on lxml and OSX
2009-03-10 08:44 walter_l
* tools/ Minor fix for podebug.
2009-03-10 06:54 friedelwolff
* README: More detail on lxml options. Also mention easy_install.
2009-03-09 16:10 walter_l
* storage/xml_extract/ Fix placeables import.
2009-03-09 16:09 walter_l
* storage/, storage/ Fix cpo unit tests.
2009-03-09 16:08 walter_l
* storage/, storage/, storage/ Fix ts2
and poxliff so that its tests pass.
2009-03-09 16:07 walter_l
* storage/ Specify the mandatory second paramter of
2009-03-09 16:06 walter_l
* storage/ Test input to _set_rich_{source,target}() more
2009-03-09 16:05 walter_l
* storage/ Prevent KeyErrors in conditional by using
default (None).
2009-03-09 10:49 walter_l
* storage/ Move rich_to_multistring() and
multistring_to_rich() closer to where they're used.
2009-03-09 10:49 walter_l
* misc/ Updated license block and chunk to StringElem
2009-03-09 10:44 walter_l
* misc/, tools/ Only apply changes from rewrite
function if there are results to apply.
2009-03-09 10:42 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Fixed test_to_xliff_placeables()
2009-03-07 19:53 friedelwolff
* lang/ [Contributed by Thanos Lefteris] Valid accelerators
for Greek (el). This closes bug 891.
2009-03-06 15:54 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Define a simple parser for XLIFF
2009-03-06 15:53 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Set default value (True) for the
has_content attribute of XLIFF placeable classes.
This fixes the conversion to XML strings by xliff__unicode__().
2009-03-06 15:51 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Fix to_xliff_placeables(). It
generated instances from base.* in stead of xliff.*.
2009-03-06 15:50 walter_l
* storage/ Minor corrections and cleanup in XLIFF
2009-03-06 15:49 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Updated parameters to
placeables.lisa.strelem_to_xml() - lists converted to StringElem.
2009-03-06 15:48 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Reimplemented strelem_to_xml() which
obsoletes the get_placeable(), collect_text() and end_with_eof()
2009-03-06 15:47 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ + StringElem.isleaf()
2009-03-06 10:48 friedelwolff
* lang/ Tweak the dialect_name_re somewhat to handle more
cases better. Now 'Spanish; Castilian (Argentina) can be handled,
for example
2009-03-06 09:39 walter_l
* storage/, storage/placeables/,
storage/placeables/, storage/,
storage/ storage.placeables.lisa.extract_chunks ->
storage.placeables.lisa.insert_into_dom ->
2009-03-05 15:16 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ + Tests for placeable
2009-03-05 15:16 walter_l
* storage/placeables/, storage/placeables/,
storage/placeables/ * Classes in
storage.placeables.general now inherit from proper base classes.
* Added conversion functions to the different "sets" of
2009-03-05 15:15 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Make StringElem.__str__() more
reliable by encoding from __unicode__()'s output.
2009-03-05 15:14 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Support for StringElem in
2009-03-05 15:13 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Document the entry-point functions in
2009-03-05 15:12 walter_l
* lang/ Add support for StringElem in
2009-03-04 16:07 walter_l
* storage/ Minor cosmetic changes.
2009-03-04 15:47 walter_l
* storage/ Fix import in
2009-03-04 15:46 walter_l
* storage/ Update to reflect some of the
recent changes.
2009-03-04 15:45 walter_l
* storage/ Added caching of rich string trees. source and
target are now properties and not attributes.
Added the rich_parsers class variable to be able to customize the
way string trees are parsed.
2009-03-04 15:13 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ XMLEntityPlaceable.parse(): s/+1//
It causes the parser to consume one character too many.
2009-03-04 15:12 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Use unicode.find() in stead of
unicode.index() which raises a ValueError if the sub-string was
not found.
2009-03-04 15:11 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Process placeables from the base and
xliff sub-modules when converting it to XML.
2009-03-04 15:10 walter_l
* storage/placeables/
s/placeables.<classname>/xliff.<classname>/ because
is no more.
2009-03-04 15:10 walter_l
* storage/placeables/, storage/placeables/,
storage/placeables/ * Make the "parser_funcs"
parameter of parse() non-optional.
* Added a "parsers" list to specific sub-modules to provide easy
access to parser functions for that module.
* Updated the test to use general.parsers for the aforementioned
2009-03-04 15:09 walter_l
* storage/placeables/, storage/placeables/,
storage/placeables/, storage/placeables/,
storage/placeables/ Restructured the storage.placeables
* StringElem was moved to
* now only contain the semantic interfaces.
* These interfaces are sub-classed by the base placeables in
* is removed
2009-03-04 14:37 friedelwolff
* filters/ Filter out accelerators before counting
sentences. This improves our sentence segmentation slightly.
2009-03-04 13:56 friedelwolff
* lang/, lang/ Cleanup more string literals to be
unicode strings
2009-03-04 13:53 friedelwolff
* lang/ Don't handle a number as a sentence start - this
aligns better with what we do in common (for English). This
affects the sentences test in pofilter.
2009-03-04 13:52 friedelwolff
* lang/ Test another case for sentence segmentation
2009-03-04 13:39 walter_l
* storage/ Cosmetic changes.
2009-03-04 13:38 walter_l
* storage/ s/_multistring_to_rich/multistring_to_rich/
... again
2009-03-04 13:18 walter_l
* storage/ Implemented multistring_to_rich() and
rich_to_multistring() in an XLIFF-specific way.
2009-03-04 13:17 walter_l
* storage/ s/_multistring_to_rich/multistring_to_rich/
2009-03-04 13:12 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Have accept a
string as parameter too.
2009-03-03 13:39 alaaosh
* storage/ merge on rich target instead of target
2009-03-03 13:33 alaaosh
* tools/ not sure what is going on here, but testing for
length of subelems
seems safe
2009-03-03 13:25 alaaosh
* misc/ renamed .content to .subelems
2009-03-03 13:18 alaaosh
* storage/placeables/ use regexp when matching xml
entities, otherwise we barf on strings
with & that are not part of entities
2009-03-03 13:15 alaaosh
* storage/placeables/ should be possible to construct
placeable classes with no argumentsg
2009-03-03 10:47 walter_l
* storage/ Updated, although it's not
completely done yet.
2009-03-03 10:46 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Swap parent classes for XLIFF
2009-03-03 10:46 walter_l
* storage/ -
2009-03-03 10:45 walter_l
* storage/ Use valid XML strings to test ts2 with.
2009-03-03 10:43 walter_l
* storage/, storage/ Fixed license blocks.
2009-03-03 07:02 friedelwolff
* storage/ Rename that went unnoticed in r10307
2009-03-02 16:20 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables/ Fix typo
2009-03-02 16:06 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Avoid "reference before assignment"
error by providing a default value.
2009-03-02 15:22 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Make "id" attributes of empty
replaceable classes optional.
