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// DDParserTypes.m
// DDMathParser
// Created by Dave DeLong on 10/18/11.
// Copyright (c) 2011 __MyCompanyName__. All rights reserved.
#import "DDParserTypes.h"
NSString *const DDOperatorInvalid = @"invalid";
NSString *const DDOperatorLogicalOr = @"l_or";
NSString *const DDOperatorLogicalAnd = @"l_and";
NSString *const DDOperatorLogicalNot = @"l_not";
NSString *const DDOperatorLogicalEqual = @"l_eq";
NSString *const DDOperatorLogicalNotEqual = @"l_neq";
NSString *const DDOperatorLogicalLessThan = @"l_lt";
NSString *const DDOperatorLogicalGreaterThan = @"l_gt";
NSString *const DDOperatorLogicalLessThanOrEqual = @"l_ltoe";
NSString *const DDOperatorLogicalGreaterThanOrEqual = @"l_gtoe";
NSString *const DDOperatorBitwiseOr = @"or";
NSString *const DDOperatorBitwiseXor = @"xor";
NSString *const DDOperatorBitwiseAnd = @"and";
NSString *const DDOperatorLeftShift = @"lshift";
NSString *const DDOperatorRightShift = @"rshift";
NSString *const DDOperatorMinus = @"subtract";
NSString *const DDOperatorAdd = @"add";
NSString *const DDOperatorDivide = @"divide";
NSString *const DDOperatorMultiply = @"multiply";
NSString *const DDOperatorModulo = @"mod";
NSString *const DDOperatorBitwiseNot = @"not";
NSString *const DDOperatorFactorial = @"factorial";
NSString *const DDOperatorDegree = @"dtor";
NSString *const DDOperatorPercent = @"percent";
NSString *const DDOperatorPower = @"pow";
NSString *const DDOperatorParenthesisOpen = @"open_paren";
NSString *const DDOperatorParenthesisClose = @"close_paren";
NSString *const DDOperatorComma = @"comma";
NSString *const DDOperatorUnaryMinus = @"negate";
NSString *const DDOperatorUnaryPlus = @"positive";
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