2009-03-02 14:15 walter_l
* storage/ s/(source|target)_rich/rich_(source|target)/
2009-03-02 14:13 walter_l
* tools/ Fixed to
be StringElem-aware.
2009-03-02 13:55 winterstream
* storage/ When deepcopying a unit, we don't want the
reference _store to
be deep copied (since otherwise, we copy the entire store every
time deepcopy a unit).
We use the __shallow__ class variable to indicate which members
should always be copied in a shallow manner.
2009-03-02 13:49 winterstream
* lang/ When deep copying a singleton, we just want the
singleton itself returned.
2009-03-02 10:54 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Reimplemented StringElem.find() to
use unicode.find(). It works much better now.
2009-02-27 15:58 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ Fixed method name.
2009-02-27 08:58 friedelwolff
* lang/, lang/ Initial support for Nepali (ne).
This is mostly to handle the spaced full stop and question mark
correctly, but probably needs more attention.
2009-02-27 08:54 friedelwolff
* lang/ Add special code to hopefully handle properly
with ellipses for once and for all. Too many three character
ellipses are still out in the wild, so we have to handle this
2009-02-27 08:51 friedelwolff
* lang/ Extra test for segmentation among newlines
2009-02-26 15:14 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ + StringElem.elem_offset()
+ Minor updates
2009-02-26 15:13 walter_l
* storage/placeables/, storage/placeables/ Make
XMLEntityPlaceable and XMLTagPlaceable non-editable.
2009-02-26 14:00 walter_l
* storage/placeables/, storage/placeables/
2009-02-26 13:58 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ + test_elem_at_iter() - Testing
for StringElem.elem_at_iter()
2009-02-26 13:57 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ + elem_at_offset(), depth_first(),
iter_depth_first() for the StringElem class.
2009-02-26 11:12 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ + Tests for find() and
find_elem_with() methods in StringElem.
2009-02-26 11:08 walter_l
* storage/placeables/ + find() and find_elem_with() methods
in StringElem.
2009-02-26 08:24 walter_l
* storage/stringelem: Delete empty storage/stringelem dir.
2009-02-25 16:39 walter_l
* misc/, storage/, storage/placeables/,
storage/placeables/, storage/placeables/,
storage/placeables/, storage/placeables/,
storage/placeables/, storage/placeables/,
storage/placeables/, storage/placeables/,
storage/placeables/, storage/stringelem/,
storage/stringelem/, storage/,
storage/, storage/,
storage/, storage/,
storage/, storage/,
storage/, storage/xml_extract/ * A huge
lot of changes to merge the StringElem class into
* Imports were updated all over the module to
use the new layout.
* Tests were added and updated to use the new placeables and
their layout.
2009-02-25 16:10 walter_l
* storage/ + Tests for TranslationUnit's new
source_strelem and target_strelem properties.
2009-02-25 16:01 walter_l
* storage/stringelem/ Change StringElem to be
unicode-like in stead of a unicode. The main reason for this is
that we need the StringElem trees to be mutable.
There are other reasons. This also meant that we have to provide
our own encode() method for StringElem.
2009-02-25 15:51 walter_l
* storage/ + TranslationUnit.source_strelem property
+ TranslationUnit.target_strelem property
2009-02-25 15:41 walter_l
* storage/stringelem/ + stringelem/
2009-02-25 14:59 walter_l
* storage/stringelem/ * Some refactoring of
variable names in the test
+ test_tree() which tests each part of the tree for the correct
2009-02-25 14:51 walter_l
* storage/richstring/,
storage/richstring/, storage/stringelem,
storage/stringelem/ storage/richstring ->
2009-02-25 14:39 walter_l
* storage/richstring/ + Some tests for StringElem
2009-02-25 14:31 walter_l
* storage/richstring/ * More consistent use of unicode()
* Implemented StringElem.flatten()
* Added parsing class methods as well as parser() function to use
2009-02-25 14:21 walter_l
* storage/richstring, storage/richstring/ + StringElem
base class and basic implementations.
2009-02-25 08:44 friedelwolff
* storage/ If any unexpected character is obtained
after a #, accept the comment as translator (other) comment.
Reported by Sayamindu Dasgupta. This commit fixes bug 867.
2009-02-24 19:35 friedelwolff
* storage/, storage/ Previous msgid and previos
msgid_plural should come after type comments. +Test.
2009-02-24 07:36 friedelwolff
* lang/, lang/ Avoid problems when punctranslate alters
a %x style variable to the Arabic percent sign
2009-02-23 16:51 dwaynebailey
* filters/ Add a French punctuation test. Add gconf
test_ that I forgot to add with the gconf test implementation.
2009-02-20 09:44 murgilduta
* filters/ Since we are phasing it out, we don't want
to try to import jToolkit's spellcheching module anymore.
2009-02-19 07:01 winterstream
* convert/, storage/ [Contributed by Nick
This little patch implements storing template name in <file
Logged in bug 851
2009-02-12 20:49 dwaynebailey
* README: Note about chardet
2009-02-12 16:59 dupuy
* lang/, storage/, storage/,
tools/ spelling fix: seperate->separate
(user-visible and comments; variables/methods left misspelled)
2009-02-12 15:50 alaaosh
* README, convert/po2sub, convert/, convert/sub2po,
convert/, storage/ We can now convert
subtitle formats support by Gaupol
2009-02-12 08:45 friedelwolff
* lang/ Add missing import
2009-02-12 08:36 friedelwolff
* lang/ Add Bengali (India) (bn_IN) that usually has its
own team
2009-02-12 08:30 friedelwolff
* lang/ On Windows a normal call to gettext.translation
seems to invoke the 'C' locale - obviously what somebody using a
cross-platform programming language would want. So we rather hack
around it by using locale.getdefaultlocale() which we will
probably eventually regret. This at least gives us translated
language names in Virtaal.
2009-02-10 21:54 nekral
* misc/ TestRecursiveOptionParser has no base
class. Remove unneeded parenthesis.
2009-02-09 13:26 alaaosh
* lang/ fixing arabic plural form, can't believe that
slipped by me until now
2009-02-05 08:55 winterstream
* convert/po2web2py, convert/, convert/web2py2po,
convert/ [Contributed by Dominic König
Convertors to convert between PO and web2py's translation format.
2009-02-04 15:35 friedelwolff
* ChangeLog: Update ChangeLog before release of version 1.3.0
2009-02-04 14:46 friedelwolff
* README: Mention more recent version of lxml that should be better
2009-02-04 13:01 friedelwolff
* Version 1.3.0
2009-02-04 11:29 friedelwolff
* lang/ Data for proper sentence endings, sentencere and
puncdict. We should now do punctranslate correctly for Bengali.
2009-02-04 11:28 friedelwolff
* lang/ Remove unnecessary data members that are filled
in by the factory
2009-02-04 11:21 friedelwolff
* lang/, lang/ Only replace full stop with
space or newline with the DEVANAGARI DANDA. This should avoid
problems with numbers, code, etc. Needs more testing, though.
2009-02-04 11:20 friedelwolff
* lang/ Small cleanup to ensure we are using unicode
strings, and strip space on the end of we are replacing
punctuation at the end of strings and our transformation might
have added a space
2009-02-03 15:41 friedelwolff
* lang/, lang/ Support fancy (curly) quotes when
translating punctuation for French
2009-02-02 13:30 friedelwolff
* storage/ Rewrite settarget to take loads of things into
account. This mostly fixes bug 774.
2009-01-31 18:30 friedelwolff
* lang/ Make the gettext_lang() function use the system
locale if none is given as paramter
2009-01-30 18:13 alaaosh
* storage/ how many corners does this thing have
2009-01-30 17:41 alaaosh
* storage/ handle the weird situation where a db
initialized with fts3 support is
opened without fts3 support
2009-01-30 17:23 friedelwolff
* Version 1.3-rc1
2009-01-30 16:48 alaaosh
* lang/ simpler more correct simplercode
simplify_to_common takes an optional language list/dict now
2009-01-30 11:04 friedelwolff
* storage/ Only add the current year if the contributor
is already listed for earlier years
2009-01-30 10:55 friedelwolff
* storage/ In .upatecontributor(), also test if we have
the current year listed in the contributor comments
2009-01-29 18:35 dwaynebailey
* filters/ Gconf test. Gconf settings should not be
translated. Test is enabled only with --gnome.
Fixed bug 781
2009-01-29 16:48 winterstream
* storage/, storage/, storage/ Added
the functionality to deal with previous msgid info (i.e.
everything appearing in #| comments).
There are three new member variables in the pypo unit class:
prev_msgctxt, prev_msgid and prev_msgid_plural.
The previous msgid and msgid_plural can be set via prev_source.
The prev_source and source properties use the same code which
was factored out from getsource and setsource (used by the
source property).
2009-01-29 16:32 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Add target language support. Fixes bug 789
2009-01-29 15:08 alaaosh
* services/ add psyco support
2009-01-29 15:01 friedelwolff
* storage/ The .mo class also implements poheader. This
ensures that we can read language and other headers correctly
from mo files.
2009-01-29 14:29 alaaosh
* services/, services/,
services/ move gtk dependant client code to virtaal,
need to create simple
example tmclient in toolkit
2009-01-29 13:52 alaaosh
* services/ add --debug command line option
2009-01-29 09:33 friedelwolff
* filters/ Test that startpunc handles the inverted
Spanish question mark correctly
2009-01-29 08:42 dupuy
* lang/ language class for Spanish suppresses only bogus
pofilter startpunc gripes
2009-01-29 08:07 friedelwolff
* filters/, filters/ Adapt to the new API
where forcing to unicode doesn't normalize. Call
data.normalized_unicode() instead
2009-01-29 08:05 friedelwolff
* lang/ Don't automatically normalize when coercing to
unicode. Provide the normalized_unicode() function for that
2009-01-28 22:08 friedelwolff
* filters/ Only strip on the right for the endpunc test
2009-01-28 21:48 friedelwolff
* filters/ Also test for colon (:) in puncend, and strip
spaces to ensure that we test punctuation even if the message is
2009-01-28 21:11 friedelwolff
* filters/ Remove debug statement
2009-01-28 20:30 friedelwolff
* storage/ Rewrite .getlocations() to avoid lxml warning of
deprecated API
2009-01-28 14:20 alaaosh
* storage/, tools/ cleanup
2009-01-28 13:34 dwaynebailey
* tools/ ignore_kde function appears twice.
2009-01-28 04:34 dwaynebailey
* convert/, storage/, storage/ Convert
OOo help escaping, resolves bug 694
Previously we escaped all of OOo help tags except tags that we
identified as unescaped. This caused problems where translators
introduced new 'tags' in their transations.
We now don't escape anything unless it is on our list of tags
that should be escaped. A translator who uses one of these tags,
which could be a valid word in their language, will still suffer.
But that is unlikely to happen and can be worked around.
2009-01-27 14:42 friedelwolff
* storage/ In .settaret(), try at all cost to not replace
the whole targetNode. This keeps extra XML stuff around that we
might not be aware of. This fixes bug 751.
2009-01-27 14:33 friedelwolff
* lang/ Don't translate the Arabic percentage sign as part of
punctuation translation - it is likely to cause too much problems
with variables
2009-01-26 10:11 winterstream
* misc/ still contained a 'yield'
inside a try: except: clause,
which is invalid in Python 2.4. The yield was moved out of this
2009-01-26 09:49 winterstream
* storage/ When merging XLIFF files, comments weren't
merged. This patch fixes the
2009-01-26 09:48 alaaosh
* services/ log to instead of stderror
2009-01-26 09:11 alaaosh
* services/ disable reverse dns lookup on every request
2009-01-26 08:38 winterstream
* convert/ When converting from SDF
files to XLIFF files we should
not indiscriminately mark the units in the generated XLIFF files
This simple fix will mark a unit as approved (or "non-fuzzy" in
terminology of the toolkit) if the target string is not empty.
it is marked as non-approved (or "fuzzy" in the terminology of
2009-01-26 07:56 friedelwolff
* lang/ Remove debug print statements
2009-01-25 17:20 dwaynebailey
* lang/, lang/, storage/ Add
support for Poedit X-Poedit-Language markers. This will lookup
the correct ISO code based
on the Poedit language name. The code will also cleanup PO
headers to use the correct
'Language' entry and drop the old X-Poedit-Language and
X-Poedit-Country tags.
This fixes bug 737.
2009-01-24 17:37 friedelwolff
* filters/, filters/ Add the --nonotes
parameter to pofilter so that the addition of notes can be
supressed. This fixes bug 745
2009-01-24 17:36 friedelwolff
* storage/ Add an API to remove comments from a specific
2009-01-24 07:52 friedelwolff
* lang/ Change several language names to align well with
iso-codes. This gives slightly clumsy names when it is
untranslated, but gives reasonable coverage for those languages
with translations. There are still some where we are not aligned,
and probably won't be since the untranslated forms are ugly (fy,
el, km, nb, nn, nso)
2009-01-23 10:45 alaaosh
* services/ we where being too smart for our own
good. restclient is unable to
make efficiency decisions about duplicate requests since it
know anything about who's connected to it's own signals.
queue management should be done in virtaal.
2009-01-22 15:45 friedelwolff
* Version 1.3beta1
2009-01-22 11:13 alaaosh
* misc/ don't fail when resolver module is missing, not
required for tmserver
2009-01-22 10:20 alaaosh
* services/tmserver, services/, tools/build_tmdb,
tools/ when in windows ...
2009-01-22 08:29 friedelwolff
* storage/ Fall back to the older sqlite module in case
we're running on Python 2.4
2009-01-21 14:50 alaaosh
* services/, services/ implemented add store
functionality (POST and PUT methods for /store urls)
2009-01-21 14:48 alaaosh
* services/ One does not simply walk into cURL It's
black gates are guarded by
more than just orcs. There is evil there that does not sleep.
fixed POST and PUT requests.
2009-01-21 14:44 alaaosh
* storage/ added add_list method to add list of dictionary
units to tmdb
add_list and add_store now return a count of translated units
replace that with an actual count of newly added units)
2009-01-21 14:05 friedelwolff
* tools/ Refactor common parts of the matches() code.
Provide correct start and end indexes in the original string,
considering that it was never normalised.
2009-01-20 10:53 alaaosh
* lang/ added simply_to_common function, useful for
stripping extra
information from language codes when not needed.
2009-01-20 09:05 alaaosh
* services/, storage/ do language code
normalization as late as possible
2009-01-20 09:02 alaaosh
* services/ make sure url is in utf-8, fixes bug #706
2009-01-19 21:20 friedelwolff
* lang/, services/, storage/ Rename new
.normalize() to .normalize_code() to avoid name clash and rename
all users. Tests should now be restored.
2009-01-19 19:18 dwaynebailey
* lang/ United Kingdom iso3166 code is GB not UK
2009-01-19 16:38 alaaosh
* services/ normalize language codes before creating
2009-01-19 16:34 alaaosh
* storage/ now we can save units represented as
also normalize language before insertion
2009-01-19 16:30 alaaosh
* lang/ seperate normalization of language code in it's own
2009-01-19 15:18 friedelwolff
* storage/ pounit.isheader() should not return false just
because we have locations. This fixes bug 629.
2009-01-19 15:08 friedelwolff
* convert/, convert/, convert/,
convert/, convert/ Remove --duplicates
styles from the converters: msgid_comment, keep,
msgid_comment_all. This is part of fixing 663.
2009-01-19 13:48 friedelwolff
* convert/ Only set the source and target language after
we have a valid header, otherwise we might add a second
2009-01-19 13:07 dwaynebailey
* lang/ Expand forceunicode docstring
2009-01-19 08:51 alaaosh
* search/, services/, storage/ committed
debug code by mistake
2009-01-17 17:39 dwaynebailey
* lang/ Document language and country codes dictionaries.
2009-01-17 17:31 dwaynebailey
* lang/ Add variable comment
2009-01-17 17:28 dwaynebailey
* lang/ Move comment to an epydoc description for the
2009-01-17 17:23 dwaynebailey
* lang/ Fix docstring. I think maybe I need to give some
epydoc lessons.
2009-01-17 10:49 dwaynebailey
* convert/csv2po, convert/html2po, convert/ini2po, convert/moz2po,
convert/oo2po, convert/php2po, convert/po2csv, convert/po2html,
convert/po2ini, convert/po2moz, convert/po2oo, convert/po2php,
convert/po2prop, convert/po2rc, convert/po2symb, convert/po2tiki,
convert/po2tmx, convert/po2ts, convert/po2txt, convert/po2xliff,
convert/pot2po, convert/prop2po, convert/rc2po, convert/symb2po,
convert/tiki2po, convert/ts2po, convert/txt2po, convert/xliff2po:
Fix indents, remove unneeded import
2009-01-17 10:28 dwaynebailey
* convert/ical2po, convert/po2ical: Fix indentation
2009-01-17 10:00 dwaynebailey
* tools/ Ignore 'LTR' config for KDE files. Even though
we don't check the actual filename (its only present in
it should be OK).
2009-01-16 15:51 alaaosh
* search/ use getnotes() instead of .othercomments, fixes
2009-01-16 14:24 alaaosh
* services/ make it possible to change languages
in the middle of a session
clean up language negotiation
2009-01-16 14:23 alaaosh
* services/ tmserver is language aware now
2009-01-16 14:19 alaaosh
* services/ make curl verbose when logging level is
2009-01-16 14:08 friedelwolff
* misc/ Add the RESOURCEPATH from the mac app
bundle to the BASE_DIRS where we search for data
2009-01-16 09:55 dwaynebailey
* convert/, convert/, storage/ Add
Innosetup support
2009-01-15 19:27 walter_l
* storage/ Swap the parent classes of pofile to make
sure that the right settargetlanguage() is used.
2009-01-15 19:26 walter_l
* storage/ "basestr" -> "basestring"
2009-01-15 16:32 alaaosh
* tools/ clean up, nothing is hardcoded now
2009-01-15 15:36 friedelwolff
* lang/ Handle hyphen (-) underscore (_) and at-sign (@) as
delimiters in .simplercode()
2009-01-14 16:49 alaaosh
* storage/ don't do full text matching on small strings
2009-01-14 14:59 friedelwolff
* storage/ Replace lxml.etree calls with faster parts of the
2009-01-14 14:45 alaaosh
* services/ migrate server to tmdb backend
2009-01-14 14:43 alaaosh
* lang/ acronyms are transliterated in arabic
2009-01-14 14:36 friedelwolff
* storage/ Implement .istranslatable() to ensure that
headers are not considered translatable by our tools. The general
XLIFF implementation doesn't work since the PO representation
guide prescribes that PO headers should be translatable in the
XLIFF file. Now at least Virtaal won't give it to users.
2009-01-14 14:30 friedelwolff
* storage/ Use the proper inherrited .addunit() so that
._store is correct. This fixes bug 696.
2009-01-14 12:31 friedelwolff
* storage/ Replace lxml.etree calls with faster parts of
the API
2009-01-14 08:39 alaaosh
* tools/ build tmdb out of translation files
2009-01-14 08:15 alaaosh
* storage/, storage/ is a better name
2009-01-13 16:08 alaaosh
* storage/ full text indexing support
2009-01-13 15:28 walter_l
* tools/ Also return empty list for indexes if the there
is no search to perform.
2009-01-13 15:09 walter_l
* tools/ Check if a unit has plurals before assuming its
source(s) and target(s) have a "strings" attribute.
This is part of the fix for bug 693.
2009-01-13 13:48 walter_l
* tools/ virtaal.modes.searchmode.SearchMatch ->
virtaal.modes.searchmode.SearchMode.get_matches() ->
2009-01-13 08:49 walter_l
* misc/ Prefer $XDG_DATA_HOME if available.
2009-01-12 16:03 winterstream
* storage/ Oops. With no space after "msgid" in the
startswith function, we'd
also get x.startswith('msgid') == True if x == 'msgid_plural',
is not what we want.
The fix is just to add spaces after "msgid".
2009-01-12 15:56 winterstream
* storage/ The new PO parser broke if it saw CHARSET as
the encoding of POT
files. It now assumes that such files are UTF-8 encoded.
2009-01-12 15:49 walter_l
* misc/, storage/, storage/,
storage/ Use __version__.sver in stead of __version__.ver.
2009-01-12 15:00 walter_l
*, __version__.ver -> __version__.sver
+ __version__.ver = (1, 2, 1)
+ License header for
Updated header for
2009-01-12 11:56 alaaosh
* storage/ new much simpler implementation
2009-01-12 06:00 dwaynebailey
* gettext.install define _ so we don't need to redefine.
2009-01-10 15:28 dwaynebailey
*, po/, storage/, storage/,
storage/, storage/, storage/,
storage/, storage/, storage/, storage/,
storage/, storage/ Introduce some
localisation framework. Make all bilingual format description
2009-01-10 14:10 dwaynebailey
* po, po/Makevars, po/, po/POTFILES.skip: Put structure
in place for localisation of toolkit files.
2009-01-10 14:09 friedelwolff
* storage/ Use better lxml APIs for speedup
2009-01-10 12:18 friedelwolff
* misc/ Remove the installer for the old C CSV library
that was removed earlier
2009-01-09 14:40 winterstream
* convert/, storage/ After we've read the
optional msgctxt and the msgid when doing
obsolete parsing, then we should terminate the parsing of the
current obsolete unit when we see either a msgctxt or a msgid,
since either means that we've hit a new obsolete unit.
Also fixed the unit test case that tests this functionality.
2009-01-09 14:30 winterstream
* storage/ Our parser didn't deal with msgctxt in
obsolete units properly, due
to the fact that we bailed if we saw a msgid when parsing an
of course, one would see a msgid directly after a msgctxt...
2009-01-09 14:16 walter_l
* convert/ +Test for preservation of msgctxt values
in obsolete units.
2009-01-09 10:06 walter_l
* storage/ Ensure that all header fields are decoded.
2009-01-09 09:58 winterstream
* storage/ Turns out that our new parser forgets to
decode header comments.
So if you're calling getnotes() on the header, you get a
A fix is in the pipeline, but for now we have a test to trigger
the error.
2009-01-08 21:54 friedelwolff
* storage/ Massive optimisation of lisa class by using
better lxml methods. Some operations are running at less than 40%
of previous time. XLIFF and possibly other child classes still to
be done for possible small extra gain.
2009-01-08 10:38 walter_l
* misc/ Updated get_abs_data_filename() to allow
directories to be specified as well as using XDG_DATA_DIRS.
2009-01-07 14:17 walter_l
* services/, services/,
services/, services/,
services/ Removed unnecessary trailing whitespace.
2009-01-06 20:57 friedelwolff
* lang/ Provide a slightly different length estimation
heuristic for Chinese
2009-01-06 20:55 friedelwolff
* lang/, lang/ Provide a method for a language
object .alter_length() to return a string optionally made longer
or shorter to use in length estimations when leaving space in the
GUI. This uses a basic heuristic using constants defined in
data::expansion_factors, although the length difference can be
redefined per language to use a different heuristic.
2009-01-06 14:56 alaaosh
* services/ don't query opentran till we
negotiate a supported language, fixes #635
2009-01-06 07:49 winterstream
* misc/ Reverted misc/ This was supposed to be
experimental code, but
it seems to have slipped in anyway.
2009-01-05 15:10 alaaosh
* services/ hack to fix 636 doesn't really fix it,
but logs instead of barfing. we
need to know when and why certain requests get deleted twice.
2009-01-05 07:43 friedelwolff
* services/ Check for fuzzyness at the 'flag'
value - we really don't want to suggest fuzzy translations
2009-01-02 18:15 friedelwolff
* storage/ Raise an exception when somebody tries to write
out a QM file. This sort of fixes bug 516.
2008-12-30 14:04 friedelwolff
* storage/ rough first version of a tm db optimised for
2008-12-27 19:41 friedelwolff
* services/ Remove unused imports and clean up
2008-12-27 19:36 friedelwolff
* search/, storage/ Remove some unused attributes
that weren't being used anywhere
2008-12-27 13:26 friedelwolff
* storage/ Privatise .msgidlen() and .msgstrlen() - can't
we get rid of these?
2008-12-26 14:24 friedelwolff
* misc/, storage/, tools/ [Contributed by
Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle] Provide a wrapper for the md5
library that is located in different places in different versions
of Python. Use this rather to avoid deprecation warnings. This
fixes bug 634.
2008-12-19 14:55 alaaosh
* services/ commented out debugging output
2008-12-19 14:53 alaaosh
* search/, services/ move unit2dict to
2008-12-19 12:53 walter_l
* services/ Removed prints and trailing
2008-12-19 09:03 alaaosh
* services/ something stinks in the state of
2008-12-19 08:21 alaaosh
* services/ move quality calculation and result
filtering code from virtaal
2008-12-18 23:53 clouserw
* convert/, convert/,
convert/, convert/,
storage/, storage/ po's addlocations()
appears to split on spaces. Fixing tiki2po to use location names
with no spaces.
2008-12-18 21:35 friedelwolff
* services/ Don't assign a bogus quality - let
the consumer decide what to do with it
2008-12-18 17:19 alaaosh
* services/ getting closer to update tm features
2008-12-18 17:18 alaaosh
* services/ negotiate target language
2008-12-18 17:15 alaaosh
* services/ better handling of running state to allow
recursive non blocking requests
2008-12-17 16:40 alaaosh
* services/ first attempts at opentran client
used by virtaal
2008-12-17 14:22 alaaosh
* services/ switch to own copy of selector
2008-12-17 14:21 alaaosh
* misc/ match multiline urls
2008-12-17 14:20 alaaosh
* misc/ use by tmserver
2008-12-17 11:13 friedelwolff
* tests/odf_xliff/ Factor out file name constats
and do proper module cleanup. Minor whitespace cleanup.
2008-12-17 11:09 alaaosh
* services/, services/ move json code to
tmclient, make restclient more generic
2008-12-17 10:15 friedelwolff
* convert/po2symb, convert/, convert/symb2po,
convert/ Clean up license headers, copyright dates,
whitespace and some docstrings
2008-12-17 09:12 alaaosh
* services/, services/ urllib barfs on
unicode, fixes #631
2008-12-17 08:55 winterstream
* convert/ This broke when calling symb2po without a
template, since
template_dict['r_string_languagegroup_name'] would raise
a key error. This is now fixed.
2008-12-17 08:53 friedelwolff
* convert/ Remove moved module symb_common
2008-12-17 08:52 friedelwolff
* convert/, convert/, storage/ Move
the symb_common module to storage/symbian, since it mostly deals
with the format
2008-12-17 08:43 dwaynebailey
* convert/ Fix newline test to follow new escaping
2008-12-17 08:35 winterstream
* convert/po2symb, convert/, convert/symb2po,
convert/, convert/ Added basic
converters to convert from Symbian-like translation formats
to PO and vice versa. The format is heavily biased towards the
way that
the Buddycloud translation files look.
2008-12-17 08:33 winterstream
* misc/ Replace the old horrid extractwithoutquotes with a
more maintainable version.
2008-12-16 16:15 friedelwolff
* services/ +Docstring. -unused variables. Whitespace
2008-12-15 18:29 clouserw
* convert/po2tiki, convert/, convert/,
convert/, convert/tiki2po, convert/,
storage/, storage/ Import tiki2po
2008-12-15 17:59 dwaynebailey
* tools/ Drop default format string.
2008-12-15 15:32 dwaynebailey
* tools/ Add ignore rules for KDE
2008-12-15 14:55 friedelwolff
* convert/ Another removal of obsolete ODF support.
(bug 608)
2008-12-15 14:54 friedelwolff
* convert/odf2po, convert/, storage/,
storage/ Remove obsolete ODF support. This closes bug
2008-12-15 14:44 dwaynebailey
* convert/, convert/ Preserve inline
comments in the PHP file. Fixes bug 590.
2008-12-15 14:37 dwaynebailey
* convert/ Remove unused variable
2008-12-15 10:45 alaaosh
* services/, services/ handle http errors
2008-12-15 10:25 dwaynebailey
* tools/ s/rewrite/ignore/
2008-12-15 10:11 alaaosh
* services/ lost commit
2008-12-15 09:40 dwaynebailey
* storage/, storage/ Don't back convert real \n
to \\n
This allows us to, as best we can, preserve layout of multiline
2008-12-15 09:21 dwaynebailey
* storage/, storage/ Fix bug 589 and escaped \'
character in a double quote string.
2008-12-15 08:51 dwaynebailey
* storage/, storage/ Implement full escaping
functionality for PHP. We now treat single and double
quote escaping differently as PHP does. The tests all pass but
this has not
been widely tested on files in the field.
This solves most, if not all, of bug 593
2008-12-15 08:46 alaaosh
* services/ no more 404s on punctuation
2008-12-14 18:46 winterstream
* storage/ Making allcomments a property saves us yet
another few cycles.
2008-12-14 18:45 winterstream
* storage/, storage/ First, having
if target ==
in gettarget slows things down enormously, since is
not that cheap.
When I removed this, I uncovered a bug in a test. That's fixed
This also pointed to a bit of incompleteness in setsource, which
is now fixed.
Finally, we don't have to call settarget in the constructor,
since the base
class does it.
2008-12-14 18:44 winterstream
* storage/, storage/ Suprisingly, not using super,
makes a tangible speed difference.
2008-12-14 18:43 winterstream
* storage/ Optimized a few if clauses so that common
cases are in the if part.
2008-12-14 13:31 winterstream
* storage/ Make the decode process more C-like, since
we want to use this
with Cython.
2008-12-14 13:30 winterstream
* storage/ Avoid looking up methods dynamically every
The string and list methods we constantly use are stored
at the top of the file in variables. This speeds up
processing somewhat.
2008-12-14 13:29 winterstream
* storage/ The readcallback added a lot of unnecessary
overhead and
we only used it to build a buffer when reading the first
unit, so that we could reparse the buffer. But why don't
we just read the first unit as a str and then decode all
fields in the unit when we get to know the encoding?
2008-12-13 12:07 friedelwolff
* storage/, storage/ Replace the old PO parser
with a cleaner one by Wynand. This should make maintenance and
optimisation easier.
2008-12-13 11:57 friedelwolff
* storage/, storage/, tools/
Some more tests for PO parsing. We don't want to keep lonely
comments disassociated anymore. They are joined with the
following unit like gettext does.
2008-12-13 07:33 friedelwolff
* storage/ Ask lxml not to convert CDATA to raw XML (only
available from lxml 2.1.0). This fixes bug 458.
2008-12-13 04:50 friedelwolff
* misc/ Let % be a wrapping character as well. This
brings our PO wrapping closer to gettext and closes bug 622.
2008-12-12 19:17 winterstream
* convert/, storage/ Modified xliff2odf to
embed the XLIFF file in the output ODF container.
2008-12-12 17:11 clouserw
* convert/ Fix bug 624; tests fail if psyco library
doesn't exist
2008-12-12 15:58 friedelwolff
* tests/odf_xliff/ Printing a unified diff when
comparing files
2008-12-12 15:17 alaaosh
* services/ random delay was only needed for testing
2008-12-12 15:15 alaaosh
* services/, services/,
services/ CRUD REST and all that jazz
2008-12-12 10:56 friedelwolff
* storage/, storage/ Only allow KDE style (msgid)
comments right at the start of a line next to the quote
character. This fixes bug 625.
2008-12-12 10:46 friedelwolff
* storage/ Handle addunit more carefully to ensure we call
the base class' .addunit
2008-12-11 15:33 dwaynebailey
* lang/ Minor: simple layout fix in list
2008-12-11 15:31 dwaynebailey
* lang/ Add a number of plural forms from
2008-12-06 11:41 dupuy
* misc/, tools/ propagate
winterstream's r9062 changes to poterminology from 1.2 branch to
winterstream * r9062 /src/branches/Pootle-toolkit-1.2/translate/
(misc/ tools/
find_installed_file doesn't work under all conditions. So I moved
get_abs_data_filename from virtaal into the toolkit.
get_abs_data_filename works correctly for all our current cases.
2008-12-04 06:50 clouserw
* misc/ Fix TypeError; bug 623
2008-12-01 13:23 winterstream
* misc/ Modified so that a yield won't
appear inside a try,
finally clause.
This is a limitation of Python 2.4 and we had to make similar
changes to before to accomodate Python 2.4.
For this reason also there are some limits as to what can be done
context blocks in Python 2.4.
2008-12-01 12:39 friedelwolff
* lang/ Add basic module for Telugu (te) to disable
capitalisation checks
2008-12-01 10:39 friedelwolff
* lang/ Add basic module for Bengali (bn) to disable
capitalisation checks
2008-12-01 10:06 winterstream
* storage/xml_extract/ Oops, forgot to update the code
in, so that it won't
use unit.placeable_id.
Now xid assignments should work.
2008-12-01 09:52 winterstream
* storage/, storage/, storage/placeables/ The
idea of having a separated PlaceableId structure for
units, which would contain and xid and rid, was not going
to work well.
Now, xid and rid are properties of the unit classes which
do nothing unless overridden.
2008-11-28 14:24 winterstream
* misc/, tools/ Modified podebug to work with
rich sources and targets.
It will now respect placeables in XLIFF files.
2008-11-28 13:12 winterstream
* storage/, storage/, storage/,
storage/, storage/xml_extract/ Most
importantly, moved the rich source and text functionality
into the unit bass class.
This prompted the need for plurals, something which wasn't taken
into account before. Now the rich sources and targets are lists
lists of chunks.
[['a', X('42')] <- First string
['foo', G('43', 'baz')]] <- Second string
2008-11-28 13:11 winterstream
* storage/xml_extract/ Added a bit of ad-hoc guard code
to find_translatable_dom_nodes
to ensure that we avoid processing things like XML processing
2008-11-28 13:10 winterstream
* storage/placeables/ Fixed the __repr__ and __unicode__
conversions for placeables and
added comments.
2008-11-28 07:20 friedelwolff
* convert/ add an option to optionally not use tidy if
2008-11-27 09:45 friedelwolff
* convert/ Properly handle 'discard' units (with
DONT_TRANSLATE comments). This fixes bug 619.
2008-11-26 14:31 friedelwolff
* storage/ Fix a few typos
2008-11-26 13:54 winterstream
* storage/xml_extract/, storage/xml_extract/,
storage/xml_extract/, storage/ Replaced
full_xml_name with XmlNamer (which does the same task).
2008-11-26 13:53 winterstream
* convert/ The XPathTree produced by
unit_tree.build_unit_tree contains
XML names using shortcut names (such as
XmlNamer returns fully qualified XML names, so obviously it
won't work where we're trying to reference the short names.
2008-11-26 13:52 winterstream
* storage/xml_extract/ Python warned me about
unit.target_dom or unit.source_dom
And rightfully so, since it's bad style. Replaced this with an
if block.
2008-11-26 10:22 winterstream
* storage/xml_extract/ XML namespaces can include URLs,
which means that the regular
expression for parsing them must accept the "/" character.
2008-11-26 09:57 winterstream
* convert/ Added other ODF filetypes to xliff2odf.
2008-11-26 09:52 winterstream
* convert/, convert/, storage/
Modified odf2xliff to use meta.xml and styles.xml in
addition to content.xml when extracting translatable
Moved some ODF routines into
2008-11-25 17:13 winterstream
* convert/, storage/ Modified xliff2odf to
work not only on content.xml, but also
meta.xml and styles.xml.
Added the XmlNamer class to make working with fully qualified
XML names a bit less of a pain.
2008-11-25 08:38 alaaosh
* storage/ test for bug #610
2008-11-25 08:04 friedelwolff
* storage/ If we are creating a new store, keep the
filename so that will work correctly later on
2008-11-24 16:38 alaaosh
* storage/ fixed bug #610 HACKISH
2008-11-24 08:46 friedelwolff
* misc/ Play safe to ensure we test correctly for
psyco's presence even if the module doesn't exist
2008-11-21 22:24 dwaynebailey
* convert/ Refactor: 1/0 -> True/False
2008-11-21 22:24 dwaynebailey
* convert/ Remove remnant of header preservation code.
2008-11-21 22:21 dwaynebailey
* convert/, convert/ Refactor: 1/0 ->
2008-11-21 22:15 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Rafactor: 1/0 -> True/False
2008-11-21 21:53 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Refactor: 1/0 -> True/False
2008-11-21 21:43 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Refactor: change 1/0 to True/False
2008-11-21 21:40 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Refactor. remove continual redifining of
self.units which is already defined in
2008-11-21 15:20 friedelwolff
* storage/ Ensure we output QPH files like Qt Linguist does
it, always with a <!DOCTYPE QPH>. This is a similar workaround
used in the new ts class to work around a bug in lxml that was
fixed in lxml 2.1.3
2008-11-21 13:41 friedelwolff
* misc/ Don't add psyco options if psyco is not
installed. This closes bug 606.
2008-11-21 12:16 dwaynebailey
* tools/ Spelling fix
2008-11-20 15:25 alaaosh
* tools/ fill origin attribute when adding
2008-11-20 10:18 alaaosh
* tools/ when in xliff do as the xliffians do nad
add fuzzy matches to alt-trans
2008-11-20 10:12 alaaosh
* storage/ addalttrans should support adding source tags
and match-quality attributes
2008-11-19 20:52 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Refactor, place functions on seperate lines.
2008-11-19 20:48 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Refactor DTD validation into its own method.
2008-11-19 16:56 winterstream
* storage/xml_extract/, storage/xml_extract/,
storage/xml_extract/, storage/xml_extract/
Use the XML namespace table to create shorter X-Paths for XLIFF
2008-11-19 16:55 winterstream
* storage/, storage/placeables/,
storage/xml_extract/, storage/xml_extract/,
storage/xml_extract/ Sorry for the intertwined changes,
but it was hard to separate them.
1. Fixed type declarations
2. Removed unnecessary bookkeeping code, like the 'level' member
the ParseState structure.
3. Moved reduce_unit_tree to (so it can be close to
Translatable class)
4. Removed make_translatable (since it is unnecessary)
5. ID values for placeables are now computed while walking the
Translatable tree, thanks to the IdMaker class.
2008-11-19 16:54 winterstream
* storage/xml_extract/ If we see a tag which is not in
our inline namespace,
then we should assume that it is not inline (this sounds
obvious here, but you'll have to trust me that it's a
bit more subtle than that).
2008-11-18 18:44 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Remove unused rewrap function
2008-11-18 18:27 dwaynebailey
* storage/, storage/, storage/,
storage/, storage/, storage/ Remove
various __main__. They where originally intended to allow quick
testing of the
storage format. BUt nobody uses them and they're not maintained.
So lets rather
drop them.
2008-11-18 17:54 dwaynebailey
* misc/, misc/ Document fn
splitext. Add optrecurse test file and test slitext fDocument fn.
2008-11-18 17:34 dwaynebailey
* doc/epydoc-config.ini, doc/ Add scripts and
config to generate epydoc documentation
2008-11-18 07:57 friedelwolff
* storage/ Update comment about lxml versions having a
problem outputting the doctype
2008-11-17 19:47 dwaynebailey
* misc/ Refactor, move multiple functions on a line
to seperate lines.
2008-11-17 19:40 dwaynebailey
* convert/ Consolidate calls to removeinvalidamps
2008-11-17 19:39 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Refactor removeinvalidamp
2008-11-17 19:37 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Flesh out tests for removeinvalidamp
2008-11-17 19:36 dwaynebailey
* convert/, convert/, storage/,
storage/ Move fn removeinvalidamps from po2dtd into
dtd storage class.
2008-11-17 19:27 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Test to see that we raise a warning when we
have broken DTD entries.
2008-11-17 19:26 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Enable exception testing through warnings
to be reset during teardown and setup of storage tests.
2008-11-17 19:18 dwaynebailey
* lang/, lang/ Cleanup lang module
2008-11-17 13:07 alaaosh
* storage/ merged units with matching source should be
marked unfuzzy
2008-11-17 12:58 alaaosh
* convert/ never commit before testing (mistyped function
2008-11-17 11:02 alaaosh
* convert/, convert/ refactored pot2po, now
supports multiple formats
2008-11-17 10:38 alaaosh
* storage/, storage/, storage/,
storage/ makeheader should live in poheader instead of
pocommon to work with poxliff
2008-11-17 10:32 alaaosh
* filters/, filters/ add drupal support
2008-11-17 07:41 dwaynebailey
* storage/ There are more embarrassing things I am
2008-11-13 15:05 winterstream
* storage/xml_extract/ placeable_name was changed from
an array to a string, but this one
site still assumed it was an array. This should be fixed now.
2008-11-13 15:04 winterstream
* misc/typecheck/, misc/typecheck/ Converted
relative imports in the typecheck package to
fully qualified imports.
2008-11-13 13:51 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Um... logic crock - back to programmer
2008-11-13 06:48 friedelwolff
* lang/ New class for Kannada (kn) to disable capitalisation
2008-11-12 17:48 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Adapt dialect description to correct
problems with csv pre Python 2.5. We retain
2.5 behaviour and only adjust on older version, so that we can
protect most
users from potential brokenness.
2008-11-12 15:34 alaaosh
* tools/ now works with xliff
2008-11-12 14:37 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Default to using Latin1 instead of UTF-16.
We had the problem that in po2wordfast we always produce UTF-16
This was because the wordfast files where initiated to be utf-16
(we only did the right thing if we parsed an
existing wordfast file).
We do proper detection of the need for UTF-16 in __str__, so
rather use Latin1 as the default.
2008-11-12 08:10 alaaosh
* storage/ make xliffunit.merge() match pounit.merge()
2008-11-12 07:54 alaaosh
* tools/ fixes #602 still ugly coupling between
pot2po and pretranslate
2008-11-12 06:21 dwaynebailey
* convert/roundtrip-OOo: Remove all traces of wget
2008-11-11 10:29 alaaosh
* convert/, tools/pretranslate, tools/,
tools/ split pretranslation code from pot2po
2008-11-11 04:08 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Fix epydoc by using raw string
2008-11-10 17:26 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Provide a refence to the Qt Linguist implemention
of .qph, its thebest thing short of a valid DTD.
2008-11-10 14:09 friedelwolff
* storage/ Remove failing timezone tests (DST
settings probably changed)
2008-11-10 07:57 dwaynebailey
* convert/ Add epydoc groups for clarity
2008-11-10 07:55 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Add epydoc groups for clarity.
2008-11-10 07:53 dwaynebailey
* Add __version__ to the Misc. group
2008-11-10 07:49 dwaynebailey
* Add epydoc groups to make it easier to distinguish
between various modules.
2008-11-09 14:18 friedelwolff
* storage/ Privatise several methods, remove dead code and
add some comments
2008-11-09 13:19 friedelwolff
* storage/ Properly create the name tag of a new context
2008-11-09 13:17 friedelwolff
* storage/ temporarily fix a non-unicode assignment test
2008-11-09 13:12 friedelwolff
* storage/ Somewhat simplify qph - a simple implementation
for a simple format
2008-11-08 10:14 friedelwolff
* storage/, storage/ Align behaviour of addnote for
both PO implementations: we don't add comments unless there are
non-spacing characters.
2008-11-08 10:04 friedelwolff
* storage/ Rewrite posource of obsolete units to the way
that it should actually be output (pypo maintains it either way,
but cpo doesn't)
2008-11-08 09:55 friedelwolff
* storage/ Don't pass obsolete parameter to unquotefrompo
(removed in r7417)
2008-11-07 15:45 dwaynebailey
* convert/, convert/, storage/ Move
labelsuffixes and accesskeysuffixes to
2008-11-07 09:11 dwaynebailey
* convert/ Don't do fancy comment manipulation. This
aligns the test with the
changes to allow us to take multiline comments from PHP files.
2008-11-06 15:00 dwaynebailey
* convert/roundtrip-OOo: Lets do XLIFF also
2008-11-06 14:30 dwaynebailey
* convert/roundtrip-OOo: Lots of cleanups and make it use curl not
2008-11-06 10:45 dwaynebailey
* storage/placeables, storage/xml_extract: Ignore *.pyc
2008-11-06 09:38 dwaynebailey
* tools/ Add a swedish chef rewrite test. Mostly to
ensure it
continues to work.
2008-11-06 09:34 dwaynebailey
* tools/ Add test for unicode rewrite function
2008-11-06 09:32 dwaynebailey
* tools/ Add tests for blank and en rewrite rules
2008-11-06 09:27 dwaynebailey
* tools/ Add comments to ignore_gtk test
2008-11-06 09:26 dwaynebailey
* tools/ Add tests for xxx rewrite style
2008-11-06 09:14 dwaynebailey
* tools/ Add a test for ignoring certain GTK
2008-11-06 07:00 dwaynebailey
* tools/ Add gtk as a type of application. Pass whole
units to
the application ignore function.
2008-11-06 06:51 dwaynebailey
* tools/ Protect line endings. Could probably be better
abstracted but good enough for now.
2008-11-03 14:03 walter_l
* storage/ Augmented
TestDTD.test_entitityreference_in_source() with a test for bug
2008-11-03 14:03 walter_l
* storage/ Fixed a bug where multi-line external parameter
entities cause the rest of the .dtd file to be parsed
2008-10-31 14:37 dwaynebailey
* storage/ We canhandle block comments now
2008-10-31 14:36 dwaynebailey
* storage/, storage/ Correctly ignore block
comments fixes bug 587
2008-10-31 14:27 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Split the escaping tests into a single and
double quote version
2008-10-31 14:26 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Store the escape type in the phpunit
2008-10-31 13:48 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Add documentation for the escaping rule reference
in the PHP encode and decode functions.
2008-10-31 12:52 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Fix typo
2008-10-31 12:50 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Improve PHP documentation
2008-10-30 13:29 winterstream
* storage/xml_extract/ Modified xliff2odf to make use
of the newly exposed source_dom
and target_dom properties of LISA units.
This means that we're quite far to supporting placeables
2008-10-29 16:52 winterstream
* storage/xml_extract/ Added proper placeable support in
the ODF->XLIFF direction
(i.e. for odf2xliff).
2008-10-29 16:51 winterstream
* storage/ Refactored source and target accessors in so that common
functionality is maintained in get_source_dom, set_source_dom,
get_target_dom and set_target_dom.
This was done, since we are going to use these accessors to
a template (such as an ODF file) in accordance with how
differ between the source and target.
2008-10-29 06:55 dwaynebailey
* convert/ Remove debug output.
2008-10-29 06:53 dwaynebailey
* storage/ Improve documentation after research for bug 589
2008-10-28 15:58 winterstream
* storage/placeables/ Forgot to add this file earlier.
2008-10-28 15:36 winterstream
* convert/ Fixed another test. The expected output
was incorrectly specified.
2008-10-28 15:01 winterstream
* convert/ Fixed a test which was taking the wrong
code path because
not ''
as well as
not None
evaluate to True.
2008-10-28 14:42 winterstream
* storage/ Removed a dead file which was
related to very old xml extraction code
(which has long since moved into the sub-package "xml_extract").
2008-10-28 14:39 winterstream
* storage/ Forgot to add the rich_source and rich_target
accessors for the LISA
store types.
2008-10-28 14:39 winterstream
* storage/placeables/, storage/placeables/
Fixed some str/unicode interaction bugs and added a utility
to convert strings to unicode correctly.
2008-10-28 14:38 winterstream
* storage/, storage/,
storage/placeables/ Removed the majority
of Enrique's placeables support, since it
seems likely that we'll approach this problem slightly